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She's gonna grow up to be a beauty!
Rody Soul about Lala Soul in "World Heroes' Mission"

Lala Soul (ララ・ソウル Rara Sōru?) is a resident of Otheon and younger sister of Rody and Roro Soul in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


Lala is a small young girl with brown "flat noodle" looking hair kept in a high side ponytail that is held together with a flower hair tie, along with a pair of gray eyes. She wears a sundress that has two flowers in the front (a smaller one towards the top and a larger one towards the bottom) with a pair of dark leggings that end just above the knee and a pair of slip on sneakers.


Like her older brother, Roro, Lala is a loving sibling towards Rody. Despite their family being ostracized for their father joining Humarise, to the point where they had to leave their home and live in the Shanty Town of Otheon, Lala is a kind and happy child who loves her eldest brother. This is seen when she and Roro gave Rody his tie as the latter prepared to go to work, and promised they would study and cook food for themselves.[1]


  • Lala is the one who gave Rody the orange flower in his coat pocket.


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