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L.A. Villains was a villain team that operated in California, USA.[1]


The smaller of the villains is a slim man who has blonde hair and a long pointed nose. He is clad in a red, skin-tight, full body suit designed with white marks and an "R" across the face mask.

The larger villain is a six-armed monster with blue skin, small red eyes and wears a black mask. He also sports a support vest, jeans, and regular shoes.


L.A. Villains appear to be classic selfish villains who are greedy enough to put others in danger for their own gain. They are relentless criminals who desire to get rich from a life of crime.


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

During the time when All Might was studying abroad in America, a villain team made of a small red villain and a large blue villain robbed millions of dollars from a casino in California. 

The Villains clash with All Might.

They were quickly caught by Pro Heroes Elecplant and Cow Lady, who try to capture them alongside the Police. The small red villain uses his missile Quirk to blast them while the large villain uses the chance to flee. 

The villains endanger a family inside of a car and get sent flying with a single punch from All Might as a result. The villains try to use their Quirks to defeat Toshinori and escape his pursuit.

Their efforts are ultimately fruitless as they are stopped by Toshi and David Shield at every turn. They're eventually defeated by Toshinori's Super Move: California Smash and then arrested.[1]  



Unnamed Rocket Launcher Quirk: The Red Villain's Quirk grants him the ability to transform his arms into cannon barrels that shoot missiles. He can only launch two rockets at a time.

Unnamed Transformation Quirk: The Blue Villain's Quirk gives him the ability to enlarge his monstrous form. This gives him great mobility and strength to travel at quick speeds and even latch onto buildings.

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