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This is about empirical utility and harm. None of those who've deceived him in the past have lived to tell the tale. Exceptions will not be tolerated. Because of Dictator's failure, my turn never came around. But now I can demonstrate my utility to All For One as one of his assassins.
Kunieda to Yuga Aoyama and Taishiro Toyomitsu in "Endeavor"

Kunieda (クニエダ Kunieda?) is a villain who escaped Tartarus due to a prison riot caused by All For One.


Kunieda is a lanky man with thin arms and a thin waist. He also seems to have a long neck.


Kunieda is very pragmatic and thinks that intangible things like trust and hope don't mean much. He is also cunning enough to gain insight on his enemies plans in the midst of battle.


At some unknown point Kunieda became a villain, was captured, and locked in Tartarus for his crimes. He was freed during All For One's escape, and requested alongside several other inmates as assassins to capture Izuku Midoriya.


By the time of the Second War, Kunieda was summoned alongside the might of the Paranormal Liberation Front in the battle against the Heroes, and was one of the villains left behind in the parking lot after the Heroes successfully split up several of the villains through Warp Gates.

Kunieda was able to assess that it was all of the primary fighters that were the ones warped away, and wondered what the purpose for the "dregs" left behind is to be. Looking toward Yuga Aoyama, watched over by Fat Gum, he states that no one has betrayed All For One and lived to tell the tale, and Yuga will be no exception. After Dictator's failure, it is his turn to act as the next assassin, taunting Yuga if he is ready to be the villains' next target, which he confidently responds to.[1]


Overall Abilities: His full capabilities are currently unknown, however, since he was imprisoned in Tartarus, he is likely very strong and dangerous.


Unnamed Plant Quirk: Kunieda's Quirk allows him to sprout and grow gigantic flowers, spores, and fungus-like plants from the ground. The full capabilities of this power are unknown.

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  • Kunieda, appears to be loosely based on the DC comic supervillainess, Poison Ivy, due to the nature of the powers being related to plants and fungus, and the ability to grow plants at will.

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