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Konako Haizono ( (はい) (ぞの) (こな) () Haizono Konako?), also known as Dusty Ash (ダスティ・アッシュ Dasuti Asshu?), is an original villain from the My Hero Academia: Clash! Heroes Battle arcade game.


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Konako is a tall woman with a very voluptuous figure. She has long, wavy, white hair, which is mostly tied into a ponytail, leaving two locks on the sides of her face, and bangs that obscures most of the right eye of her face. She wears light purple panties, a black low cut sports bra, along with arm pads, a thin face mask, a large metal respirator, black ankle boots, and a utility belt with garters. She also wears purple gloves that are exposed at the back of her hand.[1]


Not much is known about her personality at this time.



Dust ( (えん) (じん) Enjin?): Konako's Quirk allows her to produce ash-like dust from her body. If she overuses her Quirk, her skin will become dry and rough.

She often uses it as a distraction, throwing dust at the eyes, nose, and mouth of her foes.

Super Moves

  • Battle Royal (大乱戦 Dai Ransen?): Konako blinds her opponent with a cloud of ashes, then repeatedly strikes them with her club.[1]


Konako's Club: Her weapon is a club that looks like a ninjato which she uses during Battle Royal.

Mask: She wears a dust-proof mask, to protect her eyes when she uses her Quirk.

Respirator: The large metal respirator hanging on her neck protects her mouth and nose from her Quirk.


  • Her surname, Haizono, contains the kanji for “ashes” ( hai?) and “park/garden” ( zono?). Her first name, Konako, means “dust” ( kona?) and “child” ( ko?).


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