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Koichi Haimawari vs. Thugs is a fight between the Vigilante The Crawler and a pair of unnamed thugs.


Three years have passed since Koichi began his vigilante activities on the streets of Naruhata. In that time he has continued to patrol the streets and deal with thugs and minor villains, becoming a some kind of local hero despite being a vigilante. This has also allowed him to improve his combat skills and Quirk mastery.

Keep calm, the hero is here.

One day, a pair of ruffians, one looking like a rhino and the other like a horse, are harassing a couple of girls in Naruhata. The girls had accidentally bumped with them, so the rhino demands compensation. Some bystanders approach to see what happens, but the horse thug intimidates them to move away. The rhino assure the girls no one will help them since the police nor the heroes come round those backstreets, so he advises them to do what he asks.

One of the girls, however, assures that there is some sort of hero that sometimes appears when he is called near Naruhata station. The thugs mock them for believing that nonsense, but the girls shout calling The Crawler. Answering their call, Koichi appears, to the surprise of the thugs.[1]


The thugs are unable to hit a carefree Koichi.

Koichi stands in front of the thugs, introducing himself as The Crawler and talking about how happy he is that people finally call him by his real hero name and not by some sort of unfortunate corruption of it. The two ruffians are annoyed by his presence and begin to attack him, but the young vigilante evades all their strokes effortlessly, while commenting on how happy he is that people recognize him. Pop☆Step appears and tells Koichi to stop fantasizing and talking while fighting. Despite Koichi's carefree demeanor, the bullies still don't strike him, and passers-by cheer him on.

After dodging another attack with a somersault, Koichi decides to take that fight seriously, and starts using the fighting style he had developed to use his Slide and Glide Quirk more efficiently in combat: the Slap Style. Koichi begins firing several repulsion force blast at the villains, who can barely react to Koichi's attack, and before they can strike back, Koichi defeats them at the same time with a Double Shooty-Go-Blam.

Don't mess with Hopper's waiters.

With the thugs defeated, Koichi ties their hands. Kazuho asks if she should call the police, although Koichi thinks it won't be necessary since no one’s hurt. Annoyed, the ruffians use their strength to free themselves from their bonds and leap on Koichi to punish him. The Rhino thug manages to grab him by his hoodie, but before he has the chance to punch him, Kirihito Kamachi and Ikajiro Takobe appear to help Koichi. Ikajiro hold the horse thug while Kirihito subdues the rhino one, stopping the fight at once.[1]


Victory photo.

Kirihito and Ikajiro introduces themselves to the defeated thugs as workers of Hopper's Cafe, while Teruo Unagisawa distributes pamphlets. Kirihito advises them that if they don't want to have problems with the law, they should have a job, and after explaining the conditions and salary for working as a dishwasher at Hopper's Café, the former Next-Level Villains tie the thugs, announcing that they have two new workers.

Kazuho warns Koichi that he will be late for his job interview. The girls ask him to take a picture with them, to which Koichi accepts. Kazuho tells him to hurry up, but then joins the photo shoot, in which Kirihito, Teruo, Ikajiro, Ichimoku Samazu and Jube Namimaru also participates.[1]


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