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Koichi Haimawari vs. Pro Heroes is a chase in which the vigilante The Crawler tries to elude and escape from several Pro Heroes who try to capture him, among which are Ingenium, Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, Eraser Head and others.


Naomasa argues with Soga.

During the Naruhata Bombing, Koichi managed to rescue Kazuho, ​​preventing her from being killed by Number 6 and neutralized by Endeavor. With the help of Midnight, Soga and his friends, they manage to convince Endeavor to take the unconscious Kazuho to a hospital. However, the villain Number 6 swears to Koichi that as soon as he recovers from his injuries, he will kill her first and then him.[1][2]

In the hospital, they manage to extract the Queen Bee that controlled Kazuho, although she remains unconscious for days. Due to the threat from Number 6, Soga and his friends Moyuru and Rapt decide to stand guard at the entrance of the hospital inspecting any suspect who wants to enter, while Koichi is camped on a nearby roof, also ready in case Number 6 decides to appear. [3]

Because of his connection to Kazuho, and because he faced heroes to rescue her from them, Koichi is also wanted by the police. The situation gets complicated when Number 6 attacks the police station, destroying all documents and evidence about his past, leaving Detective Eizo Tanuma in critical condition.[4] Now in charge of the operation, Detective Naomasa knows that the attack on the station was a plot to hinder the Naruhata investigation. He later receives an arrest warrant against Koichi and plans to use this opportunity to shut down the Naruhata Vigilantes for good.[5]

Ingenium deployed!

Naomasa and the police show up at the hospital, demanding Soga and his buddies to cooperate and let the policemen take charge of Kazuho's protection. Soga’s willing to hand over watching the hospital, but he does not hesitate to tell him that he doubts that they are capable to handle the situation. Midnight tries to mediate but Naomasa interferes and talked about the arrest warrant for Koichi, a.k.a. The Crawler, and commands Soga to call him.

Soga does so, telling Moyuru to give Koichi a “wake-up call”, that is a coded message to tell Koichi that there's an emergency and he should run and hide, which he does. Then Soga suddenly bolt from the area and Naomasa and several police officers immediately pursue him, reducing the number of members in charge of guarding the hospital. Midnight criticizes Naomasa for his hasty decision, while he calls the Team Idaten to take charge of capturing The Crawler.[6]


Ingenium catches up with Koichi.

Koichi passed the city at full speed, sliding and gliding between buildings, reaching the highway where he is almost run over by a car. He manages to shake off the police’s pursuits, but to do so he strays too far from the hospital, so he decided to sneak back without being caught.

However, the Turbo Hero: Ingenium managed to catch up with Koichi, ordering him to slow down. Shocked, Koichi accelerates to get away, but Ingenium catches up with him again, telling him that he knows what's going on and he just wants to talk with him, but he has to halt first. Koichi unleashes his Quirk and stops himself by sticking to a moving truck to listen what he has to say to him. Ingenium tells him he knows that he’s in danger, but he and his crew can protect him and Pop.

Koichi evades Team Idaten.

Having been informed by Soga that Number 6 could be infiltrated, Koichi knows he cannot agree to Ingenium request, so he decides to assure him that he will hand himself to the police after Kazuho has recovered, but for now he can’t as he blasts away apologizing to him, sneaking through Naruhata alleys to evade Ingenium. Nevertheless, the Turbo Hero had foreseen this, so he deployed his sidekicks through the alleys, and prepared a trap for Koichi. Enigma, Onemu Shinya, Bigshot and almost the entire Team Idaten crew corner Koichi, ready to capture him. But Koichi keeps on escaping using his Quirk to blasts up into the sky.

The team members apologize to Ingenium for failing, as he orders them to expand the perimeter and focus on pursuit. Upon seeing Koichi gliding smoothly and at high speed along the walls of the buildings, Ingenium notes that thanks to Koichi's new found versatility, he may be too much for Team Idaten to handle, so he decides to leave the job to other heroes.

Koichi desperately trying to run away from the heroes.

While he is in mid-air, Koichi is attacked from behind by a Spiral Spear Hand, forcing him to land on the rooftops. Koichi is surprised to known that the one who had attacked him was Edgeshot, and next to him is Best Jeanist, and they are ready to capture him. Best Jeanist reveals to Koichi that they know that a villain is after the life of Pop and that he tries to protect her by himself. However, with his actions he is indicating that he doesn’t trust the efficacy of the heroes. So they want to win back the trust in the Pros that he supposedly doubts.

Koichi realizes Best Jeanist's intentions and tries to retreat but the hero is faster and unleashes his Fiber Master Quirk to bind the jacket Koichi is wearing over him to become a straitjacket. Desperate, despite being bound Koichi uses his Quirk to slide away and jump off the rooftop. Best Jeanist and Edgeshot quickly use their Quirks and stop Koichi from falling. Best Jeanist unleashes his Ultimate Move Catching Cradle and creates a web of threads to prevent Koichi from falling to the ground. At the same time, Edgeshot releases Fishhook Snag and catches Koichi. But that made the garments that restrain Koichi loosened up for few seconds. Koichi took those seconds to his advantage and free himself from the bind and slink away.

Best Jeanist and Edgeshot go after Koichi.

Both Best Jeanist and Edgeshot are amazed that Koichi managed to escape from their hands. The Fiber Hero confesses that they have misjudged Koichi's sheer resolve, to which the Ninja Hero adds that capturing without injuries a desperate opponent that doesn't prioritize his own well being is a challenge. Best Jeanist accepted that they have failed to prove their worth and to capture The Crawler. But as Pro Heroes, there is no room for excuses in the work, and they both head to pursuit him.

The hours go by and it starts to get dark, and during that time Koichi had managed to evade his pursuers as he rushes towards to the hospital through the Naruhata alleyways. But then he is confronted by a mysterious person, who says the surface dwellers are not equipped for people like him, but Naruhata alleyways are his hunting grounds. Koichi asks who he is, and the mysterious man turns out to be Eraser Head.[7]

Eraser Head orders Koichi to listen to him.

Koichi gets a little nervous to see him again after so long. The hero tells Koichi that he wants to talk and asks him to come closer, but Koichi replies that he is fine where he is. Hearing his response, Eraser Head throws his Capturing Weapon, wrapping it around a pipe behind Koichi to surprise the latter. Eraser Head then tells him to listen carefully from where he is.

Eraser Head berates at Koichi for his actions, running away from all the Heroes who despite having been dispatched to stop him, they are actually trying to apprehend Koichi for his own good because they want to help him. Eraser Head tells him that he has made a great impression on the heroes and that they are already referring to him as the “Sky Egg Kid”. Koichi feels awkwardly grateful for it, but then Eraser declares that attitude is irrational, because people like Koichi will not stop and reflect on their actions until something really bad happens to him. Eraser Head says this as he is pulling his cloth-like equipment on until he manages to rip the pipe out of the wall.

Koichi attempts to evade Eraser Head.

Knowing he’s making the threats to get him to surrender, he tries to make a getaway, but Eraser Head uses his Erasure to cancel Koichi’s Quirk. The Crawler manages to recover and quickly dash away on foot, to Eraser Head’s surprise. Koichi runs through the streets passing by civilians, while Eraser Head chases after him above.

Recalling what the Hotta brothers told him about how Eraser’s Quirk works, Koichi sneaks into the back alleys and manages to mislead the hero, being able to use his Slide and Glide again by staying out of his sight. Using his Quirk and his knowledge of the back streets, Koichi move through the walls of the buildings, trying to sneak back undetected. However, Eraser Head manages to find him anyway, canceling his Quirk once again. As he falls into a pile of garbage. Koichi remembers that Eraser Head knows the alleys as well as him, due having worked as a hero in that area.

Nevertheless, Koichi quickly pulls out his grappling hook, flings it to the side of building and runs the walls until he manages to evade Erased Head once more. The hero is impressed that Koichi manages to switch to Quirkless maneuvers so easily every time he cancel his Slide and Glide, allowing him to attempt another escape. When he gets out of Eraser head sight, Koichi immediately blast off into the air. Both hero and vigilante exchange glances briefly, being aware that they are facing a tough opponent.[8]

The Crawler and Eraser Head save a biker.

While the chase continues, the villain Number 6, who had been observing the events, decides to start Operation Anonymous. With an Electromagnetic Pulse Quirk, he causes a large blackout in Naruhata and cuts off communications. Taking advantage of the darkness, he sends his drones to create a much minor chaos as possible in order to block off the roads to make it difficult for outside help to arrive, and also to create a sense of unease among the citizens.

A girl driving a scooter is briefly distracted by seeing The Crawler and Eraser Head scamper across the rooftops, which together with the prevailing darkness does not allow her to see an obstacle in front of her, which causes her to lose control of the vehicle and is about to collide with some passersby. Seeing this, both Koichi and Eraser Head stop the chase and decide to team-up to avoid the accident. The hero stops the scooter from hitting others while Koichi saves the biker.

With this action the persecution ends[9]


Despite the setback, Number 6 continues with his plan.

The civilians turn to Koichi and then Eraser Head demanding answers and solutions about what is happening in the city, although their replies left them dissatisfied. Soon after, Ingenium, Edgeshot and Best Jeanist arrive. The fiber hero says that they are still investigating the situation, they assure the public not to worry and that they are there for them, which they cheer on.

Meanwhile, Number 6 had been watching events from a rooftop. He is quite annoyed as he is hoping that Koichi would continue to distract the heroes, not that they would end teaming up. All in all, O'Clock's mental manifestation reassures him that despite this minor setback, his plan cannot be stopped as All Might is not there.[9]


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