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Koichi Haimawari vs. Number 6 & Enji Todoroki is a fight between the Vigilante The Crawler and the Villain disguised as the Hero O'Clock II. Shortly after, the Pro Hero Endeavor appears to stop The Crawler, unaware of O'Clock II's presence.


In the previous battle, just when Koichi was about to save Kazuho, ​​Number 6 shoots her in the chest with a special bullet containing a drug that makes that makes the Queen Bee and the hive eager to self-destruct. Since the drug takes time to kick in, Number 6 decides to buy time. He meets Koichi in an alley after he rescued Kazuho after being shot. Number 6 introduces himself to the distrustful vigilante as a hero, and the one who shot Kazuho but assures Koichi that she is fine, calmly stating that he shot her a syringe containing a special drug that controls the bees.

The "hero" O'Clock II ready to hunt down the "villain" The Crawler.

Relieved, Koichi prepares to contact his allies, the "hero" declares that Kazuho had been being manipulated by a villain from the shadows. Number 6 ends his monologue by declaring that Koichi is the villain and he, as the hero O'Clock II, will beat him with his fist of justice. The increasingly suspicious Koichi asks him what's his deal. O'Clock II replies that his speech has two purposes: to clarify to him that every hero needs an arch nemesis is essential, and more importantly, to give the drug time to work and make Pop's bees eager to self-destruct, killing themselves as well the host.

Koichi watches with unpleasant surprise as the entire swarm of bees leave Kazuho's body. He quickly grabs Kazuho's unconscious body and runs out of the alley.[1]


Koichi manages to escape the alley in time while carrying Kazuho.

Koichi manages to escape the alley with Kazuho in his arms before the first Bomb Bees explode. Using his Slide and Glide, Koichi runs away at full speed through the streets of Naruhata. When he looks back, he sees that the swarm is relentlessly pursuing them, exploding around them in their attempt to blow up Kazuho. To his dismay, Koichi cannot defend himself as his arms are busy holding Kazuho, so his only option is to keep skedaddling and be lucky enough to meet Soga and the others to help them.

Number 6 observes from the top of a building, thinking to himself how Koichi's flashy escape will benefit his debut as the hero O'Clock II. His plan is that when the time comes, he will take down Koichi but he will "tragically fail" to stop Bee☆Pop from blowing herself up. After this "tragedy" he will swear on her wretched soul to never let such a thing happen again. In this way, he will create the “heartbreaking” debut of O’Clock II that will make people instant fans of him.

Koichi uses Extra Oomph to save themselves from O'Clock II attack.

Number 6 puts aside his fantasies when he sees that Koichi is actually managing to escape, and for his plan to work, he cannot allow that to happen. Using his Overclock Quirk, Number 6 approaches Koichi and intends to attack him with an explosive punch. Koichi notices Number 6, who compliments him for his fast reflexes, but says that it won't matter since one punch is all it takes to end him.

Using Bomber's cells from his modified body, Number 6 transforms his arm to strike Koichi from above with an explosive punch. To the vilain surprise, he realizes that for some reason he can't catch up with Koichi despite his speed, the he notices that the force fields of Koichi's Slide and Glide Quirk under his feet are changing. Number 6 attacks, but Koichi uses his Ultimate Move Extra Oomph to increase his own speed briefly, thus managing to evade Number 6's explosive attack.

Number 6 dust himself off, regenerates his destroyed arm and continues chasing Koichi from behind, displeased that the vigilante is giving him a run from his money in his well devised plan. As Number 6 prepares to strike the Vigilante again, he notices Endeavor up ahead, walking towards them. He had recovered from his cooldown from several minutes prior, and is ready to defeat The Crawler and Bee☆Pop with his Hellflame.[1]

For Koichi the situation could not be worse: in front of him is Endeavor willing to stop them and the heat he is emitting increases as he approaches. However, he can't do anything but move on, since behind him he has a whole swarm of explosive bees and a supposed hero who wants to kill him and Kazuho. Additionally, carrying the unconscious Kazuho limits his maneuverability while uses his Quirk.

Dodging Endeavor's fireballs

For Number 6 the situation is not yet completely lost. Though he was unable to finish Koichi off before, Endeavor's timely presence gives him another chance to do it. The Number 2 Hero still hasn't noticed his presence, and with him heading off Koichi, the young vigilante would be forced to leave the main street into some alley in order to avoid the flaming hero, a decision that he would take advantage of to make his move.

However, Koichi does something that catches Number 6 off guard. To the villain's surprise, he neither stops nor swerves, instead, he darts straight towards Endeavor.

Seeing that The Crawler has no intention of stopping, Endeavor shoots fireballs at him, which the vigilante dodges as best he can. To Number 6's dismay, the situation is not favorable to him at all. He wants to take credit for defeating The Crawler, so his plans to become a recognized hero will come into fruition, but if Endeavor defeats him first, everything he has worked for will go to hell. Therefore, he considers the possibility of announcing his presence to Endeavor and fight alongside him to take down Koichi, and in this way get some credit even though not this is not how he would like it to be.

Endeavor uses Hell Minefield to defeat The Crawler.

Koichi continues sliding and gliding in between every single one of Endeavor’s fire blasts. One of the fireballs causes the hood of Koichi's All Might hoodie to fly up and cover his head. Enraged by seeing the antennas, which reminds him of All Might, Endeavor decides to end that situation once and for all, by using his Ultimate Move Hell Minefield. Endeavor's flames make the ground explode like the road is full of bombs, forcing Koichi to jump to dodge the ground level attack.

Number 6 also jumps to overcome the flames. While in mid-air, the villain thinks he has managed to get to safety, but he realizes too late that Endeavor's Ultimate Move is actually a two-folded attack. Endeavor lets off a huge explosion, which takes out all the bees that were chasing Koichi. Since he is still in the mid-air, Number 6 cannot use his Overclock Quirk to evade the attack and is engulfed by flames. While burning alive, Number 6 claims that one little mistake is ruining his plan.

Everyone is surprised to see The Crawler managing to fly away.

And while the villain burns in Endeavor's flames, Koichi floats above them thanks to his Quirk. Holding his breath, Koichi pushes his Slide and Glide to the limit, and the energy of the force fields under his feet begins to transform again. Then, to the surprise of all the witnesses, the young vigilante blasts off and flies into the sky, leaving Number 6, Endeavor and basically everyone dumbfounded. Enraged to see how Koichi has managed to escape from his grasp through such a feat, Number 6 curses him whilst he still burns alive.

Up in the skies, the energy at Koichi's feet runs out, and as he and Kazuho begin to fall, Kazuho manages to say his name. Koichi holds Kazuho in his arms and assures her that it’s gonna be okay.[2]


Midnight takes Kazuho to a hospital.

After rescuing Kazuho, Koichi uses his quirk to move through the air and land in the place where Soga, Moyuru and Rapt are waiting for them. Soga gets ready to extract the Queen Bee from Kazuho, but Koichi warns him about the drug Number 6 shot at her altering both the parasitic bee and Kazuho's metabolism. Due that unforeseen event, Soga doubts whether to perform the operation.

Suddenly Midnight appears, who had seen Koichi blasting through the air and had followed him. The pro hero reassures them by saying that she is here to help, because Kazuho is her friend. After Koichi explains to her the situation, she uses her Somnambulism Quirk to put the bee and Kazuho to sleep and prepares to take her to a hospital, only for Endeavor to show up to apprehend The Crawler and Bee☆Pop.

Koichi sneaks away from Endeavor.

Midnight explains to Endeavor that Bee☆Pop has been captured but urgently needs medical care. Endeavor asks her about The Crawler and Midnight replies that he managed to run away. After pondering for a few seconds, Endeavor allows her to get Kazuho to a hospital. Koichi quietly slides up a building and successfully avoids getting seen by Endeavor, who leaves the place frustrated at the fact that The Crawler has managed to elude him.

When he reaches the roof, Koichi find out that Midnight and Endeavor have not been the only ones who have followed him to that place. Horribly disfigured by Endeavor's flames, the hero who he recognizes as O'Clock II confronts him. The "hero" creepily monologues about how his grand plan was foiled, and that he is back to being the nameless "Number 6". Koichi, more concerned about his injuries, offers to get him help, but Number 6 angrily tells him to shut up and listen to him.

Number 6 swears to Koichi he will kill him and Kazuho.

Number 6 proceeds to explain his origin as a creation of the Villain Factory, without knowing who and what he even is, although Koichi doesn't understand much of what he is saying. Despite having his plans ruined by a nobody like Koichi, Number 6 says that things are clearer than ever: Everything about him is fake, made-up, but the hatred and contempt he feels for Koichi in those moments is absolutely real, so he swears that he will take revenge on him: First he will kill Kazuho Haneyama, and then he will kill Koichi himself; and once they're both dead, the story of O'Clock II shall truly begin.

After finishing his statement, Number 6 collapses due to his injuries. Despite his threat, Koichi tries to help him, but Number 6 uses his Quirk to crawl away, leaving a trail of blood, Koichi is puzzled and concerned.[3]


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