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Koichi Haimawari vs. Bee☆Pop is a fight between Vigilante The Crawler against the Villain Bee☆Pop.


The Crawler is here!!

As Endeavor was about to attack Bee☆Pop with his Ultimate Move, Hellfire Storm, one of his sidekicks, Burnin, warns him as she noticed a hero in the way. To his displeasure, Endeavor cancelled his attack. Irked by this, an irritated Flame Hero asks Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi why not all the heroes have not get out of his way as he had ordered, but Naomasa notices that the meddling "hero" is none other than the Naruhata Vigilante The Crawler, sliding his way towards Bee☆Pop.

Enraged, Endeavor proclaims that a vigilante is nothing more than a villain pretending to act like a hero, and for this The Crawler also becomes someone to defeat alongside Bee☆Pop.[1] Due to his previous technique overheated his body, Endeavor has to cool down for a few minutes before attacking again, so he signaled the other Heroes to go ahead and apprehend Bee☆Pop and The Crawler.

Number 6, the mastermind responsible for all this incident and under the disguise of the hero Rock, prepares to manipulate the development of the battle The Crawler and Bee☆Pop to achieve the true goal of his plan.[2]


Koichi avoids fighting the heroes.

While making his way towards Bee☆Pop, Koichi uses his "Shooty-Go-Kablam" technique to accurately destroy several Bomb Bees, saving some Heroes' lives along the way. He screams for Pop's name with fierce determination while continuously destroying the insects with his repulsion blast shots, but they are to many, and Koichi avoids getting struck by a swarm by tossing aside a homemade smoke bomb filled with pheromones that attracts bees.

Some of the heroes that are there trying to stop Pop attempt to restrain Koichi, but instead of fighting them, Koichi avoids them and allows the heroes to follow his lead towards Bee☆Pop, who is leaping away from him. Koichi's plan is when Pop's forces have taken a hit, surround her using the heroes, and at the last second he grabs her and forces his way out of the ring.

Number 6 shoots the heroes.

Unfortunately for Koichi, Number 6 realizes his plan to capture the mind controlled Kazuho Haneyama, so he uses his Overclock Quirk and a pistol to kill some of the heroes that are chasing Koichi and Bee☆Pop, attempting to pave an escape route for Pop as well as frame Koichi. "Rock's" partner, Compass Kid, is shocked to see the dead heroes, and Rock suggests that The Crawler is responsible.

However, Compass Kid previously noticed that The Crawler had saved other heroes by destroying bees before they exploded, so the person responsible for killing those heroes must be someone else. He uses his Pointer Quirk and discovers that "Rock" is the true killer. Because of this, Number 6 takes Compass Kid to an alley and brutally kills him.[2]

Bee☆Pop decides to go with a bang.

As Koichi slides up the side of a building towards Bee☆Pop, she starts to imagine herself in a happy future with Koichi. As she breaks out of her delusion, she begins singing her new single, "Bloom". Koichi notices that the bees entered attack mode because of the song, and they start blowing parts of the building. He slides along the wall and avoids the bees' attack, while Bee☆Pop continues singing and leaping in a playful and crazed manner. Meanwhile, detective Naomasa points out that the explosions have changed patterns and that it kind of looks like a mid-air battle or a game of tag is taking place now. Endeavor tells him that it doesn't matter, and recites that when his cool down ends, he’s gonna solve this entire problem.

Back to the fight, Koichi uses his Shooty-Go-Kablam to shoot several bees, while Pop avoids the air blasts. After finishing her song, Bee☆Pop prepares to end her performance, thinking to herself that everyone understands her now. Koichi jumps and reaches for Bee☆Pop, but is thrown off by the explosions of several bees. Bee☆Pop gathers her swarm around her, forming a circle, and she rises up to the sky, planning to end her life by blowing herself up. She thinks her goodbye to Koichi, with her final hope having Koichi remember the girl he couldn't save every time he looks at the sunset.

Kazuho gets shot.

While falling, Koichi takes out his master's grappling hook, given to him by Soga Kugisaki, and hooks it to a nearby building. Koichi uses it to propel himself towards Pop one more time, making his way to Bee☆Pop by double jumping on the air, yelling out her name. Noticing him, Kazuho's mind manages to break through the Queen Bee's control. She tries to reach out for Koichi, and as she is saying his name, she is abruptly shot in the chest.

Number 6, who was watching from the sidelines, holds the smoking gun in his hands. With a smirk on his face, he is not willing to let his plans with Bee☆Pop, Kazuho, and Koichi fall apart.[3]


Koichi meets the "hero" who shot Kazuho.

Koichi is shocked and confused with what just happened, but he grabs Kazuho just in time and lands in an alley. As he prepares to contact Soga, Number 6 approaches Koichi in his disguise. Number 6, still going by the alias "Rock", explains that he shot Kazuho with a drug that controls the bees, relieving Koichi.

However, "Rock" begins to monologue, saying that he suspects that another individual manipulated Kazuho from the shadows, and believes that Koichi is that person, although the latter pays little attention as he is trying to make a call. "Rock" drops his trench coat and hat and dons a mask, claiming that the pro hero "O'Clock II" will bring The Crawler to justice.

The bees leave Kazuho's body and go frenzy.

Number 6 reveals that there are two reasons he gave his monologue; one: every self-respecting hero needs a story behind them, and that an arch nemesis is essential. Koichi becomes increasingly suspicious of Number 6, to which he gives his second reason: the drug Number 6 shot Kazuho with is a pheromone that makes the Queen Bee and the hive eager to self-destruct, destroying evidence about the experiment along with the host.

Kazuho's body begins to convulse, and the entire swarm inside her comes out of her body, and explosions are triggered. Koichi, with Kazuho in his arms, runs away and heads for Soga, while being chased by O'Clock II and the rampaging bees.[4]


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