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Koichi Haimawari vs. Bee☆Pop is the ambush of the reborn a new Queen Bee: Bee☆Pop, who parasitizes and controls the body of Kazuho Haneyama, against the Vigilante The Crawler.


After Knuckleduster defeated the previous Kuin Hachisuka and eliminated the Queen Bee as well as all her swarm that controlled the body of her daughter Tamao, the villain Number 6 rescued the only surviving bee from the confrontation,[1] and for years he was secretly breeding and feeding the bee until she transformed into a new Queen Bee and formed a new swarm. Now, they only needed a new host.

Number 6 and Bee☆Pop observe the chaos.

At some point, Number 6 became the new manager of the FeatherHATS, [2] under the name of Rokuro Nomura, and became friends with Kazuho Haneyama, who was going through emotional problems with Koichi. Taking advantage of that, Number 6 takes Kazuho to an abandoned building, where the Queen Bee parasitizes Kazuho's body, becoming Bee☆Pop.[3][4]

Because of this, Kazuho has been missing for days, so several of her friends and acquaintances are looking for her all over Naruhata. Koichi himself joins the search, and during it he thinks about his relationship with her. While on a rooftop, he receives a call from Miu who tells him that he must return immediately to Marukane because the police is there asking them questions about Kazuho. While he is preparing to return, five Bomb Bees suddenly appear and explode, seriously damaging the rooftop.

Koichi loses his balance, but manages to stabilize in midair and reach a nearby rooftop unscathed, still surprised by those explosions out of nowhere and wondering what happened. People begin to gather near where the sudden explosions took place, while Number 6 and the new Bee☆Pop observe everything from the top of a building.[5]


Bee☆Pop enjoys the destruction she causes.

When they have already attracted a sufficient number of bystanders, Number 6 tells Bee☆Pop it's show time. Eager to start her "performance", Bee☆Pop jumps out of the building, releasing several bees to cause more explosions to draw the shocker passers-by to her. She also uses her bees to hijack and interfere the wireless signals to broadcast her attack through all nearby electronic devices and speaker systems, in order to as many people as possible can witness her live show. she advises all of them to pay attention for his imminent performance: The presentation of her remix of the Marukane Department Store – Inferno.

The music starts playing and Bee☆Pop's rampage becomes more destructive and violent. The witnesses run away from the explosions as Bee☆Pop continues to destroy the city block with his bee bombs. All this while Bee☆Pop dances amidst the blasts, witnesses the destruction she causes and laughs to herself. Inevitably, Kazuho's friends and acquaintances who had been searching for her witness the indiscriminate attack, shocked to see Kazuho causing that tragedy and wondering what's wrong with her.

Miu, Yu and the little sisters go up to a rooftop to try to talk some sense into her to get her away from the explosions, but “Kazuho” replies that she is enjoying the explosions and the destruction she is causing because the danger is sexy, being feared is awesome and with her devastation she is making the city even more beautiful. Neither Miu nor Yu can believe what she had just said, but before they can respond, "Kazuho" decides to share a bit of that beauty with them, and sends one of her Bee Bombs to knock down a large billboard on them. It’s seems Miu can't get away in time but luckily Koichi manages to save her in time.

Bee☆Pop does not hesitate to attack Koichi.

After putting Miu safe, Koichi immediately rushes off towards Kazuho, using his Slide and Glide Quirk to jump in the air. He yells at Kazuho that he doesn't understand what's wrong with her and why she is doing all this, but as The Crawler he can't let her continue causing damage, outstretching his hand to stop her. Pop declares it's a little late for that, and mocks his desperate and clingy act that he’s putting on. Then, she sends several bomb bees against Koichi, exploding around him and making him lose his balance in mid-air.

On the top of a building, Number 6 witness the clash, and proclaims that Koichi has lost, because Kazuho is no longer a little princess but a queen. While Koichi is in his free fall, he manages to locks eye with her as she sticks out her blacked tongue, indicating that she has Trigger on her body, and says to him “I hate you”. Koichi is in shock and he begins to plummet to the ground. Pop considers that her "performance" is over and tells everyone present that the next one gonna be a surprise, as a gigantic explosion erupts and she vanishes.[6]


Koichi is unconscious on a pile of garbage.

The next day, the media reports on the bombing carried out by Bee☆Pop, whose level of destruction is compared to the Kaiju Attack three years ago. Since she controls Kazuho's body, she is considered the only one responsible for the attacks, so the authorities register her as a villain through the villain designation registry, so both the police force and the heroes have an order to stop her and arrest her. Kazuho's family and friends are shattered and devastated by this.

After being shot down, Koichi manages to land on a pile of garbage in a dark alleyway. Although he is not seriously injured, he loses consciousness. Soga, who had seen everything, rescues him and takes him to his residence above an automobile store, where together with his friends Rapt and Moyuru they treat his wounds and take care of him until he wakes up.[7]


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