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The Crawler & Eraser Head vs. Anonymous is a battle taken place during the Naruhata Lockdown/Operation Anonymous, between The Crawler and Eraser Head, and the Anonymous.


After the sudden power shutdown in Naruhata, The Crawler and Eraser Head agree to cease fire on their chase to assist the civilians. They are soon joined by Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, and Ingenium who help to relieve the civilians' fears.[1]

While The Crawler escorts the civilians to a nearby shelter, the Pro Heroes discuss their current situation in Naruhata Station. Ingenium volunteers to make his way outside of the city to look for help, with Best Jeanist looking after the civilians, and Edgeshot planning to make contact with Naomasa Tsukauchi.

The Crawler arrives to thank the Heroes for their work, attempting to leave only to be caught by Eraser Head, effectively putting him under arrest. When Best Jeanist and Edgeshot ask why he didn't escape earlier, he says the least he could do was thank them for all the hard work they've been doing. Hearing this, Eraser Head decides that he will be the one to link up with Naomasa, and that he'll escort The Crawler with them. As the two make their way over, The Crawler thanks Eraser Head, while he claims his plan is simply just to hand him over to the authorities, and he'll break his legs if he tries to run.

Meanwhile, Number 6 grows more annoyed over how quickly The Crawler and the Pro Heroes were able to put aside their differences, but reassures himself that everything is alright as he prepares to execute the next phase of his Operation Anonymous: sending the Anonymous to attack the Pro Heroes.[2]


Koichi shoots at Anonymous to no avail.

The Crawler and Eraser Head hear a group of civilians calling for help, so stop to go check on them. Landing from the rooftops, the two get a closer look at the civilians, only to see them as black, faceless beings with a large scar on their face, starting to stutter. Realizing they're villains, Eraser Head manages to use his Capturing Weapon to barely pull The Crawler away as one of the three proceed to explode. The same goes for Best Jeanist, Edgeshot, and Ingenium, who also run into alleged civilians asking for help while performing their duties, only to fall for Number 6's trap.

The Crawler recognizes the explosions as being just like the Bombers from the Sky Egg Bombing, with Eraser Head noticing that the villains are made for combat, so their explosions pack less of a punch. The Crawler uses his Quirk to shoot repulsion blasts to keep the Anonymous away, but doesn't seem to be effective, so Eraser Head steps in front, using his Quirk to delay the explosions long enough for him to kick the two away, and let them detonate at a safer distance.

The commotion leads to more Anonymous starting to appear and ready to attack the two. Eraser Head stands firm, telling The Crawler to let him distract the incoming hoard while he escapes. He continues to tell him about his current line of work, which is as a school teacher, and how much trouble the 20 students he has to watch over give him, equating this situation as a piece of cake in comparison. Even though The Crawler is unsure due to how many there are, Eraser Head is confident, and requests The Crawler to inform Naomasa about the Bomber Villains that have infiltrated the city.[2]

The Crawler prepares to escape the Anonymous.

The Crawler starts to run off in the opposite direction, only to be cornered by more Anonymous arriving, forcing him to jump on the side of a nearby building. He once again asks Eraser Head if he will be able to handle it, as the Hero continues using his Erasure on the Anonymous, kicking them away before they explode. He tells him a Hero doesn't need concern from an amateur, and reminds him this isn't where he needs to be right now. Accepting, The Crawler slides his way up the building, before blasting his way through the sky toward the hospital.

Seeing him escape, Eraser Head says to himself how he just can't seem to escape having to hold some kid's hand, before turning back to the remaining Anonymous, happy to deal with them all at once.[3]


The Crawler continues blasting his way through the sky, only thinking about needing to be there for Kazuho. He makes it to the hospital to see it already under attack by Number 6 and the Anonymous. He regroups with Soga on a nearby rooftop, as he explains what is going on, and tells him to be ready for their next plan.[3]


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