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Koichi Haimawari & Christopher Skyline vs. Thief is a chase between The Crawler against a villain, in which Captain Celebrity intervenes.


Koichi is chasing after a motorcycle on the highway, whose biker is convenience store thief. Kazuho Haneyama, who follows him, advises Koichi to leave this situation to the Police Force, but Koichi does not want to, because it would become a real mess if the thief were to escape to the back streets.[1]


Koichi plans to keep up with the motorcyclist until the Police Force arrives. However, he gets too close to the biker, who uses his Longleg Quirk to kick Koichi in the face, which sends him spiraling out of control. Koichi is about to hit a truck but is suddenly rescued by flying hero, Captain Celebrity, who does not only rescues him but apprehends the motorcycle villain at the same time.[1]


Captain Celebrity praises Koichi's courage but suggests leaving the dangerous jobs to the Pros and he presents himself as top-ranked American Hero. At first, Koichi thanks him for saving his life, but the pretentious attitude of Captain Celebrity does not make a good impression on Koichi. Captain Celebrity takes to the skies while bidding Koichi farewell.[1]


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