Baby Koichi floating.

When he was a baby, Koichi Haimawari was able to use his Slide and Glide Quirk and float before he could even walk. As he would tend to float out of his crib, and even towards roads into traffic, his worried mother Shoko would use her Fly Swatter Quirk on him whenever he floated, possibly conditioning him into not using it and causing him to forget that he even had the ability.[1]

Later on in life, Koichi started impersonating All Might while interfering in fights, putting himself in danger to help people.[2] Koichi was determined to be a hero, but the morning of the high school entrance exam, he stopped to save a drowning child. He gave the child his silver age All Might hoodie to keep warm, and then rushed off to the exam, for which he was too late.[3]

Young Koichi saves a young Kazuho.

Having lost his chance to become a hero, Koichi decides to study Hero Sociology at college. When he moved to Naruhata, he rented out a old penthouse on top of an old building for a cheap price. At the time, Koichi thought it was a good penthouse to live in as it would easily kick start his campus life. One night, he wanted to invite some friends to his home, but due to a misunderstanding, he was seen as a perverted and dangerous student, making many of his colleagues to avoid him. As a result, Koichi's campus life debut was a failure.[4]

To earn money for rent, start working as a clerk at a convenience store. It is also when he begins to "work" as a vigilante, doing good deeds for the public, which makes him being appreciate by the citizens, who start to refer to him as "Nice Guy".[5]

During one of his patrols, Koichi helped an unknown man who had had a fight with another person. Koichi could barely see the face of that man, who left the place without saying anything to him. Koichi did not know but he had just helped the person who would be his master Knuckleduster, who would be forever grateful for his kindness and good heart.[6]


Vigilantes Beginnings Arc

Koichi admires and idealizes heroes.

One day, while on his way to his workplace, Koichi stumbles into a group of thugs and knocks into Soga Kugizaki, which spills the juice he just bought. The thug orders Koichi to apologize by getting down and groveling, to which Koichi obeys, but Soga wants to humiliate him, so he escapes, being chased by Soga and his friend Moyuru and Rapt, until they lose his track.

Later, Koichi sees another group praising a freelance idol, Pop☆Step. A police vehicle is passing by, so Koichi warns Pop☆Step. As she ends her live performance, Koichi slides to his place of work. Customers arrive, however, they are Soga and his buddies Moyuru and Rapt. Soga takes Koichi outside and beats him up, threatens him with his Spike Quirk. After being forced to buy juice for Soga, Koichi is annoyed at being beaten up and changes into his "suit", an All Might-styled jacket and a mouth mask. Koichi decides to deliver justice on his own accord, which basically is doing public services such as returning dropped items, giving directions, recycling, etc... The citizens thank Koichi who feels overjoyed in helping people.

Koichi becomes Nice Guy.

With his good deeds done for the day, Koichi begins walking home. He meets Pop☆Step again in an alley. She thanks him for warning her about the Police Force and followed him in order to properly thank him, but she make fun of him for being weak and wearing an All Might hoodie, which causes both to start arguing. Pop begins to leave but bumps into Soga and his friends. The thugs recognize her as the online idol, begin mocking her and even thinking to sexually assault her.

Scared, at first Koichi thinks about leaving her to her fate, but seeing her scared face decides to help her without thinking. He does not have much success at first, and all he gets is to anger Soga even more. Soga decides to finish off Koichi with his Quirk for annoying him.

Suddenly, Knuckleduster appears, crashing down onto a trash heap. He defeats the thugs and checks their tongues to see if they’re discolored, but cannot find anything. Then, Knuckleduster turns his attention to Koichi and praises him for his efforts.

Koichi tackles Soga.

Suddenly, Soga takes Pop☆Step hostage, threatening to claw her face off, but Koichi charges at the thug and knocks him down, allowing Pop☆Step to escape and Knuckleduster to punch Soga into the wall, which knocks him out. Impressed by Koichi's bravery, Knuckleduster decides to take him as his disciple to make him a hero, despite not having the license. However, Koichi finds Knuckleduster to be dangerous and turns down his offer.[7]

Next morning, Koichi returns to his apartment, only to find Knuckleduster there. Knuckleduster does not mind if Koichi calls him "master", but Koichi has no intention of becoming his disciple. He explains that he is dedicated to hunt down dealers and users of Trigger, a drug that significantly boost the user's Quirk, but in return the users become more violent. Knuckleduster states that their mission is to confront any thugs and make them stick out their tongues because Trigger causes tongues to turn into a hideous black color. Knuckleduster explains that they will beat them, make them talk about the dealer who gave them the drug and cut off the circulation of Trigger. Koichi thinks that Knuckleduster is not being serious.

Knuckleduster wasn't joking about beating thugs.

However, to Koichi's misfortune, Knuckleduster is dead serious, and his method of investigation consists of hit first and ask later. Pop☆Step arrives and decides to help them by searching on the internet for "sudden villain appearances" which will allow them to pinpoint the location of the Trigger Junkies. In that moment Knuckleduster spots Mario Kugutsu, a salesman who looks suspicious to him, and tries to interrogate him by force.

Pop☆Step and Koichi try to stop the old man to no avail, but at that moment Shota Aizawa appears and stop Knuckleduster under the suspicion of being a villain, which causes Knuckleduster and Eraser Head to start fighting, much to Koichi and Pop☆Step's shock. Koichi apologizes to the salesman and asks him to declare his and Pop☆Step's innocence to Shota but the salesman leaves in a hurry. Pop☆Step realizes that Mario appears in the pictures of villain disturbances. She and Koichi run after him because he is suspicious.

In their pursuit, Koichi and Pop meet Soga, Moyuru and Rapt, now transformed into Instant Villains thanks to the Trigger that Mario had given them previously, and attacked them. Soga and Moyuru chase Koichi, but are defeated by Shota and Knuckleduster who had stopped fighting. For her part, Pop continues pursuing Mario, being pursued by Rapt in turn. The salesman inject himself with Trigger, growing into a colossal giant with four arms.

Koichi jumps to save Pop.

The giant grabs Pop☆Step and Rapt with his hands, swinging them about. Hardly, Knuckleduster and Koichi manage to rescue Pop, and the colossal salesman starts shrinking and returns back to normal when Shota activated his Erasure on him, disabled Mario’s Quirk. Shota wraps his cloth around the salesman. The Police Force arrive and arrest the salesman and the three thugs.

In a back alley, Pop☆Step is relieved that Koichi is alright, but he thinks that he is not cut out to be a Hero. Knuckleduster appears and is pleased by Koichi’s bravery. Knuckleduster knows that Koichi's spontaneous words and actions are actually his true feelings; that he still aspires to be a Hero. Knuckleduster encourages Koichi to chase after his aspiration to be a Hero. Thus, Koichi's life as a Vigilante begin from a lonely back alley and he would eventually go on to reach for greater heights.[8]

After having accepted Knuckleduster as his master, Koichi is trained by him, who gives him equipment and advices to better exploit his Quirk. Knuckleduster also told Koichi that he needed a new name, as "Nice Guy" would cause evildoers to make light of him, so he chooses The Crawler as his new vigilante name.

Koichi & Knuckleduster take down Instant Villains.

They also begin to conduct patrols together through the streets of Naruhata, confronting any villain they meet. Some are mere troublemakers, but others are Trigger users, known as Instant Villains. The first one is Akira Iwako, a villain with a Hardering like Quirk that Knuckleduster and Koichi manage to defeat by collaborating together, then leaving him tied to be arrested by the police. Their actions call the attention of Detective Naomasa, who is in charge of the police investigation of everything related to the illegal traffic of Trigger and the Instant Villains.[9]

The next threat is Teruo Unagisawa, a big fan of Pop☆Step who, in his desire to be closer to her, injects to himself a dose of Trigger transforming into an eel-like creature. Teruo chases Pop through the alleys of Naruhata, but Knuckleduster and Koichi set a trap and defeat him, then leave it to the police.[10] All in all, they want to ask him about the Tigger he used, so they go looking for him after the police release him. However, a villain know as Kuin Hachisuka causes an Instant Villains outbreak after injecting Trigger to several innocent people with their quirk, taking advantage of the resulting chaos to take Teruo with her to an unknown place.[11]

It turns out that Kuin works for the Villain Factory, a mysterious criminal organization responsible for distributing Trigger, and therefore, for the incidents with the Instant Villains. For unknown reasons, the Villain Factory searches for people with particular characteristics and Quirks, and the drug is the key element to find these individuals. This is the reason why their agents are dedicated to distribute the drug free of charge between thugs and petty criminals. Fulfilling his mission, Kuin gives Trigger to a junkie, who begins to cause problems until he is defeated by the Naruhata Vigilantes.[12]

Koichi meets Tensei Ida.

One day, doing exercises with his Slide and Glide Quirk, Koichi meets Tensei Ida, better known as Turbo Hero: Ingenium. the two hit it off with Tensei offering advice on how to use his Quirk more effectively, and after seeing that Koichi has potential, he even giving him a card and a job offer at his hero office. Kouchi is more than ecstatic for it because he can fulfill his dream. However, he reveals he's a vigilante when he helps stop Bat Villain. While Tensei is more than happy for the help and doesn't report him, he ends up asking for the card back since he can't endorse what is essentially a lawbreaker, much to Kouichi's dismay.[13]

Stendhal Arc

Stendhal saves Koichi.

Days later, the Crawler and Pop☆Step go out to perform Vigilante without Knuckleduster. They are surprised to see meet Akira Iwako, who is attacking innocent civilians again in his Instant Villain form. Akira spots him and is angered at seeing Koichi again and calls him The Crawler. Koichi is pleased that he remembered his Hero name. He leads Akira to an abandoned parking lot where he can distract the villain long enough until help arrives

Koichi manages to evade Akira's attacks but notes that the villain is faster and stronger than before. As the fight progresses, Koichi is finding it harder to evade because the villain's punches have created holes in the pavement. Koichi's foot suddenly catches in one of the holes and Akira moves in to attack. Fortunately for him, he is saved by a masked person, who attacks Akira with his weapons, forcing him to escape.

Koichi thanks the masked figure for saving him and asks him his name. Before leaving, the masked figure reveals to Koichi that he is called Stendhal and is a fellow vigilante. Stendhal leaps over several buildings with ease and disappears from sight. This meeting made a great impression on Koichi, who star gushing over Stendhal.

Koichi protects a mutated Soga.

Later, he and Kazuho go to see Ichimoku Zamasu at his family's restaurant, as he wanted to introduce them to a person who could help them in their vigilante activities. To their surprise, this person is none other than Soga Kugizaki. Soga is disheartened by their reactions and questions why they think poorly of him, to which Kazuho replies that he tried to rape and murder them. Soga is annoyed and sees that there is no point in talking with them, although Koichi wonders what Soga wants to talk about.[14]

The next night, while Koichi is on patrol, he meets Stendhal fighting another instant villain, who turns out to be Soga, and this is when he knows the true nature and personality of the masked vigilante he admired. To his shock, Stendhal draws his sword and cuts Soga. At that moment, Koichi realizes that Stendhal truly intends on killing Soga. Unknown to Koichi, Stendhal had allied with Kuin Hachisuka and was engaged in hunting and kill former Trigger users.

Knuckleduster arrives in time.

Stendhal charges against Soga, but Koichi uses his quirk to tripping him. Then, he manages to pick up the transformed Soga. Stendhal throws a knife into Koichi's leg, causing him to fall down. Stendhal approaches the Crawler and warns him not to get in his way as there is no value in saving Soga¡s life. However, Koichi manages to activate his Quirk and slides away from Stendhal. The murderous vigilante strokes his finger on Koichi's blood and licks it, activating his Quirk, Bloodcurdle, paralizing Koichi.

Stendhal praises Koichi's innate act of goodness but since he helps Soga, he sides with a villain, so he must be executed by his hand.[15] Fortunately, Knuckleduster arrives just in time to save Koichi Haimawari and Soga Kugizaki by defeating Stendhal in a straight fight.Knuckleduster gives Koichi some advices about resolution, advicea that are heard by Stendhal, who flees the place after thanking Knuckleduster for his teachings.Kazuho Haneyama arrives with a first aid kit and begins applying first aid to Koichi, Knuckleduster and Soga.[16]

Vs. Queen Bee Arc

Koichi meets Makoto.

After the run in with Stendhal, Koichi Haimawari resumes his life at college. However, he is struggling with his Heroics Sociology course. Makoto Tsukauchi, a female college student, approaches him despite having a negative reputation in the university after a misunderstanding, and decided to help him with his studies. This help is accompanied with the ulterior motive to use him as help for her thesis about Vigilantism. She asks him to do a field survey investigating the rumored "Naruhata Vigilantes". Despite being surprised and nervous about her request, since he is one of them, Koichi agrees to help her.[17]

After being helped with his studies, the next day Koichi accompanies Makoto, who reveals that the purpose of her investigation is to find out how well the "Naruhata Vigilantes" are accepted by the populace. Koichi and Makoto spend the morning asking the locals about their opinions towards the Vigilantes, and later Makoto compiles all the information in her laptop. Suddenly, it is stolen from her by a thief but Koichi is able to retrieve it.

Makoto thanks him for his help and gives him a hand shake while also asking him one final question. As they shake hands, Makoto activate her Polygraph Quirk, and asks Koichi if he is “the Hauler”; the name by which his Vigilante persona is known by the population. However, since Koichi sees himself as "The Crawler", he replies he is not “the Hauler", and pass her Quirk's test since he's telling the truth. Makoto apologizes for her question and returns to her house to continue working on his thesis.[18]

Koichi can't stand Captain Celebrity.

Days later, Koichi is chasing a thief on a motorbike. The villain uses his Longleg Quirk to kick Koichi, who is about to hit a truck but is suddenly rescued by Christopher Skyline, a.k.a. Captain Celebrity, who also apprehends the thief. The new hero suggests Koichi to leave the dangerous jobs to the pros. Koichi starts to think badly about Captain Celebrity, considering him an arrogant, egotistic person and more interested in gaining fame and popularity than doing well his work as a hero.[19]

This opinion does not improve when he discovers that Makoto - for whom Koichi has a little crush - is part of Christopher Skyline’s cheerleading group, and due to his womanizer attitude, he invited her to a date to flirt with her. However, all attempts to seduce her abandoned Captain Celebrity when Makoto told him that she became friends with his ex-wife Pamela, and she is in contact with her. From that moment, Makoto went from one of the Captain Celebrity cheerleaders to her boss.[20]

Shoko punishes her son for trying to fool her.

One day, he gets a call from his dad who tell him the terrible news that his mother Shoko is coming to Tokyo for a visit and that she’s already on train. This has Koichi try to clean up his room as quickly as possible, saying to Kazuho that his mother is very strict with him. He remembers his updates to her, including one that states he has a girlfriend.

In fear for being scolded for lying, he asks Makoto to pose as his girlfriend. However, when Shoko arrives and meets Makoto for the first time, she realizes at once that everything is a farce and scolds Koichi. Despite this, Makoto and Koichi’s mother quickly become friends, and Shoko decides to stay longer to go sightseeing in Tokyo with Koichi and Makoto. She also meets Kazuho and Knuckleduster, posing as mister Kuroiwa.[21]

Koichi spends the next morning with Makoto and his mother touring Tokyo, but when they get on the bus that will take them back, Kuin Hachisuka decides to cause another havoc by injecting Trigger to a cat with quirk. The cat hops on to the bus and morph into a cat bus with his Monster Cat Quirk. The vehicle goes out of control. Everyone in the bus is panicking until Ingenium comes to the rescue as he enters the bus. The driver informs him he cannot stop the bus, which can cause an accident if it crash.

Koichi saves Makoto.

Thanks to Knuckleduster manage to swerve the cat bus in a different direction. It is on an express lane, heading to a destroyed overpass and giving a five minute time-limit to the heroes. Team Idaten rescue almost all the passengers. However, Kuin gives the cat an extra dose of Trigger, causing it to move away with Makoto still on board.[22]

Koichi, disguise as the Crawler, and Tensei collaborate together to save Makoto before the bus falls through the edge. Koichi enters the bus and rescues Makoto, as it begins to free fall from the expressway. Ingenium uses his ultimate move, Rocket Charge, to tells Koichi to jump off the bus as he tries to catch him, but fails. Koichi makes up with his force of will, allowing him to jump in midair. Ingenium has a hold of Makoto as both Quirk users were able to land on the other side of the expressway, safe and sound.

Makoto considers the offer of join Koichi's family.

Back to Koichi’s penthouse, Shoko states she has enough trust with the people she met and is heading home. Her son tells her to take her time, but she slaps him for saying something he doesn’t mean, and entrusts Mr. Kuroiwa to smack him if he steps out of line. She also tells Makoto to join the family, in which she states she’ll give thoughtful consideration.

Sometime later, Kazuho starts to measure how high Koichi can float, in which he’s able to do 30cm. Kazuho informs him with practice, he could possibly do 50, in which he could float over curbs. Koichi states he used the power before as a double-jump; and despite Kazuho thinking it was all in his imagination, Koichi states he did it.[23]

Meeting The Feathers duo.

After the incident with the cat, the situation calms down for a while. Having discovered his secret identity as The Crawler and knowing that Makoto has a sharp intuition. Koichi decides to tell her the truth about him and the Naruhata Vigilantes. Makoto promises to keep the secret. Later, Koichi asks her to help Kazuho, who had been invited to participate in an event at the Marukane Department Store, and she is very nervous and hesitant about participating or not.[24]

Makoto not only helps Kazuho, but thanks to Makoto's business skills and contacts, She gets sponsors for Narufest, making the event even more important and prestigious.[25] Kazuho ends up being part of FeatherHATS, a musical group composed by her; an underground idol duo know as Feathers, the band Mad Hatters and the East Naruhata High Dance Squad.

Marukane's concert is a success.

The night of the premiere, in the greenroom, Kazuho Haneyama begins to feel nervous about going out on stage. However, a villain causes a blackout and everyone is worry that the show is called off[26], and Pop☆Step notices that Koichi Haimawari has gone off somewhere. Koichi emerges from the crowd as The Crawler. He gives Pop her microphone. Pop agrees with the plan for her to go on stage and keep the audience calm. When the power is restored, Pop☆Step tells the crowd that the show start, and ends up being a huge success.[27][28][29]

During the days after the festival, Knuckleduster is increasingly absent. Unknown by Koichi and Kazuho, the same night of the music event, Knuckleduster fought and defeated Kuin Hachisuka, rescuing his daughter Tamao Oguro, who was under her control. He took her to a hospital and was taking care of her for days. However, those responsible for what happened to his daughter are still free, so for Knuckleduster his mission is not over yet.

After leaving his daughter to the care of trusted people, he leaves without saying anything to anyone, although he leaves his characteristic Brass Knuckles and his mask at Koichi's penthouse.[30][31]

Osaka Incident Arc

Koichi runs away from Kirihito.

With the unexpected departure of Knuckleduster, Koichi continues with his work as vigilante solo, coinciding with the appearance of a new type of villains, more powerful and dangerous than Instant Villains: the Next-Level Villains. The first one is Kirihito Kamachi, a giant mantis-like villain who rampages down the streets of Naruhata. The Crawler appears, prepared to fight the evil-doer, but he is overpower and he tries to run away. Fortunately for him, Kazuho had warned Captain Celebrity, who easily defeats Kirihito.[32]

Next up is Bat Villain, the criminal who Koichi had helped Tensei to arrest, but who is now completely changed. Bat Villain was released by a suspicious individual during the filming of a commercial with Tensei Ida and Captain Celebrity. The Bat Villain sets his sights on getting revenge on the Vigilantes next and flies off in search of them, being pursued by Tensei and the Captain. Bat Villain manages to locate Koichi and captures him. However, kidnapping Koichi slows him down, and gives Captain Celebrity the chance to finally catch up to him and knocks him out while also saving Koichi from falling to the ground.[33]

Koichi discovers a new skill from his Quirk.

Time after Bat Villain attack, Koichi and Kazuho prepare to leave for Osaka to attend a regional idol collaboration show in the SS Mall in Super Minami. Koichi loses the train while buying bentos, but jumps to the wagon and stays stuck thanks to his Quirk. He discovered this new application of his powers, being able to stick on surfaces by using the repelling forces from his hands to make like suction cups. Koichi calls this new move Wall Cling.

Once in Osaka, they meet Fat Gum, who kindly gives them directions to the SS Mall and bids them farewell. Kazuho and Koichi find the green room for the Mascot Idol Carnival inside the mall where they meet and befriend Monika Kaniyashiki, an idol whose stage name is the Heike Crab who works for the Kanidoge chain.[34] Monika participates in the event riding a crab-shaped Mech.

Monika apologizes to her manager because she needs to go to the restroom, but because she takes time to return, the manager gives his position to Kazuho and briefly teaches him how to control the Mech. However Monika did not go to the bathroom, but to the SS Mall loading dock. It turns out that she is not a Kanidoge's employee but a covert police who works with Naomasa and Fat Gum in the operation to dismantle the traffic of a batch of Trigger. They have suspicions that the Villain Factory used the products of Kanidoge to introduce and distribute the drug through Japan.[35]

Koichi and Kazuho escape the explosion.

Their suspicions turn out to be true, and Monika discovers the villain responsible for it (Number 6, the same person who released Bat Villain days ago). Fat Gum and the police enter the loading dock and order everyone to stop what they’re doing. After being exposed, the Scarred Man activates a code that activates the Kanidoge's mechs to start rampage the place.[36] Fat Gum neutralize the mechs, but when they are defeated, the mechs explode, destroying all the evidences in the process.

The villain takes advantage of this to escape using his Overclock Quirk. To her horror, Monika remembers that there is still a Kanidoge's mech totally out of control and causing problems: the one she used. Fat Gum and Monika decide to handle the uncontrolled machine, while Police Force goes after the speedster villain. As she feared, her mech is wreaking havoc, and Kazuho is trapped in the rampage mech, unable to free herself or stop the machine. Koichi tries to help her but falls into one of the souvenir stand. Fat Gum and Kaniko chase the mech to stop it before it explodes, but it is too fast for them.

Koichi and Kazuho return home.

Suddenly, Koichi advances them using his Slide and Glide quirk, and jump on the mecha, staying attached to it by using his Wall Cling. However, he does not know how to stop the mech.[37] With the help of Monika and Fat Gum, he manages to rescue Kazuho. Being neutralized, the Mech sets out to explode, so Fat Gum uses his Quirk to absorb the explosion, saving everyone.

Despite this happy result, the speedster villain manages to escape after leaving the police badly wounded. Monika asks Koichi and Kazuho to hang on a bit, however they know if they wait they will lose the train, and besides, they will have problems with their parents if they find out everything that happened, so they decide to leave the place and go to the train station before they can be interrogated by Naomasa.[38]

Sky Egg Arc

Koichi has a new super move.

Back in Naruhata, Koichi continues to conduct patrols as Vigilante. One day he has problems with the Mazinger High Karate Club, who attack him with their Quirk Rocket Thrust. While protecting himself, Koichi rejects one of the attacks with his quirk, which leaves him confused and seems to notice an new skill of his Quirk, before being knocked out. When he returns to his penthouse, he tells Kazuho that he manages to learn a new ability he can pull off with his Slide and Glide Quirk: the ability to shoot repulsion force blasts. He name this new power as Scrappy Thrust Style.[39]

Koichi Haimawari tries to practice his Scrappy Thrust Style, but Kazuho scolds him by saying that he can not shoot projectiles without a license or qualifications, because will get into a good mess if he gets caught by a policeman or a hero. After recognizing that she is right, Koichi goes patrolling. He encounters Octoid, a Next-Level Villain with a Cephalopod Quirk. At first, Koichi tries to stop him, but because the villain enormous strength, he tries to stay at a safe distance from him, but soon he is forced to escape. In his escape, he crosses paths with Shota Aizawa, who at that moment is with the Ichiro and Jiro Hotta. Koichi and Aizawa recognize each other from the struggle that Shota had with Knuckleduster several months ago, but they do not have time to talk because because they must stop Octoid. [40]

The improvised team manages to capture Octoid.

The four try to defeat the Next-Level villain, but it turns out to be an enemy too powerful to deal, even after joining forces. For this reason they decide to lead him to a place where there is hardly anyone: the Hotta Brothers warehouse, where only Kirihito Kamachi is. The four put their plan into action and everyone goes to the place while Koichi keeps shooting Octoid to make him chase them.[41] Once there, and not without difficulties, the five finally capture Octoid. However, the villain manages to free himself and escapes through the alleys of Naruhata. Koichi and the rest leave in pursuit, only to find Octoid lying on the ground and with serious injuries for unknown reasons, although Koichi could see another person before disappeared on their arrival. [42]

Days later, Koichi is invited by members of the Mad Hatters to participate in a mixer with some girls. The girls introduce themselves as Rin, Hina, Kaori and Kazuha. It turns out that the last two are actually Midnight and Kazuho in disguise. Midnight is on a mission to root out groups who are distributing Trigger at mixers, with the main suspect being Rin Yaritezawa. Midnight makes Kazuho help her when she caught her following Koichi. Rin starts becoming resentful of being on a mixer with guys she doesn't think highly of. However, after Koichi showed understanding and kindness towards her after accidentally vomiting the alcohol she drank, she begins to develop a little crush for him.[43]

Koichi the "Ladykiller".

This unleashes Hina’s jealousy, who decides to take revenge on Koichi, mixing in his drink a few drops of a new variant of Trigger, that only needs to be ingested to work. However, due to a number of circumstances, the drinks that she offers to Koichi end up being drinks for other customers of the bar, resulting in them starting to lose control over their quirks. Midnight uses her Somnambulist Quirk to put everyone to sleep, and arresting Hina in the process, who turns out to be responsible for the previous incidents at mixers, by drugging guys to keep them from talking to Rin.[44]

During the following days, Koichi continues with his work as Vigilante, protecting the streets of Naruhata the best he can from the Instant Villains. Unbeknownst to him, he is observed by Knuckleduster who has returned after a long absence, although he has not yet contacted him. The veteran vigilante sees with pride how his pupil unfolds by himself.[45][46]

Koichi enjoys Christmas with the Marukane Performers.

At the end of December, Koichi celebrates Christmas at Marukane Department Store along with Kazuho, Makoto, the members and staff of FeatherHATS and Captain Celebrity, who has received the news that he can return to the United States. Also his wife Pamela is pregnant. After the party, a creature known as Bomber hijacks the taxi in which the Little Sisters inside. Captain Celebrity manages to rescue her just when the creature self-destructs in an explosion. Using his aerodynamic barrier, Captain Celebrity manages to protect the girls, leaving unharmed of the explosion, although when doing it he lowers his own protection, suffering several wounds, although nothing really serious.

That attack had been organized by Number 6, who observes everything and deduces the weak point of Captain Celebrity’s Quirk. He leaves to prepare a new attack to end Christopher’s life, using more Bombers.[47]

After this, the popularity of Captain Celebrity increases, and on the occasion of his return to the United States, Makoto decides to organize a farewell party at the Tokyo Sky Egg. During the following weeks until the indicated date, the entire team of FeatherHATS trains intensely for the event, which will also involve several of the most important heroes of Japan. Koichi continues with his routine as Vigilante, and with the help of Kazuho, indirectly delivers to detective Naomasa a USB with information and data obtained by them, much of it confidential and even unknown by the police. This USB turns out to be of great help for the police in its investigation on the Villain Factory.[48]

Finally the day of the event arrives and many people attend the Tokyo Sky Egg. In another area of the city, a police force led by Naomasa and together with the heroes Eraser Head and Fat Gum, raid the Onomura Pharma Corp. Thanks to different sources of information Naomasa could deduce that this is where the Villain Factory carried out its illegal experiments. However, the Scarred Man is there and explode the secret laboratory after fleeing, heading the five Bombers that survived to the Tokyo Sky Egg.[49]

Koichi tells Captain Celebrity that he has to go on stage.

The event is turning out to be a success, but due to a misunderstanding between Christopher and his wife, he is forced to leave the stage and goes to the Observation Deck to apologize to Pamela and try to fix his mistake. Later, Makoto sends Koichi to look for Captain Celebrity, because soon he must back on stage. Koichi found him still in the Observation Deck, talking to his wife. In that moment, one of the bombers sticks to the crystals of the observatory and explodes. The decompression causes Koichi to fall outside, although thanks to his quirk he manages to hold on to the tower and not continue to the ground.

After making sure Koichi is ok, Captain Celebrity flies to face the creatures. Another Bomber self-detonate to distract him and allow a particularly large Bomber to severely damage the Tokyo Sky Egg tower with its self-destructing. To prevent the tower from falling, Captain Celebrity uses his enormous strength to hold the building, but this leaves him helpless to a six-armed Bomber which merciless attack him with explosive punches. Koichi looks impotently at the punishment that Captain Celebrity receives, when in that moment, an exclusive TKE All Might Hoodie fall on him.[50] Meanwhile, the remaining Bomber generates an EMP blast, causing a blackout in the building and cutting the cell signals, preventing that preventing someone from calling the authorities for help.

Koichi arrives in the nick of time.

Captain Celebrity holds the damaged structure while resisting the Bomber's explosive punching. Although he tries to look tough, it is evident that the punches begin to affect him. When the Bomber prepares to attack him again, a projectile causes one of the Bomber's fists to explode. At that moment, Koichi appears upside down, using his Quirk to attach his feet to the bottom of the dome.

Christopher tells Koichi to leave, but he decides to stay to protect him, since his projectiles can destroy the Bomber's fists before the bomber has a chance to hit Captain Celebrity again. To achieve this, Koichi decides to unleash a new super move, The Crawler's Shooty-Go-Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam, firing a continuous burst of repulsion force blasts, hitting the Bomber and blowing up his fists.

Captain Celebrity realizes that those attacks can help them buy time, but they are not powerful enough to bring the Bomber down. Koichi is unconcerned, since his plan is keep the bomber away as long as possible until a proper hero can reach them and defeat the villain.[51] For several minutes, Koichi manages to protect Captain Celebrity from the Next-Level Villain, but the creature concentrates a greater explosive capacity in his fists. When Koichi destroys one, the blowback is strong enough to unbalance him for a few seconds, enough time for the Bomber to approach Captain Celebrity with had another attack ready. Koichi can not destroy the explosive punch in time, and the creature gets to hit Captain Celebrity with a powerful explosive fist. To everyone's surprise, the explosion does not occur.

Koichi protects Captain Celebrity.

In the distance, Aizawa approaching to their position in a police helicopter. Despite the distance, Aizawa manages to use his Erasure to nullify the explosive quirk of the Bomber. Then, several heroes get out of the Dome and face the bombers.[52] Mirko, Ryukyu and Snipe defeat the Bomber responsible for the EMP, while Edgeshot severely injures the six-armed one and Best Jeanist captures it with his fibers. Then, he is informed of the arrival of a truck transporting enormous carbon fiber cables and uses his his Fiber Master Quirk to manipulate the cables and preventing the Tokyo Sky Egg dome from falling.

Seeing all, Koichi is encouraged because it seems that everything is solved. An exhausted Captain Celebrity asks him for a favor: Get a message to his wife and son. Edgeshot comes to them and asks them how they are. Koichi replies that they are fine, and asks the Captain why he does not deliver the message himself in person. When turning around, Koichi checks that Captain Celebrity is gone. Injured and without energy, Christopher can no longer fly and started falling. Koichi unconsciously jumps to save him but now the two are falling. Captain Celebrity grabs Koichi and makes a last effort to activate his barrier to protect Koichi from the fall.

Koichi jumps to save Captain Celebrity.

But the problems do not end there. The Scarred Man is unable to bear the idea that his plan failed, so he causes the six-armed Bomber to self-destruct, generating an explosion powerful enough to make the Tokyo Sky Egg begin to collapse, with thousands of innocent people inside the building.[53]

Fortunately, minutes early, detective Naomasa phoned All Might. Upon hearing the explosion and Naomasa's request for help, the number one hero immediately leaves the Might Tower, and in mere seconds he arrives on the scene, takes down the crumbling tower in a flash and sets the dome down safely, saving everyone. Also, he realizes that both Koichi and Captain Celebrity are still falling, so he saves them immediately. He congratulates Captain Celebrity for what he has done and signs Koichi's hoodie.[54]

On top of a building, the Scarred Man feels increasingly furious to see how his act of revenge had been totally ruined by All Might’s intervention. But he does not give up. Using his device again makes the busted Bombers' part regenerate, combine, grow and release a swarm of mini bombers to attack everyone in his last attempt to kill as much people as possible, but all creatures are destroyed by All Might with his Nebraska Smash. Everyone praises and cheering All Might for saving thousands of lives. Meanwhile, the Scarred Man cannot believe what he just saw.[55]

Koichi thanks All Might for saving everybody's life.

While everyone tries to recover after the incident, Koichi believes he hears an explosion in the distance (caused by the fight between Knuckleduster and Number 6), and he tells the heroes about it. At that moment, Kaniko appears, worried because the skinny guy who used to be with them (All Might in his Toshinori Yagi appearance) does not appear anywhere, and Fat Gum wonders if he got blown away by All Might’s megapunch. Koichi, Fat Gum and Kaniko search for Toshinori among the debris, while Toshinori discretely approaches Naomasa and asks him to get something for him to wear.[56]

During the following weeks, Koichi and his colleagues spend visiting and caring for Captain Celebrity in the hospital while he recovers from his injuries. Captain Celebrity apologizes to Koichi because he somehow stole his portion of the limelight, but Koichi doesn't care, because on the one hand he got his hoodie signed by All Might himself. And on the other, because he is a Vigilante, he would have problems with the police if they found out his participation in the fight.

The Marukane Performers say goodbye to Captain Celebrity and his family.

Makoto tells him that the police are aware of it, but his brother Naomasa has decided to overlook his activities as a vigilante this time, in gratitude for the help provided during the attack. Shortly afterwards, Pamela, CC's wife, arrives at the room, who thanks Koichi for saving her husband's life.

Two weeks later, at the international airport, the Marukane members meet to say goodbye to Captain Celebrity and his family, who are preparing to return to the United States. To everyone's surprise, Makoto reveals that shee also goes to the United States, because she is going to study abroad at the Marvelous Central University in New York, in addition to continuing to be her manager. After this, she says goodbye to everyone before board the plane.

Koichi returns along with Kazuho to his penthouse. Once there, they start talking about Makoto. He talks about Makoto's departure and how well she handled the press, but Kazuho thinks she could have given Koichi more credit. Koichi thinks that some credit would be fine, so tells Kazuho that if she wants she can praise him, but a flustered Kazuho replies that he can't ask for it like that.[57]

School Days Arc

Koichi helps a little girl to save a kitten.

While patrolling the streets, Koichi stops to help a little girl that spotted a cat near the station, but suddenly a wolf villain appears out of nowhere simply to torment the animal, so they decides to run away with the cat, being chased by the villain, until in their flight they end up running into Eraser Head, who quickly defeats and captures the villain. After explaining what happened, the girl asks them to take good care of the kitten and leaves.

Just then, it started to rain, and both Koichi and Shota shelter under an awning. Shota asks the young vigilante what he gonna do with the cat, and he replies that probably he will take it home. Upon hearing his answer, Eraser Head lists a long string of cares that a cat requires, and he advises him that if he doesn't feel prepared to take care of it, he should put it back to the place where he found it.

Koichi and Shota take shelter from the rain.

Faced with this attitude, Koichi asks if he got something against cats, because he has avoiding looking at it. Shota simply replies that he doesn't be swayed by his emotions. If he’s not prepared for responsibility, he shouldn't get involved with something in first place.[58] They both wait there until the rain stops. Shota leaves to go to Hotta Brother's shop, telling Koichi to do the right thing with the cat. Without many options, Koichi decides to go with him in case there is luck that a customer of the store wants to keep the kitten.

Once there, Koichi is surprised to meet Octoid, who introduces himself as Ikajiro Takobe and apologizes for all the problems he caused when he was a Next-Level Villains. Koichi asks what's going on and Ichiro reveals that they will use the villain damage insurance payment for the destruction of their warehouse and the welfare subsidy that Takobe and Kirihito get for oversized housing to stat a cafe-shop, with Takobe as the cook.

Koichi chats amicably with Hopper's staff.

Seeing the kitten that Koichi brings with him, Takobe decides to adopt him and suggest the idea of making their establishment a cat cafe, initiating a conversation among those present about how cafe should be.

Finally, Koichi is glad that the staff of the future cafe decide to keep the kitten. He is also happy for the future of the establishment, but Shota, who was very thoughtful that day, leaves the place, saying goodbye to everyone and telling them not to consider him in their plans since he will leave the town soon, wishing them luck in their projects and goals.[59]

Final Performance Arc

The Crawler becomes a celebrity in Naruhata.

A little over three years have passed since Koichi began his vigilante activities on the streets of Naruhata. In that time he has continued to patrol the streets and deal with thugs and minor villains, becoming a some kind of local hero despite being a vigilante. This has also allowed him to improve his combat skills and Quirk's mastery.

During one of his patrols, Koichi helps two girls against some thugs who were harassing them. During the confrontation he makes use of the fighting style he had developed d to use his Slide and Glide Quirk more efficiently in combat: the Slap Style. Koichi manages to dominate most of the fight, dodging blows and counterattacking with air blast, although in the end he is helped by Kirihito and Ikajiro, who take the thugs to be the new dishwashers of Hopper's Cafe. After the fight, Kazuho warns Koichi that he will be late for his job interview.

Koichi talking about the future with Kazuho.

In the interview to an on-site cleaning job, the interviewers warn Koichi that it will be hard and dirty work, but Koichi doesn't give it any importance. When one of the interviewers asks him about the most valuable thing he gained during his student years, he replies that the experience and the friends that came with it.

Later, in his penthouse, Koichi talks to Kazuho while fixing one of his hoodie. Koichi believes that the interview went well and he is sure that he will be hired. Kazuho asks if he doesn't have big dreams for the future by picking a job that way. Koichi replies he already fulfilled his dreams. For the past few years, he has been helping people as a hero, but he has plans to stop being a vigilante once he gets a job. His words surprises Kazuho. Koichi decides to go on patrol to test out his new Hoodie and asks Kazuho to patrol next to him.[60]

Makoto hugs Koichi.

Several days later, to Koichi's surprise, Makoto has returned from the United States and decided to visit him at his penthouse, preparing curry for dinner. Later Kazuho arrives, who is also surprised to see Makoto there. The former manager explains that she is in Japan momentarily to prepare her actual homecoming. The three have dinner together, and after a small incident between Koichi and the spicy curry, Makoto asks them about how things are going in Marukane.

Kazuho knows that things are not going well and tries to tell her, but Koichi does it first, saying it is rollin' along just fine. Kazuho decides to play along, and then she decides to leave with the excuse that she is busy. Kazuho at that time is not having a good time either professionally or personally. The leadership of Marukane had decided to cancel the Narufest and dissolve the FeatherHATS since they did not bring them benefit, and on the other hand, she had not yet mustered the courage to confess her feelings to Koichi, and when she was preparing to do it that day, Makoto appeared.

Koichi is surprised by Makoto's proposal.

Kazuho barely steps away from the penthouse when she regrets not telling Makoto the truth. She turns around to do it but she sees Koichi and Makoto hugging each other through the window, leaving her very worried.[61] It turns out that Koichi had tripped and Makoto prevented him from falling. Koichi separates from her and apologizes, but Makoto replies that she would welcome him with open arms at any moment.

While they are spied on by Kazuho, ​​Makoto decides to confess her feelings to Koichi and that she would like to start a family with him. Koichi is caught off guard by Makoto's confession and doesn't know what to answer.

Makoto tells him to take his time to find the answer, because she also takes into account Kazuho's feelings. Makoto is sure that Kazuho is in love with Koichi too. Instead of putting pressure on Koichi to choose between her and Kazuho, she gives Koichi time to figure out how he and Kazuho feel about it before he make his decision.

Kazuho leaves without saying anything to Koichi.

After committing to ask Kazuho indirectly about the matter, Koichi says goodbye to Makoto, jumping for joy at what just happened. Makoto is also happy for all that, but Kazuho, who had eavesdropped on the whole conversation, is confused and nervous. The next morning, Kazuho returns to the penthouse, but every time Koichi tries to talk to her, Kazuho responds aggressively with evasiveness.[62]

The days passed and Koichi continued to attend job interviews. One night, while he is dressing and trying to tie a new tie for his next interview, Kazuho returns to his penthouse, calmer and more confident than the previous days times. Koichi is surprised to see her there so late, and she replies that she wants to talk to him. Koichi asks her to hang on a second while tying his tie. Koichi happily shows Kazuho that Makoto had given him the tie. After hearing him, Kazuho leaves immediately, without saying anything to Koichi. Confused, he goes after her to know what happens, but she had already left.[63]

Miu gets mad at Koichi for being a blockhead.

After this, Koichi continues to attend job interviews, until several days later, Kazuho's colleagues from the band FetherHATS call him to come to the Marukane Department Store. Koichi enters the office, pleased that the girls have invited him, but that attitude changes soon when he is informed of Kazuho is missing for days. The girls know she was involved with something else besides but they ignore what it is.

Yu ask him if he knows anything about it. He replies that Kazuho wanted to tell him something the other day but suddenly she stormed out for no reason. He did not give it importance because it is common in Kazuho’s behaviour. Miu can't help calling him blockhead for it.

The group decides to organize to find Kazuho. Koichi joins the search, checking her usual hangouts and look for any clue, and spends all day trying to find Kazuho's whereabouts without success. During all that time he is looking for her, he thinks about his relationship, realizing that despite they have known each other for years, he actually knows very little about Kazuho: where she lives, her family, her tastes, etc... and what is he to her and what she is to him.

Koichi searching for Kazuho.

While on a rooftop, he receives a call from Miu who tells him that he must return immediately to Marukane because the police is there asking them questions about Kazuho. While he is preparing to return, five Bomb Bees suddenly appear and explode, seriously damaging the rooftop. Koichi loses his balance, but manages to stabilize in midair and reach a nearby rooftop unscathed, still surprised by those explosions out of nowhere and wondering what happened.

Koichi does not know that everything is a trap organized by Villain Number 6.[64] For months, he had been the manager of the FeatherHATS, having managed to befriend Kazuho, ​​taking advantage of her depression due to the bad streak of the band as well as her relationship with Koichi. Number 6 lured Kazuho into an abandoned building where he set her up and implanted the Queen Bee Quirk against her will, turning her into the villainous Bee☆Pop.[65]

Koichi defeated by "Kazuho."

People begin to gather near where the sudden explosions took place, while Number 6 and Bee☆Pop observe everything from the top of a building. When they have already attracted a sufficient number of bystanders, Number 6 tells Bee☆Pop it's show time.

Koichi sees Kazuho releasing several Bomb Bee to rampage the city block. He doesn't know what's wrong with her, but he's unwilling to allow her to continue with her senseless destruction. After saving Yu from being crushed by a billboard brought down by Kazuho, he immediately rushes off towards her, using his Slide and Glide Quirk to jump in the air. He yells at Kazuho that he doesn't understand what's wrong with her and why she is doing all this, but as The Crawler he can't let her continue causing damage, outstretching his hand to stop her.

Bee☆Pop mocks Koichi and attacks him with several Bomb Bee, whose explosions make him lose his balance in mid-air. Koichi manages to locks eye with her as she sticks out her blacked tongue, indicating that she has Trigger on her body, and says to him “I hate you”. Koichi is in shock and he begins to plummet to the ground, landing on a pile of garbage in a dark alleyway and losing consciousness. Pop considers that her "performance" is over and tells everyone present that the next one gonna be a surprise, as a gigantic explosion erupts and she vanishes.[66]

Koichi wakes up a few days later in someone else's house and with his injuries treated, discovering that he had been rescued by Soga and taken to the house of his friends Moyuru and Rapt, who took care of him while he was unconscious. He suddenly remembers everything that happened with Kazuho the other day, and when the boys turn on the TV for him, he becomes immediately fixated about the reports about the called Naruhata Bombings. When the news reports that Kazuho has been declared a villain and that he is being wanted for his relationship with her, Koichi considers that he should go to the police to tell them about him, Kazuho and everything that's going on.

Koichi reads his master's letter.

Soga says that’s one option, to leave the police and heros to deal with the problem if he’s cool with that. Koichi is confused by what he said and Soga gives him a letter from his master Knuckleduster.[67] Koichi reads the letter carefully, where his master apologizes for his behavior and begins by saying that if he is reading the letter is because he is going through a very difficult situation. However, Knuckleduster encourages him to continue fighting because he's sure Koichi will do the right thing no matter the situation he's in.

Koichi finishes reading the letter, and asks Soga if he knows where Knuckleduster is. Soga states that he doesn't know, and that the last thing he asked him to do is to keep an eye on him and Kazuho. Soga tells Koichi to forget about Knuckleduster for now and focus on the immediate problem, Kazuho. Soga reveals that she is possessed by parasitic bees that control people. If he lets the heroes take care of Kazuho, chances are she will die and the parasitic bee will escape.

The other option is for them to extract the bee from its head themselves, although though this they would break many laws, with neither hero nor officer being capable of doing it. Faced with this dilemma, Soga asks Koichi if he will do it or not. Koichi replies that undoubtedly he will rescue Kazuho.[68]

Koichi and his allies arrive at Knuckeduster's warehouse.

Made the decision, Soga Kugizaki leads Koichi, Moyuru and Rapt into a warehouse, where there are training equipment, weapons, large amounts of supplies, etc... Soga explains that Knuckleduster used that place as a secret base, and now they will use everything that is there to save Kazuho. The initial idea is to get to Kazuho before the heroes, have Koichi grab in mid-air and he mets back up with Soga, Moyuru and Rapt to extract the bee, and then Soga will be in charge in giving first aid and they'll all bring her to the hospital. For their strategy to work, they need to plan it well and Koichi needs to train his Quirk also.

The first thing they do is check the current capabilities of Koichi with his Quirk: Acceleration, speed, ability to climb walls, jumps in the air, etc... They also check how good Koichi is at shooting with the Shooty-Go-Blam. Koichi shows that he has a great aim, but Soga is not entirely convinced because the shots are very weak and asks him to shoot again but at his maximum potential. After recalling a conversation he had with Kazuho about containing the power of his air blasts, Koichi puts all his focus onto the power core of the move and shots once more. This time, the blast are not only more powerful but their range is also much greater, being even possible to kill a person with it.[69]

Koichi undergoes intense training.

Continuing with the shooting training, they discover that, although Koichi has great aim, he subconsciously makes himself miss people-shaped targets. This makes Soga have to rethink the strategy against Kazuho. Since Koichi is unable to use his full-power shots against people and the Shooty-Go-Blam has not enough range and speed, he must use his mobility and martial arts to back her into a corner.

During the following days, while Moyuru and Rapt are helping Koichi with his training, Soga is dedicated to carefully planning the entire mission and watching videos of Bee☆Pop's attack to analyze every aspect of her Quirk, etc... he comes with the conclusion that Kazuho looks like she is suffering. Koichi, who’s listening on, resolves to have a talk with her, sure that Kazuho will listen to reason. Rapt and Moyuru doubt that his idea will work considering how their previous confrontation ended.

Koichi reminisces that on the previous occasions when Kazuho had been mad and he didn't know why, he just spent some time with her and then everything ended up somehow fixed, reason why he thinks that it could works with the current situation. Moyuru and Rapt are still skeptical. Soga orders the three of them to rest while he puts together a strategy by morning.[70]

Koichi and his allies head towards the explosions.

The next day, when Koichi comes out to cool off, he sees Naruhata being attacked, and immediately calls Soga and the others, and they prepare as soon as possible to head to the disaster area and put their plan into action to stop Bee☆Pop.[71] Koichi and his allies arrive in town soon, but because of Pop's attacks, the roads have been closed so they got stuck in a gridlock traffic. Koichi decides to go ahead, while Soga, Rapt and Moyuru try to reach the place by another way.

While all this was happening, the heroes who were there on patrol evacuated the bystanders from the streets until they were empty, giving the signal for Endeavor and his team to act. Endeavor attacks Bee☆Pop with a gigantic tornado of fire, and would have incinerated her had it not been for Koichi's arrival on the scene, forcing Endeavor to cancel his attack. The number 2 hero angrily asks Naomasa why there is a twig of a hero who got in his way. The detective replies he is the Naruhata Vigilante, The Crawler. Enraged, Endeavor claims that a vigilante is nothing more than another villain, so he must be stopped.[72]

Koichi avoids fighting the heroes.

Due to his previous attack, Endeavor suffers from overheating so he needs several minutes to cool down, so a signal is sent to the other heroes to go ahead and apprehend Bee☆Pop. Unknowingly, many of the Bomb Bees sneak near some of them and are about to explode, but Koichi slides right past the heroes, blasting the Bomb Bees to smithereens using his "Shooty-Go-Kablam" technique.

Recalling Soga's advice to only shoot down the bees, Koichi continues his attack but ends up running right into a swarm of Bomb Bees. Koichi avoids their assault and tosses a homemade smoke bomb filled with a pheromone that attracts bees to get rid of them. Koichi also encounters two Heroes that try to restrain him but instead allows them to follow his lead while preparing to initiate Soga's plan to save Pop.

Number 6, who was pretending to be a pro hero, realizes his plan, and using his Quirk he shoots various heroes who were chasing Koichi and Pop, and blame Koichi of their deaths. However his partner Compass Kid discovers that he is the real murderer, so he is forced to kill him. Then, he notes that everything is falling into place. Now that Koichi is drawing closer, the villain reveals it's about time for Bee☆Pop to perform her final and greatest performance for everyone to see.[73]

The Crawler vs Bee☆Pop

As Koichi approaches the controlled Kazuho, he remembers a conversation from Soga in which he told him that she controls the bees through her sings. Thanks to this, when Bee☆Pop starts singing causing the bees to attack him, Koichi dodges her precise explosions and fights back. Kazuho song reflects her own despair and sadness, and she wants everyone to know, especially Koichi. Thinking that she had already achieved what she wanted, Bee☆Pop finishes her song and the bees begin forming a circle around her. She is planing to blow herself up, ending her life. She wishes her death being so shocking that it will impossible for Koichi to forget.

Koichi desperately tries to stop her, but several bees explode and he is knocked down, but while he falls, he pulls out his master’s grappling hook that Soga gave him and uses it to propel himself towards Bee☆Pop one more time, using a double jump on top of that. Yelling out her name, he surprisingly makes his way to Pop. When she notices him, Kazuho's real mind manages to free itself from the control that the Queen Bee has over her and tries to reach Koichi's hand as she says his name. When they seem like they are about to pull it off, Kazuho gets shot.[74]

After saving Kazuho, Koichi meets a "hero".

In horror, Koichi watches Kazuho start falling to the ground. He immediately dives to save her and lands with little trouble in an alley. Once on the ground, Koichi checks that Kazuho is still alive. Right after, Number 6 appears in front of him and greets him. Koichi ask him if he is a hero, and if he can let them through here because Kazuho requires medical attention because she was shot. Number 6 smiles at Koichi and says he was the shooter, calmly stating that he didn't shot her with a real bullet but a special syringe containing a drug that controls the bees. Koichi was wide-eyed at first but he calms down after hearing the hero's explanation

As Koichi tries to contact his allies, Number 6 begins to monologue, saying he is sure that Kazuho is an innocent person who has been manipulated by a villain in the shadows, although Koichi doesn’t pay much attention to him as he was trying to make a call. He finally realizes that something is fishy about that hero, especially when he sees his hand transform. Number 6 declares that Koichi is the villain and he, as the hero O'Clock II, will beat Koichi into a pulp with his fist of justice.

O'Clock II pursues Koichi.

O'Clock II asks Koichi if he nailed his monologue properly and that there are two reasons why he’s droning on and on. The first reason is that every self-respecting hero needs a story behind them, and for this having an arch nemesis is essential. Increasingly suspicious, Koichi tells him that he does not have time for his monologue, to which Number 6 agrees, and clarifies that the second reason of his speech is that he is buying time for the drug that makes the Queen Bee and the hive eager to self-destruct to kick in.

Koichi watches in shock as Kazuho begins to convulse and a swarm of bees leaves her body. Koichi quickly carries Kazuho in his arms and run as fast as possible from the bees that are exploding around him. Since he is holding Pop, Koichi cannot fight back, so his only option is to skedaddle and meet up with Soga and the gang for help. For the villain, Koichi's flashy getaway benefits his plans and states that when the time is right, he will swoop in and take down Koichi. But when he sees that the young vigilante is managing to escape, he decides to intervene so that his plan does not fail.

Using his Overclock Quirk, O'Clock II approaches Koichi and prepares to kill him with an explosive punch. Koichi notices O'Clock II encroaching on him, although the villain does not care much. Then he realizes he can't keep up Koichi, and notices that the force field of Koichi's Slide and Glide Quirk under his feet is changing. Koichi then uses his super move Extra Oomph to dodge the explosive blow from the "hero", increasing his speed by boosting the force field under his feet. O'Clock II continues chasing Koichi to kill him, as he continues to escape with Kazuho in his arms when he suddenly sees Endeavor appears in front of him after his cool down was over.[75]

Koichi using Slide and Glide to fly.

As he gets closer and closer to the number 2 hero, Koichi reflect that the heat Endeavor is emitting is increasing, but in his current situation, being chased by a swarm of exploding bees and another "hero" who wants to kill him, he cannot stop and neither can waste time to reach Soga and get Pop help. Seeing The Crawler is darting straight towards him, Endeavor starts shooting fireballs at him, which Koichi dodges as best he can.

Enraged, Endeavor uses his super move Raging Assault - Hell Minefield, a two-folded attack that causes explosions to emerge from the ground. Both Koichi and O'Clock II jump to dodge the attack, but while the villain fails and is engulfed by the flames, Koichi uses his Quirk at full power, allowing the young vigilante to blast off and fly into the sky, leaving everyone dumbfounded. Up in the skies, the energy at Koichi's feet runs out, and as he and Kazuho begin to fall, Kazuho manages to say his name. Koichi holds Kazuho in his arms and assures her that it’s gonna be okay.[76]

Koichi sneaks away from Endeavor.

Using his Quirk, Koichi flies his way over to Soga, falling into a landing pad safely. Soga gets ready to extract the Queen Bee from Kazuho, but Koichi tells him about the drug Number 6 shot her at. Soga becomes nervous, and is stopped by Midnight before he could potentially harm Kazuho further. Soga insists on working quickly before the bees attack again, but Koichi tells him that Endeavor burnt all of the bees up. Understanding, Midnight offers to help, to which Soga and Koichi agree to. She puts Kazuho and the bee to sleep, and prepares to take her to a hospital, only for Endeavor to show up to apprehend the "villains".

Koichi hides while Midnight tells Endeavor that Kazuho has been captured and needs urgent medical attention. When Endeavor asks where Koichi went. Midnight covers for Koichi and lies, saying that he got away. Endeavor believes her, and allows her to get Kazuho to a hospital. Koichi quietly slides up a building and successfully avoids getting seen by Endeavor.

After declaring his revenge, Number 6 crawls away.

On a roof, Koichi is confronted by a person, who he recognizes as O'Clock II. The "hero" creepily monologues about how his grand plan was foiled, and that he is back to being the nameless "Number 6". Koichi pays more attention to the severity of Number 6's injuries, indirectly caused by Endeavor's flames, and tries to get him help. Number 6 angrily tells Koichi to shut up and listen to him.

Number 6 proceeds to explain his origin as a creation of the Villain Factory, although Koichi doesn't understand much of what he is saying. Number 6 comes to the conclusion that Koichi is trash that only ruins peoples' dreams, so he resolves to kill Kazuho, then Koichi, surprising him. Number 6 tells Koichi to keep on meddling, as he will not give up on his dreams. Koichi sees Number 6 fall onto the floor and tries to help, but Number 6 uses his Quirk to slide away, leaving a trail of blood.[77]

Some time later, Koichi sees the news on his cellphone and sees that Endeavor has taken credit for defeating Kazuho. He internally monologues about how he is good at accidentally irritating others and terrible at reading the room, but once talking out, people would calm down. But Koichi notes that Number 6 had a different feel to him, as he felt serious and genuine when he declared his revenge on Kazuho and Koichi. He wonders if he has any chance to defeat Number 6. At some point, he tells Soga and his friends about the murderous psychopath.

Koichi resolves to get serious.

Back at the warehouse, Soga explains that since Kazuho's entire hospital ward is on total lockdown, the only way in and out is the ground level entrance. Soga says that since it would be bad if the villain got that far, so they will hold their own security checkpoint in front of the hospital.

One day in front of the hospital, a suspicious man tries to enter the hospital. Unconvinced that he is there for an A.C. repair job, Soga signals Koichi to fire a blast at the man's toolbox from a nearby roof, revealing a camera. Soga concludes that the man is not a threat, relieving Koichi. Koichi resolves that since someone is seriously out to kill Kazuho, he should get serious to stop him too.[78]


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