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Koichi Haimawari, Ichimoku Samazu & Jube Namimaru vs. Emperor Yotsuura is a chase between Vigilante The Crawler, Ichimoku Samazu and Jube Namimaru against Emperor Yotsuura.[1]


Emperor Yotsuura steals Makoto's laptop.

After training with Knuckleduster, where he develops a new technique, Koichi accompanies Makoto in her search for information for her Thesis. Makoto reveals that the purpose of her investigation is to find out how well the "Naruhata Vigilantes" are accepted by the populace, not knowing that Koichi is The Crawler, one of its members. During the course of the day, Makoto interviews many people, including Ichimoku Samazu and Jube Namimaru, compiling the information in his laptop.

Suddenly, Makoto's laptop is stolen from her by a snatcher know as Emperor Yotsuura, who is known for snatching people's stuff while dribbling a soccer ball.[1]


Jube and Ichimoku beat the crap out the snitcher.

Seeing the theft, Ichimoku and Jube immediately chase after Emperor Yotsuura while Koichi goes to get changed into his Crawler costume. Koichi pursues the thief, and decides that it is a good opportunity to try his new technique with him: High-Speed Double Sweep. Koichi tries to trip the thief, but he dodges him while dribbling. After failing, Koichi tries to create some distance between them, but Yotsuura kicks his soccer ball into Koichi's, sent him reeling back.

Suddenly, Yotsuura is shot in the back by Ichimoku's laser which causes him to fall down. Jube and Ichimoku beat up Yotsuura and tie him up as Koichi manages to get back Makoto's laptop.[1]


Jube and Ichimoku leave as Makoto thanks them for their help. Makoto also thanks Koichi for his help and gives him a hand. As they shake hands, Makoto asks Koichi if he is the Hauler; shaking hands allows Makoto to activate her Quirk, Polygraph. However, Koichi replies that she is incorrect about him being the "Cruller" and Makoto's Quirk judges that Koichi is telling the truth, so she apologizes.[1]


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