"Nothing like doing good to make you feel good!!"
Koichi Haimawari in "I'm Here"

Koichi Haimawari ( (はい) (まわり) (こう) (いち) Haimawari Kōichi?), also known as The Crawler (ザ・クロウラー Za Kurōrā?), previously Nice Guy ( (しん) (せつ) マン Shinsetsu Man?, lit. "Kind-Man"), is a vigilante. He is the main protagonist of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Koichi is a slim young man with smooth, short brown hair and either blue or brown large round eyes.

In his early days as a vigilante, before he met Knuckleduster, his vigilante costume consisted of his normal clothes in conjunction with one of his (many) All Might-haired hooded jackets. He also wore a medical mask to cover his face and protected his hands with regular gloves. Subsequently, on the advice of Knuckleduster, he renewed his appearance. He continues wearing an All Might hoodie, as he thinks that wearing an All Might hoodie makes him more effective as a vigilante, but now over motorcycle protective gear along with gloves and boots. He uses a black mask to cover his mouth and a pair of tinted shades (which he rarely uses) to hide his eyes.

Since the distinctive elements of his vigilante costume are the various official All Might hoodies he has, Koichi’s appearance sometimes varies between missions, as each hoodie has different colors and occasionally with special edition logos on the back. Koichi is currently wearing a black hoodie.



Koichi has an easy-going, mild-mannered personality. He is very generous and does not seem to expect anything from other people in return. He is somewhat unaware of social clues, accidentally gaining a reputation of being a "creepy guy", both among his peers at university, and as The Crawler. He also often accidentally insults people when trying to compliment them. He can be very awkward.

As long as he is in some form of disguise or in a more or less deserted area, he sees no problem in using his Quirk in public even though he is not a Pro Hero. He uses his Quirk to do good deeds for the public, such as picking up trash, returning lost items, giving directions, helping people get onto trains, being a cameraman, and recycling. He has a very heroic nature and cannot ignore people that need help.

He tends to be a rather calm person, sometimes accidentally making light of dangerous situations after they have passed. He is reasonable and is willing to have a dialogue with thugs and petty criminals, as seen with his interactions with the Three Sturm und Drang Brothers. At the same time, he is quick to help when there is a real need for his abilities against Villains, showing that he can be attentive as well as calm.

He dreams of being able to become a recognized hero and is shown to enjoy the vigilante work that he does. He is very willing to do the less glamorous jobs, such as cleaning up trash, and does not seem to think that these are negative aspects of being a hero or vigilante. He refuses to give up doing it just because it seems uncool because he claims that "that's not the sort of person I am", showing that he does not seem to want to be a Hero for fame or money, but out of a genuine desire to help society and other people.



Koichi gliding just off the ground.

Slide and Glide ( (かっ) (そう) Kassō?): Koichi's Quirk allows him to slide over plain surfaces by emitting a repelling force from his hands and feet, allowing him to glide just off of said surfaces. He can move in any direction, including backwards. Koichi has even displayed the ability to slide up vertical surfaces. His Quirk requires him to use at least three limbs.[2]

When trying to stop a bunch of villains, he accidentally repulsed their rocket arm. It is also shown that he is capable of repulsing items on his palm, and he was able to shoot out a burst of air which pushed him backwards, albeit while hitting a can of soda.[3][4]

  • Enhanced Speed: Slide and Glide grants Koichi enhanced speed, allowing him to move as fast as a bike. He is able to go faster but at risk of losing control and hurting himself because he can't stop. Training his Quirk eventually lets him go fast enough to easily overtake a wildly speeding bus.
  • Maneuverability: After being given advice from Tensei, Koichi gained very high maneuverability by learning to use an opposing acceleration as a brake. He now possesses the ability to move and perform tight turns at high speeds as well as brake.
  • Floating: Koichi used to have the ability to float freely as a baby, even before he was able to walk. He no longer knows how to use this power, possibly due to his mother smacking him whenever he used it [2]. He's slowly managed to re-learn how to float, though the height he can float is still very limited.

Super Moves

  • Kowtow Evasion (土下座で回避 Dogeza de Kaihi?): While bowing, Koichi slides backwards. It is first used to avoid Soga Kugizaki's kick.[5]
  • High-Speed Double Sweep (高速ダブル足払ー Kōsoku Daburu Ashi?): This technique allows Koichi to shoot down his enemies easily by extending his leg sideways and hooking his opponent's legs, tripping them.[6]
  • Wall Cling (壁貼りつき Kabe hari-tsuki?): Activating it by accident at first, Koichi is able to turn the repulsion force emitted from his limbs into an adhesive force; allowing him to stick to walls.[7]
  • Scrappy Thrust Style: By concentrating on one limb, Koichi can fire a repulsion of air out of that limb.[4] He is able to fire consecutive light repulsion bursts.[8]
    • The Crawler's Shooty-Go-Blam (ザ・クロウラー KGD (気合をギュッとしてドーン) Za Kurōrā Kiai wo Gyuttoshite Dōn?): By concentrating his shot he fires a more powerful charged repulsion burst.[9]
    • The Crawler's Shooty-Go-Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam-Blam (ザ・クロウラー KGDDDDD (気合をギュッとしてドドドドドーン) Za Kurōrā Kiai wo Gyuttoshite Dododododōn?): Koichi fires a continuous burst of repulsion force blasts.[10]
    • Double Shooty-Go-Blam (両手でKGD (気合をギュッとしてドーン) Ryōte de Kiai wo Gyuttoshite Dōn?): Koichi uses both hands to shoot two repulsion force bursts at the same time. [11]
  • Extra Oomph (気合い Kiai?): Koichi uses a power boost to increase his own speed briefly.[12]

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Vigilantes Beginnings Arc

Stendhal Arc

Vs. Queen Bee Arc

Osaka Incident Arc

Sky Egg Arc

Final Performance Arc

Naruhata Lockdown Arc

Chapter Appearances

Vigilantes Beginnings Arc
1. "I'm Here" Debut
2. Takeoff Appears
3. Nice Guy Reborn Appears
4. Honesty Appears
5. Bee Appears
6. No Need to Hold Back Appears
6+ Alpha. Hero Conference Absent
6+ Beta. Hero Visit Absent
7. Top Runner Appears
7.5. Appearance Matters Appears
8. Him Appears
Stendhal Arc
9. Judgment Appears
9.5. Mask Absent
10. Scream Appears
11. Crossing Lines Appears
Vs. Queen Bee Arc
12. Senpai Appears
13. Makoto/Truth Appears
14. MAJOR Appears
15. Playboy Appears
16. Mom Descends Appears
17. Tag Team! Appears
18. Force of Will Acceleration! Appears
19. Family Appears
20. Event Announcement! Appears
21. Ensemble, Assemble! Appears
22. The Day Of Appears
23. Daughter Appears
24. A Father-Daughter Talk Appears
25. Goodbye to Dad Appears
26. Tamao Appears
27. Business as Usual Appears
28. What a Man Takes with Him Appears
Osaka Incident Arc
29. Equipment Issues Appears
30. Cooperation Request Appears
31. Day-Tripping Down to Naniwa! Appears
32. Idols Keep Their Secrets! Appears
33. Stumbling into Nasty Business! Appears
34. Crabtastic Rampage! Appears
35. Blown-Up Hero?! See Ya Later! Appears
Sky Egg Arc
36. Must-Have Merchandise Appears
37. Public and Private Fantasy
38. High-Speed Appears
39. A Rational Man Appears
40. A Rational Team-Up Appears
41. Ultimate Move! Appears
42. Mixer Appears
43. Casanova Appears
44. One Outrageous Traveler Appears
45. The Man Returns Appears
46. Christmas Eve Hero Appears
47. Farewell Party! Appears
48. Investigation Start! Steamy Romance Spotted?! Appears
49. Zero Hour Absent
50. Defend the Tower! Appears
51. I Do What I Can Appears
52. Balloon Soul Appears
53. Limits and Catastrophe Appears
54. Hotline Appears
55. This Is a Hero!! Appears
56. I'm No Hero Mentioned
57. Explosive Man Appears
58. International Flight Home Appears
School Days Arc
59. Rain and Cloud Appears
60. Taking in a Stray Absent
61. Two as One Absent
62. Glass Sky Absent
63. Find That Resolve Absent
64. Fight On, Shota Absent
65. A Sky with No Rain Left Appears
Final Performance Arc
66. Graduation and Career Path Appears
67. Professional / International / Spicy Curry Appears
68. I'd Better Not Lose Appears
69. Hero on the Scene Absent
70. True Self Appears
71. Thanks for the Guidance Flashback
72. Searching for You Appears
73. The Queen Descends Appears
74. After The Storm Appears
75. Letter Appears
76. Weapon Appears
77. Strategy Appears
78. Dispatch Appears
79. Inferno Number 2 Appears
80. Who Is It? Appears
81. Bee My Pop Appears
82. High-Speed Hero II Appears
83. Criminal in the Midst Appears
84. Hero's Dreams Appears
85. Cross-Examination Appears
Underground Masquerade Arc
86. Masked Fighting Tournament Absent
87. RAP RAP RAP Absent
88. Hide Head, Don't Hide Ears Absent
89. Brawl! Tiger Bunny Absent
90. Team-Up in the Underground Absent
91. Running Plan B Absent
92. Might Signal Absent
93. Three Second Offense and Defense Absent
94. Rhizomes Absent
94.5. Tanuma Report Pictured
Naruhata Lockdown Arc
95. Moon Appears
96. Negotiations Appears
97. Pursuers Appears
98. A Rational Persuasion Method Appears
99. Phases Appears
100. Anonymous Appears
101. Where I Should Be Appears
102. Intruder Appears
103. Inhumanity Appears


  • Koichi's given name contains the kanji for "navigate" or "cruise" ( ko?) and "one" ( ichi?). His surname, Haimawari, contains the kanji for "ash" ( hai?) and "around" or "circumference" ( mawari?).
  • His second pseudonym "The Crawler" may be a reference to how Spider-Man is often called a wall-crawler. Koichi is even seen doing a similar pose to Spider-Man time and time again.
  • In the initial cover art, Koichi can be seen wearing mismatched sneakers, one sneaker being a Nike Air Force 1 High Top in blue.
  • Koichi's favorite food is curry.
  • Koichi shares his birthday with Edgeshot and Mummy.


  • (To Captain Celebrity) "I do what I can, and someone else picks up the slack. Come to think of it, that's always been my style!"[13]
  • (About Kazuho) "Hey Pop. There's another pretty moon out tonight. Once you're all better... we'll have plenty to talk about. The small stuff. The silly stuff. The stuff that makes life just a little more fun. We'll talk until we're all talked out. And I know that might not be as soon as we'd like, but... that's okay. I'm not going anywhere. The same moon's looking down on us both."[14]


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