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What do you mean this is my world? Say something more energetic!
Kiruka Hasaki to Fumikage Tokoyami in "Heroes: Rising"

This article is about the character. For this character's Quirk, see Slice (Quirk).

Kiruka Hasaki ( () (さき) (きる) () Hasaki Kiruka?), also known as Slice (スライス Suraisu?),[1] is a villain working with Nine in My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.


Kiruka appears to be a young woman with fair skin, blue eyes that slope inwards, and noticeably full, glossy lips. She also possesses straight, shiny red hair with chin-length bangs that partially obscure her right eye, the back part of which reaches down to her thighs while two front strands appear long enough to reach past her feet. She wears it tied together at the ends down her back, the two longer strands left to fall down to her knees before looping back up behind her.

Kiruka wears a pale purple blouse with frilled cuffs, the collar upturned, and a pearl string necklace of a similar color. Over this is a short, navy blue dress with a collar so low it dips all the way down to her waist, as well as a thick brown belt that's fastened in 3 places around her waist. She also wears dark red gloves and frilled, thigh-high socks of a purple color, a pair of black boots with knee-high protrusions worn over the top, two bands of red binding them to her calves around the back. Along with this, she sports a black choker with a small red circle in the center, as well as a black domino mask over her eyes.


Kiruka is shown to be a confident combatant when she taunts Tsukuyomi during their battle. As a villain, she has no qualm in causing widespread destruction using her Quirk. She doesn't seem to be above threatening or harming children, as she demanded that Katsuma Shimano surrender himself while activating her Quirk in a threatening manner.

Despite this, she does have a softer side and worries about her teammates, Nine in particular, after his first encounter with Deku and Katsuki Bakugo. She is also highly cooperative with her fellow teammates, having been ostracized by society due to her powerful Quirk, she yearns to create an ideal world alongside her allies where power is the only factor that matters.

She is also very fond of her hair and cherishes it greatly, flying into a rage after Pinky managed to melt it.


Kiruka demonstrates the widespread power of her Quirk.

Overall Abilities: Kiruka is a highly capable fighter, and like everyone else in Nine's group, she is powerful enough to take on multiple opponents by herself. Kiruka also possesses an excellent handle on her powerful Quirk, Slice, which allows her to manipulate her hair in various ways: moving, hardening, elongating, and sharpening it for offensive and defensive purposes. Offensively, Kiruka can use her fortified mane as blades to cut through objects, or as projectiles for widespread attacks by shooting needle-like hair strands. Defensively, she uses her strengthened locks as a protective shield against incoming attacks. In addition, Kiruka can exploit her Quirk for mobility purposes by having her tresses act as stilts. Other than her Quirk handling, Kiruka possesses an impressive amount of agility and reflexes, using acrobatic maneuvers to evade attacks. Kiruka is also highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, incorporating both her lethal equipment and the adaptive nature of her Quirk into an advanced oppressive fighting style, making Kiruka all the more dangerous. If Kiruka's Quirk is weakened, she is rendered unable to fully utilize her battle technique and can be overwhelmed by immense power.

Kiruka can hold her own against a darkness-submerged Tsukuyomi.

When Nine's team arrived on Nabu Island, Kiruka used her Quirk's projectile application to easily destroy all of the ships that were docked at the island's port. The next day, Kiruka and her remaining teammates, Nine and Chimera, were separated by Can't Stop Twinkling's Supernova and Creati's cannon assault, causing her to fall into an underground cavern wherein she easily competed with both Tsukuyomi, a powerful hero-in-training, and Pinky a very agile fighter, without any initial killing intent. During the battle, Kiruka was able to effortlessly fight on par with a Black Abyss-infused Tsukuyomi, despite the Jet-Black Hero being submerged in darkness, in which his Quirk, Dark Shadow, is at its peak. While defending herself from Pinky's Acid Shot, Kiruka's hair was left severely damaged and weakened, but was still able to simultaneously fend off Tsukuyomi and immobilize the pink heroine. This was unfortunately Kiruka's undoing, as she inadvertently caused Tsukuyomi to be rage-filled, resulting in Dark Shadow entering its berserker state. Kiruka viciously overwhelmed by Tsukuyomi's full power collapsed the caverns roof, sacrificing her well-being removing both her opponent and herself from battle to improve her teams chance of success.

  • Enhanced Agility: Kiruka possesses enhanced agility being able to maneuver during combat with such ease she is able to proficiently use her bladed boots and clawed gloves without slicing off her own hair. This level of agility was what allowed her to initially fight two provisional heroes with ease.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Kiruka possesses a large amount of stamina, allowing her to fully utilize her fighting capabilities without tiring. This is can be seen by how she is able to effortlessly compete with two provisional hero’s originating from U.A, with a vast array of complicated and energy-intensive athletic movement.

Tactical Intellect: Slice possesses great tactical intellect as shown by the optimal use of her Quirk and and decision making skills, even when under pressure. Slices tactical intellect was shown by how she eliminated Nabu Island’s water transportation before her team entered the harbor, her recovery of a vulnerable Nine where she tactically retreated in order for Nine to recover and rendezvous with the team. Slice also tactically neutralized Mina swiftly removing her from the fight as well as successfully neutralizing Dark Shadow in her self-sacrificial attempt to neutralize Tsukuyomi and herself as she couldn’t overcome her opponent while weakened.


Slice (スライス Suraisu?): Kiruka's Quirk allows to move, harden, and sharpen her own hair. She is able to use her hair as blades, as well as fire off individual strands of it like needles. Kiruka can also use her hair for defensive purposes, as well as for mobility by using large locks of it as stilts. Her hair still retains its chemical properties when it's modified, and can be destroyed if it comes into contact with any harmful materials, such as acid.

  • Hair Regrowth: Kiruka was shown being able to instantaneously regrow, immediately replacing the needle like strands of hair she would fire. Her ability to regrow her hair is seemingly neutralized when it came in contact with Pinky's Acid.


Flare Gun: Kiruka used a flare gun to send a signal for her allies to retreat and regroup after Nine's Quirk made him pass out.

Claw Gloves: Kiruka's gloves contain thin, retractable metal claws that unsheathe from the fingertips, which can be used in hand-to-hand combat.

Blade Boots: The soles of Kiruka's boots can project two large metal blades that she uses in conjunction with her claws.

Battles and Events

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  • Her surname, Hasaki, contains the kanji for "feathers" ( ha?) "blossom/bloom" ( zaki?). Her given name, Kiruka, means "kill/murder" ( kiru?) and "incense/perfume" ( ka?).
  • Kiruka, along with Chojuro Kon, is also the third villain to name themselves after their Quirk: the first is All For One and the latters are Kai Chisaki and Hari Kurono.
  • Marvel Comics' Medusa appears to be the inspiration for Kiruka. Both characters are red-headed females with the ability of hair manipulation.


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