Kirihito Kamachi ( (かま) () (きり) (ひと) Kamachi Kirihito?), known as Kamayan to his friends, is a former Villain Factory's Next-Level Villains from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.[2] He is currently one of the managers at Hopper's Cafe.


Before being turned into a Next-Level Villain, Kirihito Kamachi was a regular person. From what little is known about him before his transformation is that he had the face of a thug. He has prominent cheekbones, a bit pronounced sharp teeth, flat nose, eyes without pupils and lacking eyebrows, sticking-out ears and short and pointed black hair.[3]

Before and after his transformation

After being kidnapped and modified by bio-engineering, and his quirk was boosted and pushed to the limit, his body acquired physical characteristics of a mantis. While his chest remains mostly humanoid, although with insectoid characteristics, the lower part of his body has a mantis abdomen and four legs similar to the said insect. His arms became scythes-like limbs, and although his face remains the same, now he has chitinous protuberances and a pair of antennae.[4]

After the Timeskip, Kirihito wears a waiter uniform due to being a member of the Hopper's Cafe staff.[5]


According to his friends Ichiro Hotta and Jiro Hotta, Kirihito is not a very smart guy, who, despite their warnings, liked to consume the adulterated Trigger that for months was distributed on the streets and caused so much trouble.[6] Despite this he's really not a bad person, and actually has a lot of intelligent things to say about society and the way mutant Quirk users are treated. He laments his new mantis form, seeing it as nothing but a hindrance to his daily life.[7]

Due to his new appearance, he is especially susceptible to people prejudging him and treating him like a villain due to his mutations, yet he quite hypocrite because he has no problem to do the same thing to other people with mutated bodies, which is lampshaded by others.

Likewise, he seems to be a person of refined tastes, enjoying tea times while listening music, and he values good manners and respect for personal privacy.[8]


Kirihito bio-engineered and on Trigger

Enhanced Strength: After being modified by the Villain Factory and doped with large doses of Trigger, the strength of Kirihito is considerable, to the point that it is capable of destroying the concentre of the streets with his scythes-like hands. Even so, he is easily defeated by Captain Celebrity, and once he stops taking Trigger, his strength is considerably reduced.

Enhanced Speed: Like his strength, Kirihito was given augmented speed when he was turned into a Next-Level Villain, to the point that he was able to match Koichi's.


Mantis (カマキリ Kamakiri?): After being bio-engineered into a large humanoid mantis with very sharp claws; when boosted by Trigger this Quirk makes Kirihito much bigger and sharpens his claws.[9]


Hotta Brothers

Kirihito has a good relationship with the brothers Ichiro and Jiro, who call him Kamayan affectionately. The brothers care for him and help him whenever they can, but they recognize that he is not very smart, and that he tends to exaggerate his complains.[10]


  • Kirihito's name is composed of the kanji for "sickle, scythe" ( kama?), "pond" ( chi?), the kanji for the paulownia tree (桐 kiri), and "humanity, virtue" ( hito?).
  • Kirihito's name contains references to the Japanese word for "mantis" (カマキリ kamakiri?).


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