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Ketsubutsu Academy High School ( (けつ) (ぶつ) (がく) (えん) (こう) (こう) Ketsubutsu Gakuen Kōkō?) is an academy where students train to become Pro Heroes.


Provisional Hero License Exam Arc

Class 2-2 students participating in the Provisional Licensing Exam.

According to the Second Year - Class 2 teacher: Ms. Joke, Ketsubutsu Academy has a rivalry with U.A. High and tries to crush them in the preliminaries of the Provisional Hero License Exam every year.

Along with many other schools, Ketsubutsu targets U.A. students because their Quirks were broadcasted via the U.A. Sports Festival. Ms. Joke's class kept true to this tradition by ambushing Shota Aizawa's Class 1-A.[1]

Lead by Yo Shindo, 8 students in Class 2-2 were able to pass the first phase of the licensing exam. [2] During Rescue Exercises, the second-year students proved they had experience and training in the field of saving people. They were able to effectively set up the first aid area and help rescue victims to safety.[3]

When Gang Orca invaded the arena halfway through the final phase, Yo Shindo was the first to act. While Yo fought, his classmates helped evacuate the rescue area. [4] Thanks to their efforts, the eight students from Ms. Joke's class pass the exam and receive their Provisional Licenses. [5]


Ketsubutsu Academy students are shown to wear plain, gray polo shirts along with dark brown trousers and skirts for the male and female students respectively. They have been shown to wear blazers with pockets on the sides of them, the blazers also have what appears to be the school's logo on the left side of the chest, as well as striped ties that are worn normally by male students while female students wear bowties.[6]

Students are shown to wear white and blue tracksuits whilst they are training.

Known Individuals

Third-Year Students



  • Ketsubutsu means "heroic figure".


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