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Katsuki Bakugo & Shoto Todoroki vs. Jewelry Villains is a battle between Endeavor's trainees, Bakugo and Shoto, against the Gale and Bomb villains.


The robbers flee with the stolen jewels.

Having been unable to capture the leader of Humarise or locate the Trigger Bombs, the Hero teams are ordered to remain in their assigned countries to search for any clues. Endeavor's team stays in Otheon's capital, and since they will be there for quite some time, they send Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto to run some errands for the heroes due to being the lowest ranking in their team, much to Bakugo's frustration.

As they walked down one of the city streets, discussing their mission and the Humarise organization, Deku, Bakugo, and Shoto witness a robbery at a nearby jewelry store. The owner yells for help, so the three students immediately go after the two robbers.[1]


Bakugo manages to capture one of the robbers.

The Gale and Bomb villains notice them and decide to split up to meet later at an agreed location, using their respective Quirks to make their escape easier. Bakugo chases the Bomb Villain, who uses his Fire Cracker Quirk to propel himself, while Deku and Shoto go after the Gale Villain, who uses his Gale Gale Quirk to spawn a small tornado around his body, allowing him to to throw the passersby out of his way by launching them into the air. This forces Deku to stop momentarily to save them using Blackwhip, yelling at Shoto to continue the chase.

In another area, the Bomb Villain decides to attack Bakugo to get rid of him, throwing pieces of his afro and sparkles at him that cause an explosion. The villain thinks he has defeated the young hero, when he suddenly hears him mocking his blast. Looking up, he sees him falling towards him, boasting that he's going to show him what a real blast looks like. With a powerful explosion, Bakugo defeats the robber, who ends entangled in clotheslines.

Shoto prevents the other robber from escaping.

Meanwhile, another individual waits in an alley. He is Rody Soul, a street urchin who accepted the job of being a courier man to deliver the briefcase full of stolen jewels. While the Gale Villain rushes past him, he hands him the briefcase before continuing running away. Rody is somewhat confused, but when he sees Shoto, he quickly understands what is going on and flees.

Shoto uses his Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk to launch a blast of fire at the robber. Thanks to his Gale Gale Quirk, the villain disperses the flames with ease, bragging to Shoto that such attacks don't work on him. However, it was all a distraction so he wouldn't notice the wall of ice Shoto had created in front of him, colliding and knocking himself unconscious.[1]


Rody escapes with the stolen jewelry.

Shoto comments that capturing the villain has taken longer than he expected, when he goes to recover the briefcase, he finds out that the robber does not have it with him. Deku arrives and Shoto informs him of this, when he suddenly spots Rody running away with the briefcase and goes after him.[1]


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