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Kashiko Sekigai ( (せき) (がい) () () () Sekigai Kashiko?), also known by her Hero name Sensor Girl (センサーガール Sensāgāru?), is a student of Isamu Academy High School.[1]


Kashiko is a petite girl with a round face and pale hair, tinted a periwinkle blue, that reaches down to her shoulders, curving outwards at the ends. She wears it sideswept to the right, with one long bang hanging down beside her face which curls inwards, and she has the hair on the left side tucked behind her ear. Her eyes are intelligent and gray in color, and over them she wears a pair of triangular glasses with thick dark frames.

She wears the Isamu High uniform, which consists of a white dress shirt with a dark red bow tied below the collar, over which is a dark blue blazer and below is a pleated gray knee-length skirt, below-the-knee socks and plain brown loafers.

Her hero costume consists of a navy blue skin-tight turtleneck bodysuit with two thick bluish-white lines running parallel down her torso, thinning as they jut inwards below her breasts and outwards again around her navel, two other lines going around the tops of her thighs. She wears paler blue shoulder-pads with “S”s (standing for “Sensor Girl”, Kashiko’s hero name) in red segments on her upper arms, a matching visor in place of her usual glasses, and red gloves. On each lower arm, there’s a thick wrist-guard with what looks to be a radar screen attached, the one on her left arm bigger than the one on her right, and she wears her hair clipped back with a similar-looking clasp. She has thigh-high boots which dip down at the front in a pointed “U” to her knees, with high heels and peculiar tongues that stick upwards away from her feet.


Just like Momo Yaoyorozu, Kashiko is very responsible and has great leadership skills.


She is the Class President of Isamu Academy High School Class. She was on her class team and was zombified.[1]



Chart: Kashiko's Quirk allows her to create a holographic map of the surrounding area. This allows her to locate and monitor others.[1]

Battles & Events


Denki Kaminari

Denki tried to hit on her by asking for her phone number, however, she wasn't interested.


  • Kashiko's name is composed of "red" ( seki?), "outside" ( gai?),"passable" ( ka?), "viewing" ( shi?) and "child" ( ko?).
    • When combined together, her family name means "infrared" (赤外 sekigai?) and the beginning of her given name means "visibility" (可視 kashi?), both of which are references to her Quirk.
  • Kashiko is an anime only character. She does not appear in the manga as of this point.


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