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This article is about a prison escapee from the Paranormal Liberation War aftermath. For the student of Isamu Academy High School, see Kashiko Sekigai.

Kashiko Kashi (カシ・カシコ Kashi Kashiko?) is one of the many prison escapees after the events of the Paranormal Liberation War.


Kashiko is a young-looking man with long spiky hair that stretches above and slightly in front of his face. He wears a pair of earrings, alongside his casual attire. He also has small pupils within his eyes.


Not much is known about Kashiko other than he was imprisoned for robbery and murder, making it believable that he is a criminal with a low moral standpoint. Unlike most of the other escapees who chose to run wild in the streets, he believed the best bet was to take advantage of the opportunity and lie low, demonstrating some of his smarts, while also looking down on all the other criminals who caused more attention after being freed.


Kashiko and his unnamed partner were taking refuge in a run-down home that thankfully still had power and running water. His partner complained that the television wasn't working, with Kashiko summarising that even the nation's TV broadcasters are hiding to protect themselves from the rampage society is currently in. Kashiko laments that escaping prison was a tasking effort and that their city was destroyed as a result of the war, however he does smile in acknowledging that they can enjoy a quiet life in the suburbs with society on-edge and in a state of chaos.

Suddenly, someone bursts through the wall of the house, with the convicts believing it to be a hero who is after them. However, it turns out to be "Tomura Shigaraki" who is still suffering from the self-destructive rule of the New Order Quirk, as well as Star and Stripe's vestige rampaging within his body. "Tomura" then grabs Kashiko's face, intending to steal his Quirk and, upon rendering him Quirkless, give the criminal New Order as a means of safely storing it outside of his body. This attempt would fail however, due to New Order revolting against all of the Quirks inside of "Tomura"'s body, resulting in its own destruction.[1]



Unknown Quirk: Kashiko's Quirk and its abilities are currently unknown.

Chapter Appearances

Star and Stripe Arc
329. In the Nick of Time, a Big-Time Maverick from the West! Absent
330. Me and Myself Absent
331. United States of America Absent
332. State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise... Absent
333. Specter Absent
334. Parting Gift Debut


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