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Kanidoge (かに道化 Kani Dōke?) is a food company specializing in the distribution and sale of crabs.


Kanidoge is a food-products corporation based in Osaka, dedicated to the import and sale of different varieties of crabs throughout Japan, from fresh produce to farm-to-table products. The company has crab-shaped mechs used primarily to move its products, but they also have an advertising function.[1]


The Kanidoge company was involved in Trigger traffic when the Villain Factory decided to take advantage of the networks of the legitimate businesses to introduce and distribute the drug throughout Japan, working their way into distribution channels and slip their drugs into the mix. Doing this way, they can flood the market before the Police Force know it.

They had chosen Kanidoge to move the medicine hidden in fake Kanidoge's food packaged because the company ships out all types of crab, but the packaging doesn’t change, so nobody can’t tell them apart by looking at them. And since it’s all frozen they are crated up real tight.

Police investigations led by detectives Eizo Tanuma and Naomasa Tsukauchi had discovered that the arrival of the next shipment of Trigger would take place in the SS Mall in Super Minami, during a Mascot Idol Carnival event. The police wanted to pin down their distribution routes by catching them in the act at the marketplace, and thus, bring them closer to figuring out the Villain Factory.

To achieve this, they made one of their agents, Monika, be hired as a member of the sales staff, giving him the ability to verify the merchandise. She went to the SS Mall loading dock and she discovered that Trigger was indeed hidden in the packaged. She also discovered the criminal responsible for that, disguised as a part-time worker.

Unfortunately, the criminal had everything prepared in case he was discovered, introducing a code that caused the company's Mechs to start rampaging the docks,[2] exploding next to the batch that containing Trigger and destroying all evidences, while he escaped with important information, leaving numerous police officers injured in his flight.[3][4]


  • Kanidoge means "crab buffoonery" in Japanese.
  • The company is a parody of the real-life restaurant found in Dotombori location, called Kani Doraku ("crab amusement").


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