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No regrets! If we lose, we lose! But... are my friends losing because of me? I won't let that happen!
Juzo Honenuki in "Detour"

This article is about the Class 1-B student. For the Nighteye Agency sidekick known as Centipeder, see Juzo Moashi.

Juzo Honenuki ( (ほね) (ぬき) (じゅう) (ぞう) Honenuki Jūzō?), also known as Mudman (マッドマン Maddoman?), is a student in Class 1-B at U.A. High School, where he got in through official recommendations,[2] and is currently training there to become a Pro Hero.


Juzo is a pale-skinned young man with angular eyes, mid-length spiked hair of beige color, a flat nose and small eyebrows. His most unusual feature is his teeth, which sit on the outside of his skin. He has no discernible lips, giving him a skull-like appearance, though this is not related to his Quirk in any readily apparent way. According to Horikoshi, he has the appearance of a good-looking guy.[3]

His hero costume is slightly similar to Tenya Ida's and Hanta Sero's in that they both consist of a dark bodysuit with a set of armor over the top and a mask that covers the face. However, rather than being knight-like, Juzo's helmet is more round and elliptical, tinted black with orange lines supporting the sides. The helmet does not cover his entire head; some tufts of hair around the back of his head and chin are still visible. Juzo's helmet is also equipped with a retractable snorkel which he uses for swimming under softened surfaces.

His chest plate is made up of three pieces which are held on by two thick metal straps going over his shoulders, along with a jewel-shaped plate supported between them. He wears orange vambraces and plates placed over his thighs, calves and upper arms. He also sports a pair of elevated, green and orange boots with pipe-like shafts on his feet, white gloves on his hands, and white kneepads.



Juzo hates losing; however, like the rest of his class, he does not feel bad about letting others receive what they deserve as shown when he let his classmates continue at the Sports Festival.

Juzo is also shown to have a calm, understanding demeanor when dealing with his classmates' antics, notably during the Joint Training Battle. Juzo notably cares about his friends' well-being, mentioning that he wouldn't let them down due to his mistake during Round 3 of his battle against Team 3-A. He is constantly being praised for his "soft and flexible thinking" by Sen Kaibara.

Juzo has admitted he is not stubborn enough to draw out battle in unfavorable conditions. When Tenya unveiled Recipro Turbo, Juzo realized he was at a grave disadvantage and decided to retreat, showing his good judgment towards fight or flight.

Juzo does not put up with Neito Monoma's complaining about Class A and implores his classmate to tell them directly, which he does.


Overall Abilities: Juzo is a recommended student, implying he possesses a very high level of skill. Mashirao Ojiro has noted that Juzo possesses great reflexes that allowed him to counter Shoto Todoroki's Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall before the attack completely encased Juzo's team in ice. Juzo also has great proficiency over his Quirk and can use it effectively against opponents who rely on their footing during a battle, such as Tenya. When the latter activated his new technique, Recipro Turbo, Juzo decided to retreat knowing he could not win a drawn out battle against opponents that have an advantage over him.

Keen Intellect: As one of the recommended students that got into U.A., Juzo is shown to demonstrate a high level of flexibility and intelligence. This was seen during the Joint Training Arc, in which he was capable of analyzing his teammates' flaws and creating an disadvantage for his enemies using his keen observation. By using knowledge of the different fighting styles and Quirks of people, Juzo was able to correctly discern what the opposing team's strategy would be. Noticing Shoto's habit of starting a fight with ice attacks, Juzo was able to use the generated ice to his own advantage and trap Shoto's team in the softened ice.[2]

Bilingualism: Juzo speaks both Japanese and English competently as he could hold a conversation in English with his classmate Pony Tsunotori.[4]


Softening ( (じゅう) () Jūka?): Juzo's Quirk allows him to soften any non-living thing he touches. For example, he can soften the ground to make it similar to quicksand, hindering movements and mobility. If Juzo makes contact again, he can undo the effect. He is also capable of swimming through softened material.


3/6 C
5/6 A
5/6 A
5/6 A
Flexible Thinking
5/6 A
Juzo's stats, according to the Ultra Analysis Book

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

U.A. Sports Festival Arc
22. That's the Idea, Ochaco Absent
23. Roaring Sports Festival Absent
24. Mad Dash and Knockdown Absent
25. In Their Own Quirky Ways Absent
26. Chase Down the Leader Debut
27. Earth-Shatteringly Fateful Negotiations Absent
28. Strats, Strats, Strats Appears
29. Unaware Absent
30. Cavalry-Match Finale Appears
31. The Boy Born with Everything Absent
32. Smile, Prince of Nonsense Land! Appears
33. Shinso's Situation Flashback
34. Victory or Defeat Absent
35. Battle On, Challengers! Absent
36. Bakugo vs. Uraraka Absent
37. Midoriya and Endeavor Absent
38. Todoroki vs. Midoriya Absent
39. Shoto Todoroki: Origin Absent
40. Emancipation Absent
41. Fight On, Ida Appears
42. Final-Match Time Appears
43. Todoroki vs. Bakugo Absent
44. Relaxing Day Off Appears
Forest Training Camp Arc
70. Wild, Wild, Pussycats Absent
71. Kota Absent
72. Day Two Appears
73. Good Evening Appears
74. Smoke Signal Appears
75. Stake Your Life, Hero! Absent
76. My Hero Absent
77. It's Okay Absent
78. Whirling Chaos Absent
79. Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Absent
80. Establishing the Bakugo Bodyguard Brigade Absent
81. Roaring Upheaval Absent
82. What a Twist! Absent
83. Loss Appears
Provisional Hero License Exam Arc
98. Moving into Dorms Absent
99. Goodbye Two-Digit Chapters, Hello Three Digits Absent
100. Creating Ultimate Moves Absent
101. The Girl Called Mei Hatsume Absent
102. On Cloud Nine Absent
103. The Test Absent
104. White-Hot Battle! To Each Their Own Strengths! Absent
105. Shiketsu High Lurking Absent
106. Class 1-A Absent
107. Denki Kaminari's Thoughts Absent
108. RUSH! Absent
109. Rescue Exercise Absent
110. Rescue Exercise Continued Absent
111. Smoldering Start Absent
112. What's the Big Idea? Flashback
113. Test's Aftermath Absent
114. Results' Aftermath Absent
115. Unleashed Absent
116. Meeting in Tartarus Absent
117. A Talk About Your Quirk Absent
118. Meaningless Battle Absent
119. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Absent
120. The Three Absent
121. Second Semester Opening Ceremony Absent
Joint Training Arc
194. Cold Skies over U.A. High! Appears
195. Clash! Class A vs. Class B! Appears
196. Make It Happen, Shinso!! Absent
197. Quaotic Quirkstravaganza Absent
198. Know Where You Stand when It Counts!! Absent
199. Operation New Improv Moves! Absent
200. Clever Commander! Absent
201. Foresight Absent
202. Match 3 Appears
203. Flexible! Juzo Honenuki! Appears
204. Tuning Up Appears
205. Detour Appears
206. Match 3 Conclusion Appears
207. Early Bird! Absent
208. Match 4 Conclusion Absent
209. Match 5 Start Mentioned
210. The One For All Dream Absent
211. That Which Is Inherited Absent
212. That Which Is Inherited, Part 2 Absent
213. Realm of Souls Absent
214. Our Brawl Absent
215. Final Face-Off! Midoriya vs. Shinso! Absent
216. Class A vs. Class B: Conclusion! Appears
217. The New Power and All For One Absent
Endeavor Agency Arc
241. Do That Interview! Absent
242. Have a Merry Christmas! Absent
243. Off to Endeavor's Agency! Absent
244. Recommended Reading Absent
245. Rise to Action Absent
246. Message Appears
247. Status Report! Absent
248. One Thing at a Time Absent
249. The Hellish Todoroki Family Absent
250. Ending Absent
251. Just One Week Absent
252. The Unforgiven Absent
Paranormal Liberation War Arc
253. Shirakumo Absent
254. More of a Hero than Anyone Absent
255. Hero Hopeful Absent
256. The High, Deep Blue Sky Absent
257. Pass It Forward, to Whomever Absent
258. Friends Absent
259. A Quiet Beginning Appears
260. Life's Work Absent
261. High-Ends Absent
262. Mirko, the No. 5 Hero Absent
263. I Wanna Be with You Guys!! Appears
264. One's Justice Appears
265. Villains and Heroes Absent
266. Happy Life Absent
267. Flames Appears
268. Scramble! Absent
269. The Three of Us Absent
270. Inheritance Absent
271. Dark Cloud Appears
272. Good Morning! Absent
273. The Thrill of Destruction Absent
274. Search Absent
275. Encounter, Part 2 Absent
276. You Cheated...! Absent
277. Who...? Absent
278. Disaster Walker Appears
279. League of Villains vs. U.A. Students Appears
280. Red Riot, Part 3 Mentioned
281. Plus Ultra Absent
282. Footfall of Destruction Absent
283. 75 Appears
284. Deep Blue Battle Absent
285. Katsuki Bakugo Rising Absent
286. The Ones Within Us Absent
287. Mistake Absent
288. Save Takeo!! Absent
289. Miss Candid and Miss Shut-Away Absent
290. Dabi's Dance Absent
291. Thanks For Going Strong Absent
292. Threads of Hope Absent
293. Hero-Saturated Society Absent
294. Final Performance Absent
295. Tenacious Absent
296. Hellish Hell Absent
297. Tartarus Absent
298. Sounds of Collapse Absent
299. Like Those Tragic Tales Absent
300. The Hellish Todoroki Family, Part 2 Absent
301. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 1 Absent
302. The Wrong Way to Put Out a Fire, Part 2 Absent
303. Top Three Absent
304. Izuku Midoriya and Toshinori Yagi Absent
305. Izuku Midoriya and Tomura Shigaraki Absent
306. The Final Act Begins Absent
U.A. Traitor Arc
335. Zygotes Absent
336. Villain Flashback
337. A Disposable Life Absent
338. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 1 Absent
339. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 2 Absent
340. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part 3 Absent
341. The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part Minus 1 Absent
342. The Extreme Quiet Before the Storm Absent

Anime Appearances

Season 2
14. That's the Idea, Ochaco Absent
15. Roaring Sports Festival Debut
16. In Their Own Quirky Ways Appears
17. Strategy, Strategy, Strategy Appears
18. Cavalry Battle Finale Appears
19. The Boy Born with Everything Appears
20. Victory or Defeat Flashback
21. Battle on, Challengers! Appears
22. Bakugo vs. Uraraka Absent
23. Shoto Todoroki: Origin Absent
24. Fight on, Ida Appears
25. Todoroki vs. Bakugo Appears
26. Time to Pick Some Names Absent
27. Bizarre! Gran Torino Appears Absent
28. Midoriya and Shigaraki Absent
29. Hero Killer: Stain vs U.A. Students Absent
30. Climax Absent
31. The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain Absent
32. Everyone's Internships Absent
33. Listen Up!! A Tale from the Past Absent
34. Gear up for Final Exams Absent
35. Yaoyorozu: Rising Absent
36. Stripping the Varnish Absent
37. Katsuki Bakugo: Origin Absent
38. Encounter Absent
Season 3
39. Game Start Absent
40. Wild, Wild Pussycats Absent
41. Kota Appears
42. My Hero Appears
43. Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!! Absent
44. Roaring Upheaval Absent
45. What a Twist! Appears
46. From Ida to Midoriya Absent
47. All For One Absent
48. Symbol of Peace Absent
49. One For All Absent
50. End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End Absent
51. Moving into Dorms Flashback
52. Create Those Ultimate Moves Absent
53. The Test Absent
54. Shiketsu High Lurking Absent
55. Class 1-A Absent
56. RUSH! Absent
57. Rescue Exercises Absent
58. Special Episode: Save the World with Love! Absent
59. What's the Big Idea? Flashback
60. A Talk about Your Quirk Absent
61. Deku vs. Kacchan, Part 2 Absent
62. A Season for Encounters Absent
63. Unrivaled Absent
Season 5
89. All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A Absent
90. Vestiges Absent
91. Clash! Class A vs. Class B! Appears
92. Make It Happen, Shinso! Appears
93. Operation New Improv Moves Appears
94. Foresight Absent
95. Match 3 Appears
96. Match 3 Conclusion Appears
97. Early Bird! Appears
98. That Which Is Inherited Absent
99. Our Brawl Appears
100. The New Power and All For One Appears
101. Have a Merry Christmas! Absent
102. Off to Endeavor's Agency! Absent
103. One Thing at a Time Appears
104. Long Time No See, Selkie Absent
105. The Hellish Todoroki Family Absent
106. The Unforgiven Absent
107. More of a Hero Than Anyone Absent
108. My Villain Academia Absent
109. Revival Party Absent
110. Sad Man's Parade Absent
111. Tenko Shimura: Origin Absent
112. Tomura Shigaraki: Origin Absent
113. The High, Deep Blue Sky Absent


  • Juzo's surname contains the kanji for "bone, skeleton" ( hone?) and "to remove" ( nuki?), and his first name contains "soft" ( ?) and "structure" ( ?).
    • When written together, the kanji in his last name means "to debone" (骨抜 honenuki?).
  • Juzo likes giving and receiving massages.
  • Juzo shares both his Japanese and English voice actors with other characters.


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