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The Third Round of Class 1-A vs. Class 1-B is a battle between Shoto Todoroki, Mashirao Ojiro, Tenya Ida, and Mezo Shoji against Pony Tsunotori, Sen Kaibara, Juzo Honenuki, and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu.


The third match is set to begin soon after Vlad King and Shota Aizawa shift the stage after round two's destruction. Fumikage Tokoyami confronts Shoto and informs him that they both carry the weight of the No. 1 and No. 2 heroes. Fumikage believes he failed and puts his trust in Shoto to represent their masters well after they fought valiantly in the recent battle.

Tenya is feeling more upbeat than usual.

The mention of Endeavor's battle reminds Shoto of his brutal training with his father during his youth. Tenya snaps Shoto out of his daze and asks if he's okay. Shoto says he's fine and Mashirao is impressed Tenya was able to tell a difference in Shoto's usual aloofness.

Tenya announces that as Class President he must watch out for all his classmates. Mezo comments that Tenya is in a good mood and Tenya replies that his older brother Tensei has been doing well in his recovery. Tenya claims that he will show everyone the spirit he inherited from Ingenium.

Tetsutetsu charges straight for Class 1-A.

Tetsutetsu feels his way around Ground Gamma. He says to his teammates that despite being considered dull he still got into U.A. High's hero course. Sen asks what's gotten into Tetsutetsu and the latter claims their team doesn't have good information gatherers, so they have only one option to face the rival team.

Sen is about to tell him that they had already discussed about what to do when Tetsutetsu decides to tear his way through the field to challenge Class 1-A head-on, much to Sen's shock. Both Sen and Pony disagree with Tetsutetsu's approach, considering it hasty and even dumb but Juzo's flexible attitude gets them to go along with Tetsutetsu's brashness. Class 1-A team expect Class 1-B to bring the match into a head to head battle.[1]


Tetsutetsu is capture by Shoto's ice.

Taking as reference the destruction caused by Tetsutetsu, the Class 1-A Team advances towards the location of their opponents, and when they are close enough, they spreads out. At B team side, Tetsutetsu continues wrecking structures down while Pony complains that their rivals will never entertain his jacket. Juzo, who has been touching different areas with his hand, argues that the other team will send Mezo out to scout and then use Shoto to attack them in a group.

Shoto does just that and freezes all four of the Class 1-B students with a giant ice wall. The restrained members of team B try to find out where the members of the rival team are hiding, but it is impossible for them because of the ice. Tenya and Mashirao lie in wait, believing that covering everything in ice will negate Juzo's ability. Determined to capture them as soon as possible, Tenya rushes into the battlefield boosted with Recipro Burst, but his run is disrupted when when his feet suddenly sink into the ice.

Juzo completely negates Shoto's freezing attack.

Tetsutetsu welcomes the challenge and Juzo uses his Softening Quirk to soften all the ice and free his classmates. He isn't impressed with Shoto's attack and states that if he had used his firepower, he would not have had a chance to counter it. Mashirao notices Juzo's reflexes were fast enough to counter and tries to retreat. However, Juzo since randomly softened footholds in the vicinity, making Mashirao slip on a softened pipe, allowing Class 1-B to locate it.

After shaking off the softened ice, Sen rushes to fight Mashirao and strikes him with a spinning thrust using his Gyrate Quirk. Mashirao blocks the attack with his Tail but feels the damage from Sen's Quirk. Seeing his teammate in trouble, Tenya tries to go to him, but he steps on another softened area and loses his footing as well, falling into the softened ice created by Juzo. Juzo claims Tenya is hard to deal with so he'll allow him to sink before canceling his Quirk so the ice would regain its solidity, trapping Tenya in it.

Tetsutetsu attacks Shoto.

Shoto cannot go to the aid of his companions because he must protect Mezo. Pony uses her Horn Cannon Quirk to sends out her remote-controlled horns at them. Shoto manages to block several of the unusual projectiles with an ice defense, but two of the flying horns surround the obstacle and captures Mezo. She predicted Mezo would hide safely behind Shoto and uses her horns to carry him away from Shoto.

As Pony shoots two more horns to move Mezo away more quickly and leave him pinned to a pipe, Tetsutetsu lunges for Shoto with his body turned into Steel. Pony uses other two controllable horns to helps him. Using a combined super move Horn Dash Hammer, Pony propels Tetsutetsu clean through Shoto's shield of ice. Being momentarily distracted by the capture of Mezo, Shoto cannot avoid the attack in time, being grabbed by Tetsutetsu, who throws him violently to the ground.

Juzo can barely defend himself from Tenya's attacks.

Despite the fact that his team had taken the initiative in that match, Tenya curses in frustration that team B managed to turn the tables. Juzo claims it was foolish for Tenya to use Recipro Burst so early in the match, considering its cooldown time. Tenya argues that Juzo is underestimating him, as it had been a long time since he last saw his Engine in action, and during that time he had trained and improved his Quirk, and to prove it, Tenya activates his new technique: Recipro Turbo![2]

Thanks to Tensei's advice, Tenya tuned his engines to increase his horsepower while decreasing fuel consumption. Now Tenya can go beyond his limits for ten minutes. With his new technique, Tenya breaks the ice that kept him trapped and attacks Juzo without hesitation. However, he goes so fast that he can't quite control himself and doesn't land a clean hit on Juzo.

Mashirao faces off against Sen.

Even so, Juzo is aware that he is no match for him, so he activates the respirator in his helmet and softens the ground to retreat. Tenya tries to hit him before he escapes, but Juzo manages to sink in time, and then dives away through the ground, determined to help his teammates. Tenya, after being sure that Juzo no longer had any intention of continuing their duel, he has the same idea.

Meanwhile, Sen is beating Mashirao down with his gyrating limbs. His support item allows him to use his fingertips as drills, chipping away at Mashirao's flesh with every strike. Mashirao tries to maneuver away by hanging from the pipes with his tail, but Sen uses his Gyrate on the structure to generate vibrations, causing Mashirao to lose his grip and fall, leaving him defenseless for Sen's finishing blow.

Tenya stops Sen from attacking.

Before Sen defeats Mashirao, Tenya intervenes and captures the 1-B student. Tenya very quickly tells Mashirao to go help the others while he carries Sen away and puts him in the jail. Sen uses his Quirk to constantly rotate his body in an attempt to get Tenya to let him go but with no avail. Sen is upset with him for interrupting the one on one his one on one with Mashirao but Tenya reminds Sen that they need to treat training like the real thing. Tenya knows that saving people is more important than defeating the enemy. Tenya manages to lock Sen in the jail, and leaves to help his teammates.

While all this is happening, Shoto continues facing Tetsutetsu. He tries to use a freezing attack on Tetsutetsu but the iron fighter breaks through it with Steel Fist. Tetsutetsu proclaims his steel body lets him break through the ice without ripping his skin. Since the ice barrage didn't work, Shoto tries burning Tetsutetsu with a Wall of Flames. The flames force Pony to retreat, allowing Mezo to free himself, and Shoto tells him to go after her.

Tetsutetsu resists the power of Half-Cold Half-Hot.

Shoto hopes Tetsutetsu will retreat, but the bold hero in training walks through the flames with his steel body glowing a bright red. He tells Shoto that his Half-Cold Half-Hot attacks won't work against his iron body. Tetsutetsu gained this power through training in a stove and grabs Shoto to keep him in close range. He plans on beating Shoto until he falls unconscious. As he is beaten, Shoto begins to have flashbacks of his father demanding him to use his fire side and surpassing his limits. As Tetsutetsu threatens to beat him down, Shoto raises his left hand and prepares to turn up the heat.[3]

Shoto brings out the heat from his body beyond its limit and creates a blaze hot enough that even Tetsutetsu with his heat resistance is forced to release him. Shoto tells him to back off otherwise he is going to melt. The intensity of his flames causes one of the cameras broadcasting the battle to melt. Shoto continue to rise the fury of his flames so he can strive to become the hero he wants to become. All Might even claims this blaze is comparable to Endeavor's flames.

Shoto sets his soul ablaze!

The infernal heat begin to take a toll on Tetsutetsu, causing him to yell that it is hot. He catches on to Shoto's plan to try and accumulate heat in his opponent's body. However, he realizes that even Shoto is affected by the heat and won't be able to keep his fire up for long, so he believes he can defeat Shoto in a battle of endurance and proceeds to charge at Shoto.

Shoto blasts his flames at him and increasing its intensity, but Tetsutetsu endure the attack and grabs his opponent's arm and knee him in the stomach. Shoto endures the attack as well and tells Tetsutetsu that he will end pretty badly if he continues with his rash assault. Tetsutetsu yells back that those who don't risk all during training won't be able to do it in real life, and knees him again. Shoto tells Tetsutetsu he's too loud and continues to turn up the heat of his flames.

Pony avoids being captured by Mezo.

Meanwhile, Pony is riding her horns, thinking to herself that even though she is pretty far away from Shoto's flame, she can still feels the heat. Suddenly Mezo appears behind her and begins to chase her through the labyrinth. Pony turns to face him because she wants to help Tetsutetsu. She uses her super move Thunder Horn to try and capture Mezo, launching her horns in rapid fire succession, but he is able to counter with his own Super Move Octoblow, generating a large number of arms with which she destroys each projectile that she fires at him with a punch barrage. Pony tries to sneak a horn around Mezo's back but he spawns an eye behind his head and catches it.

Mezo signals Mashirao to attack, jumping on Pony from a higher level. She shoots at him two of her horns but Mashirao destroys them with his Tornado Tail Dance attack. Then he grabs Pony by the horns to prevent them from firing off, and wraps his tail around her to restraining her. Mezo tells Mashirao that he will take her to the prison and ask him to go help Shoto, but suddenly the ground softens under their feet and they begin to sink. They're both shocked when Juzo reveals himself from the softened ground, claiming he cares a lot about his friends.[4]

Mashirao uses his tail to prevent Juzo from defeating his team.

Juzo sinks both his rivals under the ground and and dives towards Mashirao to force him release Pony, but the moment he puts his hands on his tail, Mashirao counters with his Swamp Smack Spin Super Move. The force generated is strong enough to repel Juzo and spread the softened earth enough for Mezo to escape and grab onto a pipe in the mud. Mezo uses his Dupli-arms to take out Mashirao as well.

Juzo complains of pain, because when he was repelled he collided with a pillar, but Pony asks him to run on ahead. It turns out that with everything that just happened, Mashirao had stopped grabbing her horns for a few seconds, allowing Pony to set up various projectiles under the mud. Two horns emerge from the ground and stab into Mashirao's tail, but he endures the pain and assures Pony that he does not intend to let go of her. Pony replies that it does not matter, as she emerges two more horns and stabs them into his tail too. With the power of four horns, Pony carries them both all the way to Class 1-B jail, and Mashirao is forced to retire from the battle.[5]

Shoto ready to surpass his limits.

Back to the endurance duel between Shoto and Tetsutetsu, the latter keeps pressuring Shoto and claims he's slowing down. Shoto replies that the same goes with him, however he is aware that he is getting dizzy and needs to cold down in order to move his body properly, but first he needs to distance himself from Tetsutetsu.

His father's words echoes in his mind once more, telling him to surpass his limits.

Juzo stops Shoto from melting his teammate.

Fueled by these words, Shoto begins to focus all the power of his fire on his left arm, ready to counterattack Tetsutetsu. Shoto is about to perform an unknown Super Move on his opponent when suddenly Juzo interrupts their fight and softens Shoto's footing so that he falls and knocks his head on a pipe. Shoto slowly loses consciousness and Juzo prepares to harden the ground to trap him.

Out of the blue, Tenya swiftly rescues him by delivering a powerful kick that destroys half of Juzo's mask. Tenya apologizes to Shoto for being late and decides to carry his unconscious body away. A semi unconscious Tetsutetsu tries to prevent them from fleeing, but recalling his experience in his confrontation with Stain along with receiving wisdom from his brother, Tenya prioritizes getting Shoto to safety before facing the opponents, so he activates his Recipro Turbo and takes Shoto away.

Tenya saves Shoto from Juzo.

Juzo is also about to lose consciousness from Tenya's kick. He laments allowing Tenya to run freely and refuses to allow his team to lose because of his mistake. In a last ditch effort Juzo decides to soften a large tower before yelling over to Tetsutetsu to push it over. Also with his last strength, Tetsutetsu activates his Quirk and knocks down the tower with a head butt.

Tenya tries to escape at full speed while carrying Shoto, but does not escape in time. At the last moment Tenya throws Shoto out before the tower falls on him, being trapped under the softened matter of the tower, which hardens when Juzo finally loses consciousness. Tetsutetsu also collapses and is out cold. The skirmish ends in a draw.[4]

Pony forces a tie in the third round.

Four competitors are down. Shoto, Tetsutetsu, and Juzo are all unconscious while Tenya is trapped under the remains of the tower. Tenya tries to move, but feels severe pain in his left leg and arms. He doesn't have enough power in one leg to rid himself of the massive mass. Frustrated, Tenya is aware that he can do nothing but watch and wait for the match to end, without being able to help his team.

Mezo chases Pony to Tenya's battlefield and Pony uses her horns to pick up all the unconscious players. She knows she can't carry Shoto to jail without Mezo stopping her nor face him with just a horn. Not willing to let her team lose, Pony opts for the only sensible option. When Mezo is about to catch her with her Dupli-Arms, Pony uses her horns to lift herself and the unconscious players high above the field until time runs out. The twenty-minute time limit expires and the battle ends in a 1-1 draw.[5]


Tetsutetsu wants to fight Shoto again.

Everyone is taken to Recovery Girl's office and post-match critique is slated for later. Denki considers the outcome unfair, but Jurota corrects him by saying that Pony's decision has been correct, arguing that in a real fight, retiring and waiting for reinforcements is a reasonable option. On the other hand, Ochaco feels sorry for Tenya but Izuku claims he did very well in the battle.

In the Nurse's Office Recovery Girl heals everyone and gives them a chocolate bar. When Shoto wakes up in bed, Tetsutetsu gets his attention and says he lost even though the match ended in a draw. He wants to have a rematch in the future and exits the office after commending Shoto's heart.

Shoto resolves to become a hero that can put people at ease.

Tenya apologizes to Shoto and says they could've won if he had been faster. Shoto claims he was the one who slowed the team down and reflects on overusing his ice power compared to his flames. He recalls Tenya saving him and says he needs to get faster so he can put everyone at ease like All Might.

Juzo interrupts their chat and admits the flames and Recipro are hard to deal with. He wants to practice and asks both his rivals for a rematch. They agree and Recovery Girl kicks them all out of her office.[5]


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