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The First Round of Class 1-A vs Class 1-B is a battle between Eijiro Kirishima, Denki Kaminari, Tsuyu Asui, and Koji Koda against Ibara Shiozaki, Kosei Tsuburaba, Hiryu Rin, and Jurota Shishida. Hitoshi Shinso of Class 1-C is added to Class 1-A's team.


Hitoshi explains the pros and cons of his Quirk.

Hitoshi Shinso introduces himself to his team and Tsuyu asks about his Quirk abilities. Hitoshi explains he can brainwash one person at a time if they reply to anything he says. Anyone he brainwashes can be released if they receive a significant shock.

Hitoshi was given Artificial Vocal Cords as a support item to help him against people who know how his Quirk works. It allows him to change his voice to take opponents off guard.

The match begins shortly afterward, and Class 1-A laments they didn't get to form a proper plan. They decide that regardless they have to fight to win.[1]

Round 1 start!

Team A-1 advances through Ground Gamma, with Tsuyu leading the way, using her camouflage to stay hidden from the opposing team. Tsuyu decides they should stick together and try to overwhelm their rivals with numbers. Denki believes they might be better served by splitting up, so he can use his Quirk without putting them at risk, but Eijiro refutes this because this would leave each of them alone and vulnerable.

Hitoshi points out that they should try to neutralize troublesome powers like Ibara's first. Denki commends Hitoshi but Hitoshi believes any aspiring hero should know that. Tsuyu points out that Team 1-B probably had the same idea, and they will dedicate their efforts to neutralize Denki or Hitoshi first. This makes Denki nervous, declaring that he is counting on them to be safe.

Koji receives information from a flock of birds saying that Ibara is alone. Class 1-A takes the bait and heads toward her position but they walk right into a trap.[2]


Gevaudan showcases his incredible strength.

Jurota Shishida suddenly leaps from the air in his Beast enhanced form and smashes both Eijiro and Tsuyu through nearby pipes with Roaring Rage. He reveals that his team knew Koji would find them and used Ibara as bait. They need to defeat Denki before he has a chance to attack, and he was able to locate them thanks to his nose.

Jurota suddenly crouches down revealing that Koji was riding behind him. He uses his Air Prison to trap Koji in a soundproof box made of Solid Air. Realizing that things are going wrong for his team, Hitoshi begins to manipulate his Artificial Vocal Cords and uses Kosei's voice to commend Jurota. The latter replies without realizing the trick, and falls for Hitoshi's Persona Chords.[2]

Kosei traps Hitoshi with Air Prison.

Hitoshi tries to capitalize by restraining Jurota with his capturing weapon but Kosei is faster and traps him in another air prison. Kosei knows about Hitoshi's power because Ibara and others were brainwashed by him in the U.A. Sports Festival but he's surprised by the voice changer. He wakes up Jurota and Denki rushes them both.

Jurota smacks Denki away and receives a powerful shock for touching him. Denki's surprised Jurota still had the strength to send him flying despite the electric shock. Kosei jumps off his beastly ally to avoid getting shocked but Tsuyu wraps him in her tongue and takes him straight to jail. Jurota recovers from electrocution and chases Tsuyu to retrieve his teammate. Denki is dismayed his electricity didn't paralyze the beast.

Jurota chases down Tsuyu holding a restrained Kosei.

Eijiro recovers from Jurota's attack, and immediately goes to get Koji out of the Air Prison. Remembering that Katsuki could break the air barriers with a simple punch during the Cavalry Battle, Eijiro strikes the box but fails to break it, being surprised to find out Kosei's Quirk is stronger than before. Without being overwhelmed by this, Eijiro enters his Red Riot Unbreakable and manages to release Koji from the air prison.

Tsuyu jumps through them, informing them she will take Kosei to jail. Eijiro and Koji agrees and step up to protect Tsuyu from Jurota. Eijiro attacks with Red Gauntlet while Koji comands a swarm of bugs. Jurota avoids both attacks by using Re-Beast to revert to his normal form to slip in between them. Then the Class 1-B student reverts to his beast form and grabs both Class 1-a students with his huge hands. Jurota knows Eijiro's hardening can withstand his enhanced strength so he tosses him into the air toward Ibara, who capture him with her Vines.

Eijiro and Koji are eliminated from the round.

Jurota has Koji by the head, covering his mouth so that he cannot use his Quirk. Koji tries to free himself by punching Jurota's arm but he does not succeed, being surprised by the enormous strength of his rival. Thanks to his keen nose, Jurota senses Denki and Tsuyu approaching him to rescue their ally. Denki shoots several pointers from his Sharpshooting Gear and Tsuyu attacks him with her tongue, but Jurota evades their attacks. With Koji struggling in his arms, Jurota knows that he cannot face Tsuyu and Denki at the same time, so he decides to retreat taking Koji with him to incarcerate him. Class 1-B ends the first skirmish with a 2-1 lead.

Denki and Tsuyu use metal pipes to free Hitoshi from the air prison, while commending Class 1-B on their strength. Denki comments that the round is not developing in their favor. Tsuyu adds that the team took too long adjusting to Hitoshi and got caught off guard. The later apologizes for his slowness in capturing them, but Tsuyu insists that it was her fault because she should've come up with a better plan to keep him off the front lines. Denki points out that he did a good job, as his quick reaction from earlier prevented the team from being defeated in the first skirmish. Denki tells Hitoshi that he likes him, even after Hitoshi told Class 1-A that he wasn't present to make friends.

Tsuyu has a plan to confuse Jurota's sense of smell.

Tsuyu comes up with an idea. As she lifts up her costume sleeve to secrete a slimy substance down her arm, Tsuyu asks Denki to use his Sharpshooting Gear to locate Jurota, because one of his pointers latched on to Jurota's back leg. Tsuyu masks the trio's smell by covering them with mucus secreted from her body. Meanwhile, in Team 1-B's field, Jurota, Ibara, and Hiryu discuss their next strategy to defeat Class 1-A. Suddenly, Jurota notices their smell and warns his team that there are three "Tsuyus" approaching them. Ibara is disappointed with her rivals schemes and prepares to defend her team.[1]

Tsuyu believes Jurota's enhanced senses give him a read on her team at all times. In order to mask Denki and Hitoshi's smell, she used her mucus to give them an odor that would allow them to trick Jurota's sense of smell. Ibara searches the industrial field using Via Dolorosa, while asking Jurota for Class 1-A current bearing. After wondering how their opponents located them, Hiryu notices Denki's pointer stuck to Jurota.

Denki puts his plan into action.

Ibara reports that she has managed to capture one of the rival team members. Not knowing who it was, Hiryu recommended Jurota to get back in case it's Deki. Hiryu's fears are confirmed when Ibara pulls Denki out of the field with her vines. Denki had allowed himself to be captured now plans to shock all three of them with his Quirk. Ibara quickly traps him with her Crucifixion and protects herself with Faith's Shield.

Denki attempts to shock Jurota by using his pointer's ability to guide his discharge into a straight line through a small gap in Ibara's vine sphere, but Hiryu shots his scales to knock the pointer off if his ally's leg just before Denki's attack hits. Ibara then completely encloses him within the vine sphere.

Hiryu firing off his scales at Tsuyu.

With another Class 1-A student captured, Ibara hears Hiryu telling her to respread the vines in anticipation of their remaining two opponents. Ibara responds to this and suddenly becomes Brainwashed, with Hitoshi having imitated Hiryu's voice. This was Denki's plan all along. He wanted to get captured so that Class 1-B's team divided their attention. This gave Hitoshi the opening he needed to subdue Ibara's troublesome Quirk.

Hiryu can't tell where Hitoshi is because the voice is echoing and asks Jurota for their opponent's locations, but Jurota vaguely points out the location of one of the enemies while he goes for the other, avoiding responding in words in case it was Hitoshi attempting to brainwash him again.

Hitoshi tries to knock out his opponent with Binding Cloth

Frustrated by his teammate's refusal to answer him with words, Hiryu tries to wake up Ibara by shooting his scales but Tsuyu picks her up with her tongue and moves her out of range before Hiryu gets a chance. Hiryu shoots at her, but Tsuyu manages to dodge the shots and hides using her camouflage. Hiryu alerts Jurota of Tsuyu's presence, but he ignores his pleas for help and moves away from the area to find a specific foe. Hiryu quickly realizes that Hitoshi has destroyed their communication. Tsuyu quickly returns in her Camouflage and dropkicks Hiryu.

Knowing that Hitoshi is much more troublesome than they would have imagined, Jurota is determined to neutralize him as soon as possible. He deduces his location by the movement of the two similar scents he can sense, and claws his way through a narrow tunnel of pipes to reach him. Hitoshi defends himself by using Binding Cloth, and with his capturing weapon ring down a large pipe to strike his enemies head. Jurota doesn't falter and prepares to attack Hitoshi.

Team 1-A wins the 1st round.

At that moment Tsuyu appears behind him and throws Hiryu straight toward his head. Hiryu yells at his teammate to get away, but the paranoid Jurota thinks Hitoshi is trying to trick him again with his voice changer. Realizing too late that it really was his teammate calling to him, the heads of both Jurota and Hiryu collide, knocking them unconscious.

With the last remnants of Class 1-B team defeated, Class 1-A take them to their jail, using the brainwashed Ibara to drag Jurota. Once all Class 1-B's members are incarcerated Class 1-A wins the set 4-2.[3]


Team 1-A reflects on their mistakes.

Shota Aizawa asks his students what they learned from the battle. Eijiro knows he needs to be able to apply his skills outside of combat. Koji needs to issue better orders to insects and Tsuyu regrets letting the battle turn into chaos. Hitoshi is frustrated for being unable able to apply much of his training. Denki thinks highly of his performance and believes he did great.

Shota tells Eijiro to learn how to set up situations for close combat. He tells Koji to keep thinking about his weaknesses and tells Denki to stop acting so recklessly. He also tells Tsuyu to focus on learning from her mistakes and advises Hitoshi to remember his frustration in his next battle.

Vlad King scolds his students for not choosing either Ibara or Jurota as their center. Jurota apologizes to Ibara and Neito commends his classmates on their effort. He confronts Hitoshi asking to form a plan and many of the other students follow suit. Shota asks All Might what he thinks about Hitoshi since this exercise is his test to get into the hero course. All Might claims that Hitoshi showed great potential and expects the next set to be even more passionate.[4]

Anime & Manga Differences

  • In the manga, when Jurota swatted away Denki, the former was electrocuted while the latter was being thrown. In the anime, Denki was fully grabbed, then electrocuted Jurota as a counterattack before he was thrown.
  • In the manga it is suggested that Koji managed to break free of the Air Prison by himself. In the anime, Eijiro breaks Koji out of his Air Prison.
  • In the anime, there is a brief stand-off when Jurota finds Hitoshi in the maze of pipes, with the latter speaks to him with his mask before being attacked. This doesn't happen in the manga, where Jurota doesn't stop charging at him when he finds Hitoshi.


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