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The Joint Training Arc (対抗戦編 Taikōsen-hen?) is the fifteenth story arc in My Hero Academia, as well as the sixth story arc in the Rise of Villains Saga.

Class 1-A and 1-B compete against each other in a Joint Training Battle, joining them is Hitoshi Shinso who is eager to enter the Hero Course. While the exercise is being held, Izuku discovers a new secret about One For All, one that none of the previous eight users ever could have dreamed existed.


Enter: Hitoshi Shinso

Due to the dream he had with the predecessors, Izuku is unable to go back to sleep, so he decides to go on a jog while reflecting on the last part of the dream, with all the predecessors looking at him with kind expressions. The next day, Izuku meets with All Might and tells him about the dream. Toshinori can't help but be surprised by what happened, especially the fact that Izuku has been able to witness the first wielder's memories.

Toshinori and Izuku talking about the dream.

Izuku reminds him that he mentioned seeing the vestiges of One For All when he was young. Toshinori tells him that his master told him about the vestiges. Izuku clarifies that he could only see so far the first user receives the Quirk from his brother All For One, and that he could not see more because he has only mastered 20% of One For All. Izuku remembers that during the sports festival, he told him the vestiges weren't actually conscious. All Might tells him that he never experienced that and his master never brought it up, which likely makes Izuku the first user of One For All to experience this phenomenon.

However, All Might recalls a discussion with his master, where she told him that even if she dies, they will meet again within One For All. Izuku asks All Might about what All For One's brother meant by the "singularity"; after another question about the fuzzy appearance of All Might and two other prior users in the dream, All Might tells Izuku that he truly does not understand what happened that well and they should search for answers together. Deku agrees to try his best. He also tells All Might that his master was very beautiful. All Might cheers up.

Class 1-A in their winter costumes.

Following a discussion on the vestiges, Izuku and All Might run into Hitoshi Shinso and Shota Aizawa. Shota greets the two by sarcastically commenting on how well they get along, to which All Might tries to cover himself by saying Izuku was being pushy. Izuku recalls Hitoshi meeting with his teacher at an earlier date, which is received with a rather ambiguous response before the aforementioned teacher advises him to hurry along to the training ground.

Now dressed in their winter outfits, Class 1-A gather at Ground Gamma and share the modifications made to their costumes. Tenya points out how much the costumes have changed, but Rikido notices that Tenya himself has kept the same costume over the summer. Izuku notices Katsuki's costume changes and talks about it, putting Katsuki into a rage. Mashirao comments on Izuku's costume, bringing up the glove upgrade that Mei made for him, causing Ochaco to remember Izuku and Mei's encounter back when they were remodeling parts of their outfits together, resulting in a flushed outburst, much to Mashirao's surprise.

Class 1-B ready for war.

Suddenly, a voice interrupts the group, revealing Neito and the rest of Class 1-B, also clad in their hero outfits. Neito proclaims that 1-B has the upper hand in the ongoing rivalry between the two classes, as they prevailed victors (by two ballots) in his self-researched survey of which the favored performance was at the School Festival, attempting to continue for his prediction of the result during their training, however, he's cut off by Shota's Capturing Weapon.

The homeroom teachers Shota and Vlad King announce the arrival of a special guest and that they should not make a fool of themselves. Students begin to ask who it is, and they respond he's potential hero candidate from another class, disclosing the student as being Hitoshi, creating an understanding for Izuku as to the meetings he and Shota engaged in.[1]

Hitoshi introduces himself to students.

Some of the students comment on his mask and he also has a Binding Cloth like Shota, while another talks on Hitoshi's Brainwashing Quirk, and how Izuku managed to break free from its influence in their last fight, although Izuku says it was a fluke. Even so Izuku remarks to himself that Hitoshi's quirk was what had let Izuku see the vestiges of One For All's former holders, however, he brushes it off as a coincidence.

Upon being requested by Shota to introduce himself, Hitoshi expresses his feelings bluntly, stating the other students as obstacles he must overcome due to being so far behind at current, also stating he has no intention of making friends here in his journey to becoming a hero.

Everyone applauds Hitoshi's words, with Izuku eager to face him again.

Ground Rules

It's time to team up.

When Hitoshi finishes his presentation, Vlad King begins by explaining that the training will consist of the two classes go head-to-head in teams of four to battle it out, however. Jurota notes that there are 41 of them in total, now that Hitoshi will be joining them. Vlad clears this up by stating that Hitoshi will participate in two battles, one on each side.

Toru follows another misconception up, stating the team of 4 will have a disadvantage against the team of 5, causing Vlad to once again intervene and clear up the fact that integrating Hitoshi, who has had little to no battle experience, into the team will prove a magnanimous task in itself. He then explains how the winner will be decided: the team to capture 4 members of the opposing will win, irrespective of total numbers per side. Katsuki complains considering that Hitoshi will be a deadweight as he is a handicap for the team of which he is part. Denki reproaches Katsuki for his comment but Hitoshi recognizes that he is right.

Hitoshi will be a member of Class 1-A first team and Class 1-B fifth team.

Clarified the situation, the two teachers decide to form the teams of both classes by lottery: Class 1-A consists of Team Asui, Team Yaoyorozu, Team Ida, Team Bakugo, and Team Midoriya and Class 1-B consists of Team Shiozaki, Team Kendo, Team Tetsutetsu, Team Tokage, and Team Monoma.

Then Hitoshi draws two numbers to know in which Class 1-A and Class 1-B team he will be part. He draws the numbers 1 for Class 1-A and 5 for Class 1-B. That means he will be in Team Asui and Team Monoma, exciting both teams who express their eagerness to working with him. Ochaco points out to Izuku that this training will be a rematch between him and Hitoshi with Izuku claiming he is excited to see Hitoshi's growth. Vlad ends the explanation by saying that each match will last 20 minutes, and if the time runs out, the team with more remaining members win.

As the training is about to begin Midnight and All Might appear, eager to watch the Joint Training. Midnight asks All Might who he thinks will do better in the training. All Might responds, even though Class 1-A is strong and has overcome numerous crises, Class 1-B has been able to develop their skills and quirks more due to staying out of trouble. Vlad announces the beginning of the first round, Team Asui versus Team Shiozaki.[2]

Round 1

Hitoshi talks about his Quirk.

Before the match starts, Hitoshi walks with the rest of his team through the training ground. He explains how his Brainwashing Quirk works and its limits, such as the ability of a brainwashed target to break out of the brainwash if given a great enough physical shock, and he can't brainwash multiple targets at once, otherwise he'll possibly lose consciousness.

Tsuyu tells him that even with drawbacks considered, his Quirk is still powerful to those who are unaware of how it works. Hitoshi then explains he can't make people talk or do other things that require using their cognitive functions, so he must keep his commands simple for them to be followed.

Denki tells Hitoshi that since people are already beginning to know how his brainwash works, it will be easy for them to avoid it. To fix that problem, Hitoshi then shows his new piece of support equipment, the Artificial Vocal Cords, a mask that allows him to change his voice to imitate others.

At that moment, a speaker announces the start of the battle, and the Class 1-A team regrets they didn't come up with a plan.[3]

Round 1 Battle

Class 1-A Team decides to stick together and overwhelm Class B Team with their numbers. Tsuyu uses her Frog Quirk to camouflaging herself on the wall and Hitoshi comments how if you're aware of it, you can still see her. Denki offers to split up from the group and fire off his Quirk only for Eijiro to question what he'll do once he's all alone.

Jurota takes down Tsuyu and Eijiro.

As they walk, Denki says that of the class 1-B team Ibara is the most dangerous. Hitoshi points out that they should try to neutralize the ones who have the most troublesome Quirks. Tsuyu points out that the opposing team is probably thinking the same thing too, so it is likely that they will try to eliminate Denki or Hitoshi as soon as possible. Just then, Koji's birds return, to which he reveals that Ibara is to their left all alone yet she's heading their way while using her vines to probe all around her.

Before they can act, Jurota comes charging in with his Beast Quirk activated, smashing both Eijiro and Tsuyu through nearby pipes with Roaring Rage. He reveals that they knew Koji would locate them with his Quirk and that they'd be wary of Ibara's Quirk after the Sports Festival, so they had her act as a decoy and allow himself to get in close using his Beast to avoid leaving Denki to his own devices.

Kosei traps Hitoshi with his air prison.

Kosei, who was riding Jurota, uses his Solid Air Quirk to imprison Koji in an Air Prison to prevent Denki from using his Quirk around his teammates. Kosei then comments on Jurota's accomplishment only for him to become still, as it's revealed Kosei never said anything, but the voice came from Hitoshi, using his Persona_Chords.[2]

Hitoshi tries to capitalize by restraining Jurota with his capturing weapon but Kosei traps him, in another Air Prison and wakes Jurota up from his brainwashing. When Jurota charges to attack, Denki steps in the way with his own Quirk. He gets smacked aside but manages to use his Electrification to shock Jurota. Kosei's efforts to escape electrocution by jumping off Jurota leaves him open to be grabbed by Tsuyu with her tongue, who takes him back to the jail to eliminate him from the match.

Jurota chases down Tsuyu holding a restrained Kosei.

As she proceeds to carry him to their jail cell, Jurota proceeds to chase after her. Koji and Eijiro try to keep him back but he dodges them by changing back to normal, then transforms back into a beast and grabs the both of them. Jurota throws Eijiro high into the air and into Ibara's field of vision, stating that he's the only one who can withstand his power. Denki and Tsuyu, who delivered Kosei, try to save Koji but Jurota escapes for the time being, and both Eijiro and Koji are imprisoned, leaving the score as 2-1 Class B.

Tsuyu and Denki use pipes to frees Hitoshi from an air prison and commends Class 1-B on their strength. She adds that the team took too long adjusting to Hitoshi and got caught off guard. Hitoshi apologizes for his lack of battle readiness but Tsuyu replies she should've come up with a better plan to keep him off the front lines, and Denki him because his quick action prevented everyone from being eliminated in the first skirmish. Tsuyu comes up with the idea and tells Denki to use his Sharpshooting Gear to locate Jurota.

Ibara uses her Quirk to locate Class 1-A team.

Back with Class 1-B, Ibara complains about how she was treated as a decoy only for Jurota to say it worked. Hiryu calls Jurota by the wrong hero name, which frustrates him. Just then, Jurota picks up Tsuyu's scent, but to his confusion, he picks up three Tsuyu scents.[3] The remaining Class 1-B students who are watching the battle from a large screen wonder why Jutora thinks there are three Tsuyu. Izuku and Minoru remember what Tsuyu said about how she could secrete her own mucus during the attack on U.S.J, and that she applied her mucus to Denki and Hitoshi hoping to throw off Jurota's scent.

Tsuyu, Denki, and Hitoshi discuss their plan as they rush towards their opponents. Hitoshi notes that they only know where Jurota is on account of Denki's pointer support item, but Denki suggests that they do their best to take down Jurota as he poses a large threat. Ibara uses her super move Via Dolorosa to sends out a dense vine growth in the Class 1-A team's direction while Jurota tells her their locations. Hiryu wonders how their locations were uncovered only to notice one of Denki's pointers on Jurota's body.

Just then, Ibara captures Denki and brings him forward. Hiryu and Jurota prepare to retreat as Denki plans to shock all three of them with his Quirk. Ibara quickly traps him with her Crucifixion and protects herself with Faith's Shield. Denki tries to electrocute Jutora by using his pointer's ability to guide his discharge into a straight line through a small gap in Ibara's vine sphere, but Hiryu uses his scales to knock the pointer off of Jurota just before Denki's attack hits. Ibara then completely encloses him within the vine sphere.

Tsuyu dropkicks Hiryu.

Just as Hiryu tells Ibara to spread her vines again, she falls under Hitoshi's brainwashing, as it was revealed to be his voice sounding like Hiryu. It is then revealed that Denki offered to use himself as a decoy to give Tsuyu and Hitoshi an opening. Hiryu asks Jurota for their opponent's locations, but Jurota only points vaguely in their direction, avoiding responding in words in case it was Hitoshi attempting to brainwash him again.

Hiryu tries to wake Ibara out of her brainwash by shooting his scales but Tsuyu picks her up with her tongue and moves her out of range. Hiryu asks Jurota for Tsuyu's location, identifying her as the greatest threat, but the paranoid Jurota still doesn't answer him. Hiryu realizes that communications between his team have been cut off, and before he can do anything, Tsuyu sends him flying with a powerful kick.

Tsuyu and Hitoshi defeat Class 1-B.

Jurota deduces Hitoshi's location by the movement of the two similar scents he can sense, and charges him down. Just as Jurota finds Hitoshi, Hitoshi uses his Binding Cloth to drop a large pipe onto Jurota's head. Jurota endures the impact and prepares to attack Hitoshi, but Tsuyu throws Hiryu at his head. Hiryu yells at Jutora to get away, but he thinks Hitoshi is trying to cheat him again with his voice changer, but he realizes his mistake when he hears Hiryu calling him by the wrong hero name, confirming that it really was his teammate speaking to him. However, it was too late, and the heads of both students collide, and both are knocked unconscious.

Tsuyu and Hitoshi carry a restrained Hiryu to the jail cell while a brainwashed Ibara carries Jurota. Minoru and Izuku comment positively on Hitoshi's ability and Tsuyu and Denki's quick thinking to make the best use of Hitoshi's Quirk despite his inexperience. As the remaining members of the 1-B team are put in the jail, where Kosei snaps Ibara out of her trance. Upon realizing what had happened, she apologized. Hitoshi responds to Tsuyu's praise by saying he must become a pro with his own powers.

Round 1 ends with a 4-2 victory for Class 1-A.[4]

Round 1 Aftermath

Vlad scolds his students.

After the match Shota asks his students to reflect on the match. Eijiro states it's hard for him to make good use of his Quirk when he's not trying to fight, Koji states he needs to give better orders to insects, Denki states he was great, Tsuyu regrets losing two teammates, and Hitoshi laments not making good use of what he's learned.

Shota tells Eijiro to work on developing set-ups to lure his enemies to close-combat, tells Koji to work on his weak points, scolds Denki for being too careless from the get-go, told Hitoshi to keep practicing the Binding Cloth, and tells Tsuyu to not dwell on her mistakes and to work on making up for them next time.

Round 2 Start!

Vlad King scolds his students out on that no one was really acting as a leader, and had they picked one, they would've won. Jurota apologizes to Ibara for allowing Class 1-A to complete their planning, while Neito approaches Hitoshi to discuss the plan for their match. The other members of Class 1-A break into their respective teams to start battle planning, their enthusiasm proving too much for Midnight to bear.

Shota and Vlad King ask All Might and Midnight about Hitoshi's performance. All Might commends his performance claiming that he showed great potential. Shota says this exercise is an important part of Hitoshi's consideration for entering the hero course, expecting he will step up in his next match.

Preparations for Round 2 between Team Yaoyorozu and Team Kendo begins.

Round 2

Itsuka admits she's always wanted to fight Momo.

As the two teams head to their starting points, Itsuka asks Momo why she didn't participate in the Beauty Pagent of the School Festival, she responds that Shota probably didn't tell her because he felt it wasn't important, and even so, she was busy with band practice. Itsuka then tells Momo that ever since they appeared in the commercial during their Hero Agency Internship together, she feels that the two, of them have been seen as a pair, yet Itsuka considers Momo possesses a better Quirk than her own and that she has better grades, which irritated her. This results in Itsuka tells Momo that she wants to duke it out with her, to which Momo accepts.

Shihai confronts Fumikage and claims they're both alike. Fumikage recalls Shihai's Black Quirk ability. Shihai claims that he and Fumikage are fated to clash because of their love of black and darkness. They both walk away sharing statements from their fondness to darkness.

Vlad King announces the start of the second match. Hanta asks Tetsutetsu what Itsuka's standing in Class 1-B to which he says she's like the class's big sister as their class president who is cheerful and keeps her wits up and that without her, the class would be corrupted under Neito. Shoto comments on whether Momo can pierce her operation.

Round 2 Battle

Shihai takes control of Dark Shadow.

Itsuka tells her team that they have to wait and see how powerful their enemy team is, just as Dark Shadow locates the four of them, as it is revealed Fumikage has increased the range of Dark Shadow during his Work Studies. Before Class 1-A can make their move, Dark Shadow warns Fumikage that he's been hijacked by Shihai, who immediately uses Dark Shadow to attack Fumikage. Momo fires some nets at him but he dodges with his Quirk Black. Fumikage tells Shihai that he accepts his challenge as he takes off his cloak and reveals his new super move: Black Fallen Angel.[5]

In a flashback, it's revealed that Hawks picked Fumikage during the Hero Agency Internships because he wanted to know more about the League of Villains from the class that faced them and figured he'd work with someone who he felt could keep up with him. As the internship continued, Fumikage started to feel frustrated and confused as to why someone as fast as him had picked him when all he was doing was cleaning up after Hawks did his job, causing him to feel he learned nothing that week.

When Hawks picked him for the Hero Work-Studies, Fumikage became determined to prove himself. One night, Hawks tells Fumikage that he also picked him because he felt he was wasting his potential by not trying to strengthen his strong points in addition to his weak points, and he wanted to help him as a fellow bird. This is what ultimately inspired his new Super Move.

Fumikage rescues Yuga from Shihai using Black Fallen Angel.

Back in the Joint Training battle, Shihai mocks Fumikage's ultimate move name and continues to evade Class 1-A by moving within shadows. As Fumikage readied himself for a fight, Shihai reveals that he was setting him up mentally since the beginning, as his real target was Yuga, whom he grabs and proceeds to drag away.

Just as Shihai was thinking how they'd never catch up to him in a place filled with shadows to move through, Fumikage catches up to him with his Super Move Black Fallen Angel. With this move, Fumikage is able to fly by having Dark Shadow hold onto him while covered by Fumikage's cloak to provide better darkness.

Fumikage rescues Yuga away from Shihai, and Momo tells Yuga to fire off his Naval Buffet while Fumikage flies around to disrupts the positioning of the shadows. With Fumikage's cloak covering it, Dark Shadow is unaffected by the bright laser beams. With the warping of the shape of the shadows, they takes away all of Shihai's hiding spots, forcing him to surface.

Kinoko humidifies an area with her mushrooms.

Momo instructs Toru to catch him, but as she does this, a mushroom pops up on Momo's nose. Shihai smiles at this, remarking that Itsuka is always one step ahead. Watching the training area light up with the implication that Shihai's plan A failed, Kinoko readies plan B, which is to cover the playing field in Mushrooms with her Quirk, as well as grow them on Momo and Toru.[6]

Kinoko helps her mushrooms grow by using spray bottles to humidify the area. With the mushrooms covering everything, Yuga loses sight of Shihai, who uses his Quirk to vanish into a black mushroom. Itsuka had devised her 1-B team's plan to take advantage of Shihai's Quirk against Fumikage's Dark Shadow. If this failed, Itsuka predicted the others would use Yuga's Navel Laser to counterattack. This would be the signal for plan b. The light gives away Class 1-A's location, giving Manga and Kinoko the opening to barrage Class 1-A with their long-ranged Quirks.

Manga uses his Quirk to make the mushrooms grow faster.

Momo yells out to her 1-A team to keep calm and regroup, but Manga uses his Comic Quirk to spawn a large, wall-like string of Katakana suddenly appears, cutting Momo off from the rest of her team. Yuga tries to blast the Katakana with his laser, but he cannot damage it. Manga then spawns the onomatopoeia for humidity to help Kinoko's mushrooms grow faster.

Itsuka planned on isolating Momo to cut the brain off of her team. She wants to crush her with raw power and believes she can win if she creates an advantageous situation. Now that she is completely alone, Itsuka is able to launch a solo attack with her Big Fist. Momo is able to respond in time and create a tungsten shield, but Itsuka crumples it easily, pushing Momo back. As Tetsutetsu comments on Itsuka's performance of separating her, only for Shoto to say that Itsuka was misjudging Momo as she works best under pressure.[7]

Itsuka can't stop Momo from firing the cannon.

Just then, Momo uses her Creation Quirk to generate a cannon, shocking Itsuka. But Momo doesn't shoot at her but aims the cannon at the wall-like Katakana. Thinking that she wants to destroy the wall, Itsuka attacks Momo with a Double Jumbo Fist. Despite the powerful blow, Momo manages to shoot, but it turns out that her objective was not to destroy the wall but to launch something over. Before losing consciousness, Momo generates a rope to tether Itsuka to herself while she was still attached to the cannon.

On the other side, Fumikage tries to save Yuga from Shihai again but is constantly held back by Kinoko's mushrooms and Manga's words, allowing him to imprison Yuga. Fumikage comes across Toru who is entirely covered by mushrooms. Fumikage realizes that the Class 1-B team is extremely strong, and if they don't find their locations, they're done for. Just then, the thing Momo launched arrives, and it turns out to be a Yaoyorozu's Lucky Bag containing a pair of infrared goggles and three cans of ethanol, a fungal spray.

"Black Abyss: Sabbath!"

With the spray, Fumikage and Toru get rid of the mushrooms that cover their bodies, ceasing to be a hindrance and allowing Toru to become invisible again. With the help of the infrared goggles, Fumikage locates Shihai and Kinoko, while Toru is able to ambush Manga by remaining invisible.

Shihai reports Kinoko that he has already put Yuga in the cell, when he suddenly sees Fumikage approaching them. Before both 1-B students can react, Fumikage attacks them with Black Abyss: Sabbath, defeating them. Fumikage has Dark Shadow restrain Kinoko while he traps Shihai in his cape. Before he can do anything, Fumikage starts coughing, as it's revealed by Kinoko that she has mushrooms growing in his lungs, to which Neito comments that Fumikage should have knocked Kinoko out from the get-go.

Itsuka saves Manga from Toru.

Meanwhile, Toru fights Manga, being able to land multiple hits without issue due to her invisibility, as Manga can hardly defend himself. When she's about to win the match, she ends up getting grabbed by Itsuka with her Quirk, where Itsuka reveals to Manga that while she knocked Momo out, she ended up tying her up to the cannon, making it hard to move. She comments that Momo looked far ahead and was one step ahead of her, causing her to feel that she didn't win in the end.

Nevertheless, Class 1-B brings the three of them to the jail cell, securing a 4-0 victory.[8]

Round 2 Aftermath

Fumikage gets comforted by Kinoko.

Kinoko tells Fumikage to take medicine for the mushrooms while apologizing to him and Itsuka accompanies Momo as the medic bots take her to the Nurse's office. Hitoshi and Shota observe the scale of the damage that Itsuka and Manga caused to the training arena.

The teachers decide to take a break while the arena is repaired. Izuku updates his Hero notebook while the two classes compliment each other on their power. Ochaco tells Izuku that he has also improved alongside his classmates who he is writing about in his notebook. All Might appears behind Izuku so he can have a word with him, and the two move to a quieter corner.

All Might wants to talk privately with Izuku.

All Might asks Izuku if he has felt anything weird with the One For All, to which Izuku replies that he hasn't. All Might tells him he will ask Gran Torino if Nana Shimura ever mentioned anything to him about similar visions. All Might also tells Izuku to watch himself in round 5, as he will face Hitoshi, as he seems to be a piece of the puzzle, as far as the visions are concerned.

Suddenly, Katsuki appears behind Izuku, scaring him, and asks what they were just talking about, reminding the two that he is also in on their secret. They tell him about the OFA incident in the early morning. Katsuki proceeds to berate Izuku, demanding him to make One For All his own. All Might wonders if this is Katsuki simply showing his own type of regard for Izuku.

After the arena repairs finish, the next match between Team Ida and Team Tetsutetsu begins.

Round 3

Ida cares for his classmates.

Both teams head to their respective sides. As the 1-A team heads out into the arena, Fumikage stops Shoto to tell him that the responsibility of representing the No. 1 and No. 2 Heroes, who they have both trained under, now falls onto him.

This makes Shoto recalls one of the harsh training his father underwent him when he was little, to make him learn his techniques and fulfill his ambitions, including his father's disgusting rant about his eldest brother's weak body despite having a powerful firepower. He remains spaced out until Tenya's encouragement brings him back to the present. Tenya's classmates notice his excitement, which he reveals he's in high spirits because his brother was making good progress on his recovery, causing him to feel to uphold his name as his brother's inheritor.

Tetsutetsu head-on charges straight at Class 1-A.

On Class 1-B team, Tetsutetsu comments on how he was able to get into U.A. despite not being too bright as well as commenting on how his team doesn't have anyone who can search out their enemy, causing him to just go wild and break stuff. As Sen and Pony express their disagreement with Tetsutetsu, Juzo remarks that Tetsutetsu's approach is actually playing to their team's strengths. As the two teams get ready to start, Shoto notices the noise and deduces that this will be a head-to-head battle.[9]

Meanwhile, at the Endeavor Agency, Endeavor is trying to message Shoto, only to have all his texts read but unanswered. Endeavor, thinking back on how he treated Shoto when he was younger, regrets that he had ignored his son's own will. Endeavor yells Shoto's name while flaring up. His sidekicks suggest that Shoto is probably in the middle of a class.

Round 3 Battle

Juzo completely negates Shoto's freezing attack.

As Tenya and his teammates makes their move, Pony comments on how they were charging in so blindly. Juzo says that he'll use Mezo to determine the situation, for if they were leaving themselves so open, then that means they were setting up for Shoto to unleash his ice, which indeed happens. Tenya, who was watching from afar, notes that they were trying to freeze the ground so Juzo couldn't use his Softening Quirk and that they would attack when their movements were dulled.

However, just as Tenya uses Recipro Burst to run towards, Juzo activates his Quirk on the ice, making it soft while commenting that getting hit with ice would make it much easier for them. Mashirao attempts to retreat but stumbles on a softened pipe as Juzo states he left a few soft spots as traps, allowing Sen to get in close to fight him with his Gyrate Quirk. Tenya also tries to retreat, but Juzo uses his Quirk to sink him into the ground to re-harden it around him and leave him trapped.

Shoto gets pushed back by Tetsutetsu enhanced by Pony's "Horn Cannon".

Pony attacks Mezo and Shoto with her Horn Cannon Quirk, stating that Mezo would have to be hiding within the limit's safety zone and around Shoto. She uses two of her flying horns to push Mezo away and uses her other two horns to propel Tetsutetsu. With their combined Super Move Horn Dash Hammer, Tetsutetsu barrels his way through Shot's ice barrier and knocks him through a pipe.

Meanwhile back with Juzo and Tenya, Juzo claims it was foolish for Tenya to use Recipro Burst so early in the match due to his Quirk's time limit. Tenya argues that he is underestimating him and shocks him by revealing a new Super Move: Recipro Turbo.[10]

Tenya takes Juzo off guard with his Recipro Turbo.

As he makes his way across the ice, Tenya remembers that shortly after he passed the Provisional Hero License Exam, his brother Tensei recommended him to pull out his mufflers and train harder so that a stronger, more efficient set of mufflers would grow, which allows him to run for 10 minutes.

With this new power, Tenya is able to breaks free of the softened ice and proceeds to fight Juzo.[11] He can't control it well, but Juzo is still barely able to defend himself from his attacks, so he's forced to retreat by softening the ground into a liquid and swimming away within it. Izuku, having watched Tenya's new move, claims that it is faster than Gran Torino's.

Sen's attack is stopped by Tenya.

With Juzo out of the picture, for now, Tenya moves out to find his other teammates. He catches up to Mashirao who is still fighting Sen and grabs him. He then tells Mashirao to back up Shoto while he runs off to put Sen in jail. Sen tries to escape and questions Tenya on why he didn't pursue Juzo, resulting in Tenya stating his brother would've done the same.

Meanwhile, Shoto tries to hold Tetsutetsu back with his ice, but being useless against him, Shoto decides to use his Super Move Wall of Flames at Tetsutetsu. While the fire forces Pony and her horns to retreat, helping Mezo in the process, it barely manages to stop Tetsutetsu, as he had trained his Steel Quirk to increased his resistance to both ice and fire, and continues his attack on Shoto as he recalls his father's words about surpassing his limits using his fireside.[12]

Shoto turns up the heat against Tetsutetsu.

This causes Shoto to unleash fire on par with Endeavor's, to the point even Tetsutetsu starts to feel the effects of it. Shoto tells his opponent to back off otherwise he is going to melt. Despite the warning, Tetsutetsu continues with his attack on him, as he deduces that even Shoto won't be able to handle the intense heat for long. Tetsutetsu yells that they need to go beyond their limits in training or they'll never be able to do it in real life.

In another area, Pony and Mezo continue their battle. Pony wants to go back and back up Tetsutetsu as soon as possible so she unleashes her Super Move Thunder Horn on Mezo, launching her horns in rapid-fire succession, with Mezo counters with his own Super Move Octoblow. Mashirao arrives on the scene to help Mezo, destroying various projectiles with his Tornado Tail Dance, and grabs Pony by her horns to keep her back.

Juzo helps his teammate.

Mezo tells Mashirao to take her to the prison while Mashirao tells him back to help Shoto, but Juzo appears behind Mezo softening the ground.[13] Juzo sinks both his rivals under the ground and grabs Mashirao. He tries to force Mashirao to release Pony but Mashirao counters with his Swamp Smack Spin. This helps Juzo and Mashirao get free but Pony manages to use some of her horns to send Mashirao into her team's prison. Then, Pony faces Mezo alone while Juzo goes to help Tetsutetsu.[14]

Shoto and Tetsutetsu continue their struggle, exceeding their limits, but neither of them will hold out for much longer. Tetsutetsu claims Shoto that he's slowing down and Shoto replies that the same thing happens to him. Shoto recalls his father's words about surpass his limits, and prepares to perform an unknown Super Move when he is suddenly stopped by Juzo, who softens the ground with his Quirk. Shoto is knocked unconscious when a chunk of debris hits him on the head.

Ingenium rescues Shoto from Mudman.

When Juzo was preparing to harden the ground to trap Shoto, Tenya rushes in and kicks Juzo in the face, breaking his mask, and running off with the downed Shoto. The kick was so strong that Juzo begins to lose consciousness. He feels frustrated because his mistake of not having stopped Tenya before will mean the defeat of his team. Unable to let that happen, with a last ditch effort Juzo decides to soften a large pipe and yells at Tetsutetsu to push it. Tenya tries to run away at full speed while carrying Shoto, but the pipe falls on top of him and he is trapped. At the same time, both Juzo and Tetsutetsu also collapse and are out cold.[13]

Tenya attempts to break free from the softened substance but can't due to his limbs being trapped under the tower. Tenya regrets over not being able to save Shoto from getting knocked unconscious the moment he arrived to stop Juzo. Meanwhile, Vlad King comments on how Sen's efforts to slow down Ingenium during the match was effective enough to halt his progress. He then declares Sen as the MVP of the match, much to the latter's annoyance.

Pony catches up to the field and grabs her teammates and Shoto but she is chased by Mezo. She realizes she can't turn around to fight Mezo and isn't fast enough to deliver Shoto to the prison without getting caught, so she decides to rise to a height unattainable for Mezo and wait out the match to prevent her team from losing.

After 20 minutes pass, the match is announced a draw with 1-1 on each side.

Round 3 Aftermath

Shoto awakens during the aftermath of Round 3.

Shoto, Tenya, Mashirao, Tetsutetsu, and Juzo are taken to Recovery Girl's office and post-match critique is slated for later. Denki expresses his dissatisfaction with the fact that Pony has forced a tie, but Jurota replies that in a real-life situation fleeing and waiting for backup is a valid and logical strategy. Ochaco feels sorry for Tenya as she notes that ending the match in a draw must be frustrating for Tenya, but Izuku claims he did very well in the battle.

Later on, as Shoto wakes up in the infirmary, Tetsutetsu tells Shoto that even though it was a tie, he still feels he lost, remarking that he would like to have a rematch with Shoto in the future. Tenya apologizes to Shoto for not being fast enough but Shoto apologizes himself, thinking back to how Tenya helped him and realizing what Juzo meant when he said starting with his ice made it easier for him.

Juzo interrupts their chat and tells the two of them he had trouble dealing with the flames and Recipro. He wants to practice and asks both if they can have a rematch in the future, to which the two accept. Then Recovery Girl kicks them all out of her office.

Round 4 then begins with Team Bakugo and Team Tokage.

Round 4

Katsuki gives grenades to his teammates

As the fourth match is about to start, Neito is excited for the match to begin, revealing that Team 4-B has one of U.A's recommended students: Setsuna Tokage. As he shows further signs of unstableness, Neito's teammates and Hitoshi Shinso watch on with exasperation. Team 4-A's contestants show some hesitation towards Katsuki Bakugo's plan, but he decides to go with it while internally wanted to show Izuku his improvements.[14]

Vlad King boasts over the mic that his class has the advantage in wins despite it being a draw. Class 1-A had Hitoshi in the first round and now the scores are tied between both classes. Eijiro and Denki call him out for phrasing things that way and proceed to boo him. Shota tells his class to cut it out and admits that Class 1-B's strategies have been better thus far. This saddens Shota's students and Neito rubs salt in the wound by taunting them. All Might is impressed with Class 1-B's performance but still surprised to see Class 1-A on the ropes. All Might silently believe Katsuki will do great things in this match.

Round 4 Battle

Katsuki's team falls into Setsuna's trap.

Class 1-B's fourth team discusses how they plan to deal with Katsuki's team. Kojiro and Yosetsu believe it's perfectly balanced but Togaru just wants to tear them to shreds. Setsuna suggests that their team take them down early. For Class 1-A part, Katsuki discusses the strategy with his teammates. Katsuki wanted to take the lead and charge ahead with the others serving as backup, saying they have to make the first move in order to win. He orders Kyoka listens for the other team while trailing them. Katsuki also gives each of them one of his grenades and tells them that he'll save them if they get in trouble and asks them to do the same for him.

As both sides make their way through the field, Katsuki yells for his team to hurry up. Kyoka tells Katsuki that she's trying to listen to sounds as she goes only for Katsuki to tell her and the rest of them to just follow him while he goes on the offense. When Katsuki spots someone, Kyoka tries to pick up soundwaves, only to realize it's a trap, as the team is ambushed by Setsuna and her Lizard Tail Splitter Quirk. She splits her body into several pieces and bombards Katsuki with them. Katsuki notes that while their strength do not amount to much, they are annoying because they are too small of targets.

Katsuki Bakugo helps his team.

Hanta uses his Tape Quirk to create a barricade to block the split parts only for the team to get covered and trapped in Kojiro's Cemedine Quirk. Togaru uses his Razor Sharp Quirk to drop a pipe on the team. Rikido prepares to sacrifice himself and catch the falling pipe so that Hanta and Kyoka could stay in the game.

Suddenly, Katsuki destroys the glue-covered pipes and barricade with his explosion while still being relentlessly assaulted by Setsuna's lizard parts. Togaru tries to get the drop on Kyoka but Katsuki appears and blows him away.[15] Katsuki's unexpected action surprises Class 1-B, even Neito Monoma has a hard time believing Katsuki's development. Kyoka then thinks back to how he said he would save them if they were in a pinch. Katsuki then declares that they will obtain a flawless victory with no casualties.

Rikido releases Katsuki from Yosetsu's trap.

As Kojiro makes a retreat, it's revealed prior that Setsuna said that they need to advance Katsuki's team and keep their own distance while waiting for the right moment Katsuki slips up and the rest fall with him. Katsuki proceeds to chase Kojiro, but Yosetsu gets the drop on Katsuki by using his Super Move Construction-Done-Kwik: Weldcraft to trap Katsuki in place, only for Rikido to use his Sugar Rush Super Move to free him, allowing him to continue chasing Yosetsu.

An explosive victory!

Yosetsu tries to protect himself by attaching multiple steel plates to his body. It turns out that Katsuki was merely tricking him by blasting upwards, leaving him for Hanta and Kyoka, who defeats him using her Super Move Heartbeat Surround and restrain him. Katsuki flies at Kojiro and admits the winter season has slowed him down. Setsuna supports Kojiro with her body pieces and the latter counterattacks with adhesive. Katsuki claims that he's finally warming up and barrages Kojiro with a wide cascade of explosions, allowing Rikido to grab and restrain him.

Both Neito and Setsuna are left shocked by Team Katsuki's flawless teamwork and lack of a noticeable gap. Hanta tells Katsuki that Setsuna's Quirk allows her to split apart into several parts, but appears they drop dead after a certain amount of time, and takes her time to regenerate the spare parts. Katsuki listens to Hanta's explanation, as he defeats Togaru with his Explode-A-Pult Super Move.

A desperate Setsuna tries to compose herself, but realizes too late that Hanta had taped the grenade Katsuki gave him to one of her pieces. This gives Class 1-A an advantage as they notice an explosion from a not-so-far distance. Just as Setsuna believes that she avoided the blast, Katsuki catches her off-guard and defeats her with a Zero Distance Stun Grenade. She declares he changed too much only for him to state he's still the same and he'll still surpass All Might.

Team Katsuki is announced the winner with a 4-0 victory in five minutes.[16]

Round 4 Aftermath

Class 1-A comes out on top.

Shota praised the Class 1-A team for their teamwork while Vlad King expresses his disappointment to his students, saying that while they had a solid approach, they acted too rigid. Setsuna apologizes to her team for a pitiful loss. Yosetsu claims they were too weak in the face of a calm Katsuki and Togaru says he'll remember this loss.

Class 1-A praises the winning team Katsuki for their performance. All Might compliments Katsuki, who shrugs the compliment off. Izuku also congratulates Katsuki, in which the latter tells Izuku to hurry up and show some improvements at least. Izuku tells that he'll surpass him, which annoys Katsuki. All Might claims Izuku has a good friend in Katsuki outside of his behavior.

The final round between Team Midoriya and Team Monoma is about to start.

Round 5

Neito comforts a sullen Setsuna.

Neito admits he's impressed with Katsuki victory. He also encourages a dejected Setsuna and his teammates after the former apologizes to him for her defeat at Katsuki's hands and therefore ruining 1-B's overall chances of winning the Joint Training Battle. He says that they've not lost yet and explains that his wishes were simply for everyone to realize which class is more proper in their approach to becoming heroes.

Upon finishing his moral speech, Class 1-B team plans the strategy for the match, especially how they will deal with Izuku, who is the main threat. Nirengeki suggests adopting a strategy similar to Setsuna's and use their Quirks to lay back and lead the rival team into traps. For Izuku, Hitoshi suggests Neito they must work together to use his Brainwashing to stop Izuku. However, Neito has doubts about copying Deku's Quirk due to the risks involved in using it. By coming with their strategy, Neito and his teammates count on Hitoshi to help them win for 1-B.

"Round 5 Start!"

As the teams enter Ground Gamma, Izuku tests out if his Quirk is working okay by leaping around the battlefield. Ochaco, Mina, and Minoru walk on discussing their plan. Minoru suggests neutralizing Hitoshi first, but Ochaco argues that Class 1-B have other Quirks suitable for ambushes to worry about too. Ochaco and Mina gloomily believe that they're at a heavy disadvantage but Izuku cheers his teammates up and volunteers to act as a decoy in an attempt to draw their opponents out. Mina wonders about the current situation revolving around his Quirk. Izuku tells her that it's alright as he has full confidence that he'll carry his team to an outstanding victory.[17]

On Class 1-B side, as they walk towards their area, Neito expresses his empathy for Hitoshi, because like him, he grew up being derided for having a Quirk deemed unsuitable for becoming a hero. Hitoshi tells Neito that he's not happy with his current situation, while the latter points out that's how reality works. Neito asks Hitoshi how he managed to brainwash Izuku. Hitoshi responds that he trash-talked one of his classmates since he didn't really know Izuku's character at first. Neito quickly comprehends that to become a hero, they'll have to resort to "un-hero-like conduct" to catch up with those who were gifted with actual powers of their own.[18]

The fifth round appears to commence. just at that moment, All Might receives a call from Gran Torino who wants to tell him about a dream his predecessor Nana once had. Meanwhile, in Tartarus, inside his prison chamber, All For One reveals that he's starting to slowly feel the presence of his younger brother reappear from the past.[19]

Round 5 Battle

Neito trash talks to provoke Izuku.

Class 1-A team advances through Gamma Ground to face Class 1-B, with Izuku ahead of his teammates. Izuku still feels uneasy about the One For All. Outside the battleground, their classmates notice that Izuku's team formation resembles that of Katsuki Bakugo's from the 4th round, although without someone with Kyoka's capabilities, Izuku will have to work harder than Katsuki to find his enemies.

Izuku arrives near the area where class 1-B is located, when he hears a scream that identifies as Ochaco's. When is he going to turn, he sees Neito who reveals himself from the shadows of the battlefield. Neito starts taunting Izuku by asking him if the scream he heard was from the real Ochaco or was Hitoshi who mimics her voice with his voice changer. Izuku knows he is trying to provoke him and remains silent, suspecting that he may have copied Hitoshi's Quirk. Neito prepares his copied Quirks as Izuku lunges at him. With one final strike, he decides to trash talk about Katsuki, accusing him of being responsible for the downfall of All Might. His words enrage Izuku, who prepares to shoot him a Delaware Smash.

Mina protects her teammates from Class 1-B attacks.

While all this is happening, Ochaco, Mina, and Minoru prepare to restrain 1-B's remaining fighters, with Minoru tying several of his Pop Off balls to a string and lays them throughout the area in the hope that they can act as something of a trap to snag an opposing member. Soon he realizes that something has gotten stuck in the trap, but it does not turn out to be a rival but a flying object of the many that fly towards them.

They quickly realize that Reiko is using her Poltergeist Quirk to throw at them a barrage of objects. Mina uses her Acid to protect the team, but Yui Kodai uses her Size to change their mass as a means of throwing their opponents off. And when Ochaco uses her Zero Gravity to stop the onslaught of metal projectiles, Nirengeki uses Twin Impact to add a second wave to the barrage. Class 1-A seems to be struggling as they barely dodge 1-B's combined attack. Ochaco expresses shock that 1-B managed to find their location while worrying about Izuku's presence.

A mysterious black power explodes out of Izuku.

Meanwhile, off the battlefield, All Might talks to Gran Torino on the phone. Gran Torino reveals to him that Nana once told him that she had a strange dream where she met a figure shrouded in dark fog who simply told her “It’s not time yet…”. While the conservation goes on, a mysterious black power bursts out of Izuku arm, destroying his equipment in the process.[20]

Izuku does not understand what is happening to One For All but to hold back most of its extreme surge of energy. However, it overflows and black tendrils suddenly rush at Neito below. Neito swiftly dodges the tendrils as they forcibly drag Izuku towards Hitoshi's hiding spot. He finds Izuku in despair as the latter begs Hitoshi to run away from this unstable energy.

Izuku's mysterious power goes on a rampage.

Onlookers believe this may be a new ability of Izuku, but he actually begins writhing in pain and despair while the black tendrils are acting out of control, tearing up the landscape and propel him around against his will, even attacking the remaining contestants of team 1-B and his own teammates. Ochaco realizes that Izuku is in danger.

Izuku tearfully wondering why this had to happen now when he was so proud of the progress he'd made and desperately pleads One For All to stop. The situation becomes bad enough that a horrified All Might begs Shota Aizawa and Vlad King to stop the match before anyone becomes gravely injured in the process.[18]

Ochaco jumps to help Izuku.

As Ochaco rushes towards Izuku, he recalls her memories from when she was younger, remembering that seeing her parents exhausted hit her emotionally. However, upon seeing a hero in action, she noticed the crowd react with excitement and happiness. Seeing people's happy expressions motivated her to become a true hero. Her desire to be a hero is much like Izuku's, she saw how heroes could make even the saddest of people smile, but she wonders who is there to help the hero when they need help.

Responding to herself, just as the darkness threatens Izuku, she dives in straight towards him, hoping to restrain him from injuring himself and the participants. She realizes that the black power isn't Izuku's doing, so she turns around and finds Hitoshi watching in bewilderment. Uravity calls him out for help, asking him to uses his Quirk on Izuku in the hope that his power will stop the rampage.

Hitoshi vows to fight Izuku once again.

Hitoshi panics and tries to think of a correct question he could ask Izuku. He quickly calms down and reminds himself of his first clash with Izuku, realizing that he's come a long way since then and truly wishes to fight his rival once again and use his abilities for others' sake. He removes his Artificial Vocal Cords and asks Izuku if they can have their proper rematch, to which Izuku accepts, allowing himself to fall under Hitoshi's brainwash once again, successfully deactivates the mysterious black power as he loses consciousness.

Izuku finds himself again in the mysterious dream he had last night, and from the black fog emerges a bald person who criticizes him, saying to Izuku that although his Quirk has finally manifested, he is misusing its power. The man then encourages his confused successor to try harder to control the Quirk.[21] Izuku identifies that person as one of the predecessors he saw in the dream.

The previous user talks to Izuku about the awakening of One For All.

The previous user continues lecturing Izuku, telling him that the black tendrils he was emitting earlier is actually his own Quirk, Blackwhip, which was manifested by Izuku's will to capture Neito. He also explains to Deku that One For All doesn't just empower his body: the Quirk also carries with it all of the previous holders' Quirks. One For All was only used to empower the user's physical body, but now it's grown strong enough to grant him access to six Quirks that are stronger than their previous holders in addition to the raw power that surpasses All Might's.

He also explains that the Quirk factors of all the previous wielders have been inside One For All for a long time, dormant, in the small core of the Quirk. He says that this core has started expanding and growing larger, and that the same is also happening to One For All itself. The successor also says that its strength has also been increased due to the power of One For All.

Neito ambushes Deku.

The bald user notices that his manifestation is beginning to dissipate, so he encourages Izuku to work hard and carry out his task. He also explains the importance of controlling emotions while using Quirks, especially anger. Before vanishing, he tells Izuku to do his best, and that all the predecessors are there with him and are supporting him.

As Izuku regains his senses, he realizes that he's been caught in midair by Ochaco. Izuku freaks out and tells her to get away from him but she calms him down as they safely float back down. Izuku gets worried about Ochaco being injured, but Neito tries to take advantage of the situation and sneak attack on Izuku, attempting to touch him and copy his Quirk. He manages to knock Izuku over and Ochaco tries to subdue him using Gunhead Martial Arts.

Everyone's drive to fight till the end.

Reiko arrives in time and saves Neito by using Poltergeist to send flying projectiles at Ochaco. Yui and Nirengeki of the Class 1-B team regroup, but are immediately attacked by Mina and Minoru, and a battle breaks out between the five of them. Hitoshi sends his Capturing Weapon flying at Ochaco, but Izuku darts out in front of her and grabs it, ready to face him once again.

Not far from there, All Might, Shota, and Vlad continue to spectate the confrontation. Vlad asks if they should intervene and cancel the match, but Shota decides to let them continue.[22] His decision surprises Vlad, considering what had just happened with Izuku’s Quirk. Shota assures him that if Izuku's chaotic outburst happens again, he will intervene to stop it, but seeing Izuku and Hitoshi continue fighting, he notices all of the students are still eager to win the match and does not want to interfere with their will.

Grape-Pinky Combo Mineta Bounce!

Hitoshi pulls Izuku right off the building with his Capturing Weapon, sending him crashing down onto the surface of the battlefield. Ochaco is surprised by that, then Izuku explains that in those moments he cannot use his Quirk to avoid another rampage. Ochaco suggests a retreat but Izuku replies that means losing, Ochaco asks him if he plans to fight Hitoshi Quirkless, to which he replies no, but needs her to use her powers to aid him against Hitoshi.

Meanwhile, Mina and Minoru take on the remaining opponents of 1-B. Mina fires her Acid Shot attack at the other team, but Yui blocks it with an enlarged plate of metal. Nirengeki throws a projectile on the ground before increasing its velocity using his Quirk, and Minoru protects Mina from this attack using his Grape Buckler shield. And as planned, Minoru ends up bumping into Mina's breasts, shocking and disgusting her so she throws the pervert back at 1-B using her Acid Layback and Minoru bounces off his own balls for a Grape-Pinky Combo Mineta Bounce attack. Watching from the screen, both classes continue to cheer on their classmates, while wondering why the teachers haven't canceled the match.

Ochaco defeats Neito with her martial arts.

Neito attempts another ambush at Izuku and Ochaco, throwing a projectile at them, but Ochaco deflects it with her wrist guard. Since Neito had managed to touch Izuku earlier, he copied his Quirk and announces to Izuku that he is going to use it against them. Knowing the consequences that it entails, Izuku tries to warn him about its unstable power, but Neito ignores him.

Neito activates Izuku's Quirk, but for some reason it doesn't seem to work, allowing Ochaco to jump on him and swiftly subdue him using her Gunhead Martial Arts. Ochaco believes that he was just bluffing although Neito was actually unable to use Izuku's Quirk, which causes him frustration.

Hitoshi realizes his ally is in danger and sends out his Capturing Weapon in an attempt to help him. This allows Izuku to grab onto the scarf, pulling himself towards Hitoshi, and, as Ochaco activates her Zero Gravity ability, the two proceed to clash. As they struggle, Hitoshi recalls the last time they fought each other was during the U.A. Sports Festival, and Izuku knows Hitoshi is too big of a threat not to neutralize now. From a far distance, the teachers observe the clash, with Shota recalling when he trained Hitoshi to make him mastering the Capturing Weapon.

Deku briefly uses Blackwhip.

Hitoshi claims he's not the same as before and tries to bring the pipes down on Izuku the same way he did in round one. Izuku realizes he's unable to escape but then remembers the warm presence of the previous One For All user from before. By remembering the previous One For All wielder's advice and morals, it gives him enough heart to focus and use Blackwhip to grab nearby pipes, readying his attack on Hitoshi.[23]

Seeing the Black Tendrils re-emerge from Izuku, Shota and Vlad prepare to intervene but All Might stops them, as it seems different from when Izuku used it before. Hitoshi jumps away from Izuku and asks if he just was only bluffing when he was rampaging with it before. Izuku suddenly gets some painful physical backlash for using Blackwhip, realizing his body isn't ready for its power yet and he must master One For All first. He looks up and sees that Hitoshi has started running away, and gives chase. Hitoshi knows now that brainwashing won't work anymore, and decides that creating some distance is the best strategy given the current situation.

Izuku halted by Neito using Twin Impact.

Meanwhile, while he is being taken by Ochaco to the cell, Neito sends a metal pipe at her with Poltergeist, but she deflects the attack easily. She turns to him, realizing that, as five minutes have passed, the time limit of his Copy should be up now. Neito taunts her, saying that he could've extended his limit to ten minutes, and asks her if she thinks she could beat him one-on-one.

Ochaco looks defiant but doesn’t verbally reply, and Neito realizes just how cautious the Class 1-A team has been because of Hitoshi's Quirk. He asks if Ochaco knows how many Quirks he can copy at a time, and, noting the number of clocks on his belt, she holds up three fingers, and he slyly asks what she would do if it was four.

Uravity swiftly takes out Reiko and Yui.

Ochaco locks him in the cell while he laughs, knowing she doesn't get where he's coming from. She runs back to Izuku and Hitoshi, now worried that Neito might have done something to Izuku. While he is chasing Hitoshi, Izuku suddenly receives a blow to the face from nowhere. It turns out that Neito had copied Nirengeki's Twin Impact, and back then he hit Deku when he copied his Quirk. As a last act of defiance, Neito used Twin Impact to throw Deku off his balance and nearly give Hitoshi the opportunity to capture him.

Team Izuku wins the final round.

Nirengeki defeats Minoru with a strong punch to his gut after reading his moves, and Reiko follows up with a metal rain attack on Mina. Class 1-B begins to gain momentum, but Izuku recovers from the Twin Impact blast, and starts to head towards Hitoshi again. The latter sends his Capturing Weapon out towards Izuku in the hope that it'll subdue him, but Izuku instead grabs onto it and pulls a startled Hitoshi forwards.

Ochaco karate chops Reiko, knocking her out, and then pushes Yui into a trap made of Minoru's balls. Nirengeki calls out to his teammates in dismay and Mina takes advantage to take him out with an uppercut, saving Minoru. At the same time, Izuku jumps on top of Hitoshi, pinning him down.[24] As he gets captured, Hitoshi reflects on everything seen so far and can't help but admits that the Hero Department is amazing.

The fifth round finally ends with Team 5-A winning the match with a perfect score of 4-0.

Round 5 Aftermath

Class 1-A celebrates their victory in the Joint Training Battle.

Midnight announces the final results, proclaiming that Class 1-A has won the entire exercise overall, and the winners celebrate their victory while Class 1-B laments over their loss. Hitoshi solemnly tells the teachers that he feels disappointed in his performance, noting that he appeared to lack the strength to perform anything on his own. He also reveals to them he deduced that the joint training also doubled as his transfer exam for the hero course.

The participants of the final round gather together to receive feedback from Eraser Head and Vlad. Shota starts off by questioning Izuku about the new power he used, and the latter anxiously ponders on how to explain this technique, knowing that he can't reveal the true details about One For All. He eventually says that he wasn’t sure about releasing his tendrils, going on to describe how his power was overflowed, which led to him going out of control in the process.

Deku reveals Uravity and Hitoshi saved him from going out of control.

Izuku confesses that he felt scared about harming somebody and points out that he was saved thanks to Ochaco and Hitoshi’s teamwork was the thing that truly saved him. Hitoshi then believes that he only played a minor part in rescuing his rival. Midnight continues the feedback by commending Hitoshi and Ochaco's heroism, mentioning how it "turns her on" in terms of excitement and passion.

Mine teases Ochaco about how quickly she acted to save him, causing both Izuku and Ochaco to blush rapidly as Ochaco quickly explains that it was better to do that than nothing. Shota recalls Ochaco's previous statement of her wanting to rescue more people while praising the young hero for her growth.

Hitoshi finally achieves his dream of getting into the Hero Course.

Hitoshi, on the other hand, claims that he didn’t save Izuku out of kindness nor because it was what Ochaco told him to do, rather admitting that he acted on his own desire to have a rematch with his old rival and win a satisfying victory. As Hitoshi admits that he acted on his own desires, Shota proceeds to scold his pupil, much to everyone’s surprise, and points out that everyone in the Hero Course trained hard to become a hero, and they can't help others if they can’t act on their own, commending Hitoshi for acting like a real hero.[25]

Izuku follows on by praising the hero-in-training on his skills throughout the exercise, mentioning how his new equipment gave him an upper hand in taking down opponents with ease. Vlad King then announces before providing feedback to the other students that Hitoshi will be joining the Hero department starting from his second year, with every student questioning whether he'll be joining Class A or B. Hitoshi appears bewildered, but also satisfied and proud of himself for accomplishing his goal.

Even though Class 1-B has lost the bet, Neito begins to rant about how his team didn’t lose in terms of substance, revealing his newfound knowledge of Izuku’s Quirk. He implies that he could easily beat Izuku if they were to rematch now that he knows about his Quirk, Vlad King patiently explaining that, as class has already ended, they won’t be doing another joint training match anytime soon. Izuku wonders how Neito obtained the details of the One For All.

Shota interrupts Neito's monologue by requesting him to come over Class 1-A's dormitories to visit Eri the next day.[26]

The New Power and All For One

Izuku and Katsuki clash in a sparring match.

After the Joint Training, Izuku, All Might, and Katsuki meet in an office to discuss the "maturation" of One For All and the manifestation of the Quirks of the predecessors. Katsuki asks All Might if he knows anything about it, but All Might admits not knowing what is happening to One For All. Izuku is most likely the first user to manifest the powers of the previous users.

Katsuki asks Izuku if there was a trigger that caused Blackwhip to manifest, but the latter denies this, explaining that he was only told that ‘the time has come' and wondering if there could've been some form of external catalyst. Katsuki then asks if this turn of events has anything to do with All For One. All Might comments that he also suspected that might be the case.

Later, around 7:00 PM at evening, Izuku and Katsuki engage in a sparring match at Gym Gamma, in order to activate Blackwhip, but since Izuku is unable to do it again, All Might halts the match. All Might asks Izuku if everything is alright, to which he replies that the presence has completely vanished. Katsuki wants to continue, as he is sure that if Izuku is in danger, the Blackwhip will manifest again, but All Might decides to stop the sparring. Izuku begins to reflect on how he could manifest the Quirk, and wonders if it is truly All For One's power that caused Blackwhip to appear.

Class 1-A and 1-B socializing in 1-A's dorms.

Izuku and Katsuki re-enter the dormitories to find that Classes 1-A and B hanging out together after the exercise, happily socializing in the common area. Shoto approaches Izuku, asking if he also has two Quirks and if he was still hiding his power when they fought in the U.A. Sports Festival. Izuku denies it and hurriedly replies that might be an extension of his original Quirk. Shoto believes his explanation. Izuku then compliments Shoto on the power of the flames he generated during his round, although Shoto replies that he still has a lot to improve. It is revealed that he requested that his father to teach him about one of his fire moves.

The next day, in the Conference Room, the teachers make the final decisions for Hitoshi Shinso to be transferred to the hero department. When the meeting is over, Mic talks to Shota about Hitoshi, telling him that he looks like him in his younger years, and mentions "Oboro". Shota requests that if he wants to say something he should keep it short, as Shota has somewhere to be.

Neito reveals that he can’t properly use Eri’s Quirk.

Later, Eri, Izuku, Mirio and Neito are standing outside the dormitories. Izuku asks what's going on. Shota then approaches them, apologizing to Izuku and Mirio for calling them out so suddenly, explaining that he wanted Neito to help with something but didn't want to leave him alone with Eri as his eccentric personality would be bad for her mental health.

Neito attempts to copy Eri's Rewind Quirk. He grows the horn that is required for its usage, but says that he is incapable of using the Quirk itself and apologizes for this. When asked why, Neito explains that Eri’s Quirk is an accumulation-type Quirk like Izuku’s, Quirks that require some type of energy or resources in order to work properly. He can copy the fundamental abilities of a Quirk but not the stored-up energy. Izuku is relieved that he has this mechanism as it prevented Neito from being damaged by One For All when he copied it during the Joint Training Battle.

Izuku cheers Eri up and encourage her to master her Quirk.

Mirio asks why Neito tried to copy Eri's Quirk, and Shota explains that as Eri doesn't understand how to properly use her power, Neito copying it and learning it would help her and make it easier for her to learn it as well.

Eri apologizes for causing everyone trouble, saying her Quirk only hurts people, but Izuku reminds her that it was her power that saved him, and cheers her up by telling her that her Quirk isn’t dangerous, it all depends on how she uses the Quirk. She can use it to help people once she learns to control it.

These words encourage Eri, and she says that she'll try her best after all. Internally, Izuku promises himself that he'll master One For All.[27]

Story Impact

  • Fumikage's internship and work-study with Hawks is shown.
  • Hitoshi is revealed to have been trained personally by Shota in private.
  • Class 1-A and 1-B are planned to have joint training sessions which was mentioned after the Provisional Hero License Exam by Pony.
    • Hitoshi Shinso of Class 1-C is joining them in the hopes of eventually transferring to the Hero Course.
    • Shota says this training session is an entrance exam for Hitoshi to see if he has the potential to be in the Hero Course.
  • More of the Class 1-B students' Quirks are fully revealed.
  • Izuku notes that every time the previous One For All users activate his Quirk, Hitoshi just happens to be in close proximity.
    • The first time happened during the U.A. Sports Festival in Izuku's fight with Hitoshi. The vestiges activated his Quirk through his fingers, releasing him from Hitoshi's Quirk.
  • Katsuki works together as a team for the first time without trying to do things on his own like he usually does.
  • Tenya has upgraded his mufflers.
  • Shoto has learned to use both sides of his quirk to achieve a flame temperature hot enough to melt iron while cooling his body with his ice, a feat that shows him circumventing the weaknesses of the fire-based quirk that plagued his father.
    • A flashback revealed that one of Shoto's siblings had a fire Quirk that was stronger than their father's but had a weak body.
  • Ochaco's feelings for Izuku resurface as she saves him from being absorbed by Blackwhip.
  • Izuku meets a previous user of One For All during the fifth round.
    • The previous user informs him about how One For All has now begun to grow inside Izuku to the point that he is now able to awaken previous Quirks that were passed on from each user of One For All.
    • Because of this, Izuku awakens the Quirk, Blackwhip.
    • There are 5 more Quirks inside One For All that Izuku will be able to use after learning more about it.
  • A meeting is arranged between Neito and Eri. Shota intended for Neito to copy Eri's Quirk to help her control it, but it failed due to the conditions of Neito's Copy.

Characters Introduced

Quirks Introduced

  • Beast: Jurota's Quirk allows him to become a gigantic beast, gaining an enhanced physique and enhanced senses, but he enters a state of exhilaration.[2]
  • Black: Shihai's Quirk allows him to merge with and move freely throughout anything black in color. If the black object is capable of movement, Shihai may also move the object at will.[5]
  • Mushroom: Kinoko's Quirk allows her to grow mushrooms from various surfaces including her surroundings, her own body and even her opponent's body.[6]
  • Comic: Manga's Quirk allows him to turn onomatopoeias into attacks.[7]
  • Gyrate: Sen's Quirk allows him to rotate any part of his body, replicating that of a drill.[10]
  • Horn Cannon: Pony's Quirk allows her to send her horns flying and remotely control them at will. She is able to control up to four horns that are sent flying.[10]
  • Lizard Tail Splitter: Setsuna's Quirk allows her to split her body into several pieces and control them telekinetically. She is currently able to divide her body into 50 different parts depending on the length.[15]
  • Razor Sharp: Togaru's Quirk allows him to produce large blades from his body.[15]
  • Poltergeist: Reiko's Quirk allows her to telekinetically control objects from a distance.[20]
  • Size: Yui's Quirk allows her to change the size of non-living things that she touches.[20]
  • Twin Impact: Nirengeki's Quirk allows him to cause any object he has punched to experience a second impact with many times the force of the original hit.[20]
  • Blackwhip: Daigoro Banjo's Quirk allows him to create tendrils of dark energy that can grab objects from a distance.[23]

Battles & Events

Battles & Events


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