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Jiro Hotta ( (ほっ) () () (ろう) Hotta Jirō?) was a Trigger dealer from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. Currently, he is one of the managers of Hopper's Cafe.


Jiro Hotta is an adult man with an average constitution. Physically, he is very similar to his brother Ichiro, with dark hair, sharp eyes with small pupils, a goatee, and a small bump in the middle of his forehead. In addition to clothing, Jiro differs from his brother in that his face is a bit more slim square, and has a mustache.

When he makes use of his Quirk, normally after injecting Trigger, Jiro transforms into a humanoid grasshopper. His muscle mass increases and some parts are protected by insect-like quinine exoskeletons. His head resembles that of a grasshopper, with jaws, antennae, and compound eyes. Under this appearance, he is indistinguishable from his brother.

One way to differentiate him from his brother Ichiro is in the clothes he wears. Jiro wears a white hoodie and dark pants. Both brothers wear an apron with the name of their store written on it, and a yellow bandanna tied around their neck. The bandanna is the only garment that doesn't tear apart every time they transform.

After the time skip, Jiro wears a waiter uniform, due to being a member of the Hopper's Cafe staff.



Despite being dealers, both Jiro and Ichiro have enough moral conscience and good sense to not deal with the Trigger that the Villain Factory distributes, knowing that the drug had uppers mixed in. Both pride themselves to deal only with a normal, legal version of Trigger to help stop balding and erectile dysfunction (although they don't have any license to sell the stuff, and therefore what they do is still a crime).[2]

Even so, they do not like people outside their circle to interfere in their business, because they hinder in their “respectable” racket. They are especially upset with Shota, who uses their store as his impromptu hideout and a meeting place with Detective Naomasa.[3] And when it's not Shota the one who bothers them with his presence, it's Koichi.[4] This frustrates the brothers to no end, and they would like everyone to leave so they can continue their affairs freely.

Despite this, Jiro and Ichiro always try to help their friends and acquaintances. Both tried to warn their friend Kirihito Kamachi to stay away from the adulterated Trigger because it caused many problems. And they didn't hesitate to help Shota in her fight against Octoid.[5]

Both brothers are fans of Midnight.



Grasshopper (バッタ Batta?): Jiro's Quirk, when boosted by Trigger, allows him to transform into a large humanoid grasshopper.[2]

Super Moves

  • Double Hotta Kick (ダブル堀田キック Daburu Hotta Kikku?): The Hotta Brothers leap into the air, flip, and come down with a tandem kick.[2]
  • Hotta Jump (堀田ジャンプ Hotta Janpu?): The Hotta Brothers jump over the enemy to distract him.[5]


Trigger: Both Jiro and Ichiro usually carry a sample of the drug with which they usually deal. Whenever they have to face a threat, they give themselves a shot to boost their Quirks. Since their Trigger is a legal version, the boost is not as powerful as the adulterated version, but at least it does not make them go crazy.

Battles & Events

Battles & Events

Chapter Appearances

Osaka Incident Arc
29. Equipment Issues Absent
30. Cooperation Request Absent
31. Day-Tripping Down to Naniwa! Absent
32. Idols Keep Their Secrets! Debut
33. Stumbling into Nasty Business! Absent
34. Crabtastic Rampage! Absent
35. Blown-Up Hero?! See Ya Later! Absent
Sky Egg Arc
36. Must-Have Merchandise Absent
37. Public and Private Appears
38. High-Speed Appears
39. A Rational Man Appears
40. A Rational Team-Up Appears
41. Ultimate Move! Appears
42. Mixer Flashback
43. Casanova Appears
44. One Outrageous Traveler Appears
45. The Man Returns Appears
46. Christmas Eve Hero Absent
47. Farewell Party! Appears
48. Investigation Start! Steamy Romance Spotted?! Appears
49. Zero Hour Absent
50. Defend the Tower! Absent
51. I Do What I Can Absent
52. Balloon Soul Absent
53. Limits and Catastrophe Absent
54. Hotline Absent
55. This Is a Hero!! Absent
56. I'm No Hero Absent
57. Explosive Man Absent
58. International Flight Home Absent
School Days Arc
59. Rain and Cloud Absent
60. Taking in a Stray Absent
61. Two as One Absent
62. Glass Sky Absent
63. Find That Resolve Absent
64. Fight On, Shota Absent
65. A Sky with No Rain Left Appears
Final Performance Arc
66. Graduation and Career Path Absent
67. Professional / International / Spicy Curry Absent
68. I'd Better Not Lose Absent
69. Hero on the Scene Absent
70. True Self Absent
71. Thanks for the Guidance Absent
72. Searching for You Appears
73. The Queen Descends Appears
74. After the Storm Appears
75. Letter Absent
76. Deadly Weapon Absent
77. Strategy Absent
78. Dispatch Appears
79. Inferno Number Two Absent
80. Who's That, Now? Absent
81. Bee My Pop Appears
82. High-Speed Hero II Absent
83. Earthbound Perp Absent
84. Dreams of a Hero Absent
85. Questioning Absent
Underground Masquerade Arc
86. Underground Fighting Tournament Absent
87. Rap Rap Rap Absent
88. Hidden Face, Bare Ears Absent
89. Super-Smashing Tiger Bunny! Absent
90. Team-Up in the Underground Absent
91. Dash Ahead to Plan B Absent
92. Might Signal Absent
93. Three-Second-Back-and-Forth Absent
94. Underground Roots Absent
94.5. Tanuma Report Pictured
Naruhata Lockdown Arc
95. Moon Pictured
96. Negotiations Appears
97. Pursuers Absent
98. Intentional Persuasion Technique Pictured
99. Invasion of the Faceless Appears
100. Super Explosion! Absent
101. Fly at Night Absent
102. Intruder Absent
103. Aim for the Head Absent
104. This Face Absent
105. Escape Start Absent
106. Chase of Crawlers Absent
107. A Hundred Hits Absent
108. Things That Live in the Abyss Absent
109. Encirclement Absent
110. Careless Appears
111. Return of the Fist Absent
112. The Ends to Miscalculation Absent
113. The Worst Villain Absent
114. Dogfight Absent
115. Conclusion to Power Absent
116. The Final Lesson Absent
117. The Absolute Worst One Absent
118. Golden Age Absent
119. That's Why I'm... Absent
120. Rootin' For Ya! Appears
121. Reinforcements Arrive Appears
122. One-Two Finish Appears
123. Bye Bye, Hero Appears
124. Forever Absent
125. Each of Our Futures Appears
126. The Skycrawler Rising Appears


  • Jiro's surname contains the kanji for "moat/canal" ( ho?) and "rice field" ( ta/da?), while his given name contains the kanji for "two/second" ( ni/ji?) and "son, male child" ( ?).
    • He shares his given name, Jiro, with the Jiro Family. However, both names are composed of different characters and thus, have different spellings.
  • As implied in Chapter 32, it seems as though Jiro suffers from erectile dysfunction, whereas his brother Ichiro suffers from balding.
  • Jiro's name references the main character of Android Kikaider by Shotaro Ishinomori. While his Quirk's transformation resembles Kamen Rider, another Ishinomori creation.[6]


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