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Jet (ジェット Jetto?) is the Quirk used by Sorahiko Torino.


Jet grants the user the ability to expel air from open holes on the soles of their feet. This allows them to fly around a limited range as well as move faster than the eye can follow, even on the ground.

Gran Torino's enhanced speed.

The air used to fuel Jet is taken from the breath of the user. Jets on the user's feet propel them in a straight line to their desired destination. Switching angles require a second breath to create another pulse of air. Momentum granted from this power can be used to improve the user's own strength.

Jet provides its user with the ability to fly to a certain degree and it also serves as a great evasion ability.


The flight capabilities of this Quirk are limited by the amount of air expelled from the user's lungs. Therefore, it can't hope to match flying Quirks that suspend their users in mid-air for much greater lengths of time.


Even in his old age, Gran Torino is recognized as one of the fastest Pro Heroes because of his Quirk. All Might claims he can move faster than the eye can follow.[1] Izuku could not hope to try and follow his teacher's movements while fighting in an enclosed space.[2]

With his flashing speed, Gran Torino can easily deal devastating blows to opponents before they ever see him coming. He knocked out some of the League of Villains' toughest members in mere seconds, hitting each one with a single blow to the head before the others could react.[3]

Gran Torino overwhelming a Nomu with his lightning-like speed.

It has proven to be very difficult to land a direct hit on Gran Torino, who can use his powers to change direction and disappear in an instant. Even using One For All, Izuku only managed to scratch Gran Torino during their training. Only All For One has managed to hit him, by using his Warping Quirk.[3]

Gran Torino is an expert on using the boost from his Quirk to enhance his strength, he often flies at his opponent and deals devastating blows using a combination of tackles and dropkicks. He produced enough force to tackle a Nomu through a train[4] and cracked the street beneath its body after striking the finishing blow.[5]

Gran Torino makes use of his mobility not only for combat but to save others from dire situations as well. However, his advanced age means that he cannot use this Quirk repeatedly as his bones and organs have grown weaker.


  • This Quirk is similar to Tenya Ida's manifestation of Engine, as both grant the user propulsion devices in their lower bodies that provide enhanced speed. The main difference is that in Jet, they are located at the bottoms of feet and provide enhanced jumping, while in Engine, they are located in the lower leg and provide enhanced running.
  • Horikoshi revealed the inspiration for Jet is the water shooting out of a showerhead.


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