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The Jaku Hospital Raid is a police raid on Jaku General Hospital orchestrated by the Police Force led by Naomasa Tsukauchi and a large team of Pro Heroes led by Endeavor with the intention of capturing Kyudai Garaki and Tomura Shigaraki.

This mission takes place at the same time as the raid on the Paranormal Liberation Front headquarters at Gunga Mountain Villa.


Detective Tsukauchi holds a meeting with all the members of the team before their mission begins. He explains that one of their primary targets is Kyudai Garaki, one of the main supporters of the original League of Villains, who has been masquerading as a normal doctor, founder of Jaku General Hospital and head of its board of officials. Based on a tip from the Heroes Public Safety Commission, the police sent someone undercover to investigate.

The Police Force meets with the Heroes just before the mission begins.

There is an area beneath the hospital that locked down. The informant was unable to uncover any legitimate uses for space and found out only Doctor Garaki used it. Through further investigation, the insider was able to get a photo of Doctor Garaki going through the morgue into an elevator with a small Nomu inside.

Naomasa announces that their first objective is to arrest the Doctor and cut off the villain's ability to warp. At the same time, a separate force of heroes will raid the Gunga Mountain Villa while all the leaders are in a meeting.[1]

Following the debriefing, Endeavor asks Naomasa if it was "him" who leaked the info about the hospital. Naomasa knows he's talking about Hawks, but decides to keep things as cryptic as possible. Endeavor walks off and as the mission begins he recalls Hawks telling him to ready their forces and the next generation. Just as the No. 2 Hero asked, Endeavor has achieved both those goals.[2]


Endeavor confronts the evil doctor.

Endeavor leads the team of heroes inside Jaku General Hospital, surprising the staff members inside. Before long he's able to locate Doctor Garaki, who's calmly walking through the hallways of the medical center. Completely ignorant of the situation, the doctor thinks to himself about how Tomura's procedure will be finished within the next month. His daydream is interrupted when Endeavor surprises him from behind by calling out the doctor as All For One's right hand and creator of the Nomu. The Doctor turns around to see that Endeavor has found him out and screams in terror as a response to the realization of his perilous situation.[3]

The Doctor runs in terror while Endeavor and his team pursue. However, he falls over and begins to rapidly age as a result of Shota Aizawa's Erasure Quirk. Endeavor surmises the registry was wrong and the doctor has a Quirk that de-ages him. Naomasa speculates on what the doctor has been using these types of Quirks for and Present Mic grabs the old man and demands to know why he didn't use these powers for the greater good.

Nomu suddenly launch a counterassault against the heroes.

The other doctors nearby intervene and force Present Mic to stop roughing up Kyudai. The heroes force them to evacuate with everyone else in the hospital. While most of the heroes focus on evacuation, Mirko heads straight for the morgue. Eraser ties up the Kyudai with his binding weapon and declares that this is revenge for everyone the doctor has messed with.

Endeavor checks in with Mirko via a telecommunications device in their ears. She heads further into the hideout and discovers that down the dark hallways of the unused sector in the hospital, Nomu are beginning to emerge. Mirko warns Endeavor that the Nomu are coming and they suddenly break through the walls of the hospital to attack the heroes. One of the larger Nomu manages to pierce the Doctor's body, revealing he was actually a double, created by a duplicated version of Twice's Quirk

Mirko breaks into Kyudai's secret laboratory.

Meanwhile, the real mad Doctor has been devoting all his time to Tomura Shigaraki while his double has handled everything at the hospital. Knowing that all his life work is here, the Doctor regrets needing to flee the hospital. He orders Johnny to warp him and Tomura away at once. However, Mirko suddenly bursts through the wall and crushes little Johnny with the debris. Mirko asks if he's the real doctor and all he can do in response is once again cry out in terror.[4]

By crashing into the laboratory, Mirko destroys a number of Nomu tanks, and duplication equipment along with Johnny. Mirko tells Endeavor that she found the doctor and receives orders to capture him immediately. Endeavor wants to try and catch up with her after frying one of the larger Nomu, but he's still fighting alongside Eraser, Rock Lock and several other heroes against countless Nomu. At the same time, Mandalay tells Rock Lock that they've successfully evacuated the entire hospital.

The Heroes vs. Nomu!

Crust's team is able to break through and heads towards Mirko's position. While passing by several storage rooms, Crust surmises that the Nomu have several passageways in and out other than the morgue. As Nomu impede his path to Mirko, Crust activates his Quirk and apologizes for having to take them down.

Mirko rushes the Doctor and threatens to kick him to figure out if he's a double. As the Doctor screams, he thinks about activating the High-Ends. Before Mirko is able to hit him, another small Nomu named Mocha stops her. The Doctor is proud of his little Nomu for rescuing him but Mirko kills it with a single kick. Swearing to avenge Mocha, the Doctor activates five High-Ends and orders them to slaughter the heroes.

Mirko faces off against the High-Ends.

The High-Ends instantly converge on Mirko. Even though she's able to injure a few of them with a kick, she's sent flying into the walls of the laboratory by the advanced Nomu. Crust enters the room and expresses concern for his ally. He's also quickly confronted by one of the five Nomu who recognizes him as one of the top heroes. The Doctor focuses on accelerating Tomura's procedure while the High-Ends hold off Mirko and Crust. The Rabbit Hero recovers from the surprise attack and expresses how excited she is things are starting to heat up.[5]

Crust's team leads the large High-End into the corridor where its trapped. He tells his team they must reach Mirko and back her up quickly. Mirko surmises that the Doctor is hidden away in a deeper section of his lab, meaning he's cornered and can't get away. Without a warping Quirk to escape, the Doctor is forced to accelerate Tomura's procedure and places his faith in the five High-Ends.

Mirko's last-ditch effort to stop Tomura's awakening.

Mirko takes on four of the High-Ends alone and uses her speed to avoid most of their attacks while countering with an array of kick-based Ultimate Moves. She loses her arm early into the scuffle but manages to tear off one of the High-Ends heads to kill it. She turns to face her remaining enemies and reveals that Mirko the Hero lives a life without regrets and that life won't be ended by Nomu. [6]

Five minutes into Mirko's fight with the remaining High-Ends, she's unable to land anymore blows. This is due to the High-Ends getting accustomed to being awake, leaving the injured Mirko at a disadvantage. Realizing this, Mirko attempts to blitz through the Nomu in order to take on the Doctor directly. They injure her further but she does manage to break through, planning on taking out the old man and Tomura before she kicks the bucket.

Endeavor comes to back up Mirko just in time.

Mirko reaches the inner sanctum of the lab and attempts to destroy Tomura's tank with a flying kick. Her leg is pierced by a pursuing Nomu but she still refuses to give up. Endeavor finally arrives to back her up and crushes the Nomu's head with a powerful flaming punch. Thanks to his quick save, Mirko reaches Tomura with her attack.[7]

Endeavor was able to catch up to Mirko after regrouping with Crust. Crust was having trouble with the big High-End's Regeneration but Eraser was able to nullify it, allowing Endeavor to blast the High-End out of the way and back into the outer lab. Immediately Endeavor's team including Eraser and Present Mic engaged the other Nomu inside, allowing Endeavor to reach Mirko in time.

Reinforcements clash with the High-Ends!

Presently, Mirko reaches Tomura's tank and confirms for herself that the Heroes can't allow him to be released into the world. At the same time, Eraser tells Endeavor that he was unable to spot the High-End he's currently attacking and asks him to finish it quickly. The "Woman" High-End takes notice of Eraser's Quirk and avoids his gaze before unleashing a counterassault that pushes back all the heroes. This allows the High-End Endeavor's holding down to get free and use it's Quirk to further injure Mirko.

Despite the graveness off her accumulating injuries, Mirko perseveres and uses an Ultimate Move to break into Tomura's tank. However, she's unable to completely destroy it and is dragged away by the Nomu. Endeavor acts quickly and rescues Mirko while she yells for the others to hurry and stop Tomura from awakening. [8]

Present Mic stops the Doctor from awakening Tomura.

Endeavor cauterizes Mirko's wounds to stop her from bleeding. Crust and the others receive her message about Tomura while actively fighting off the High-Ends. Eraser is able to nullify three of the Nomu's Quirks to even the playing field but there is another fighting Endeavor deeper inside the chamber. Eraser knows they must hurry to save Mirko and stop Tomura from awakening, but he can't allow the three Nomu to get their powers back. He asks Mic and the Eye-Gun Hero: X-Less to break into the inner chamber.

One High-End attempts to stop them but Crust successfully creates an opening, allowing Mic to get inside and shatter Tomura's cage with his Loud Voice Ultimate Move just as the Doctor prepares to wake him up. As revenge for Oboro, Mic strikes the Doctor with DJ Punch while X-Less secures Tomura. The other heroes finally invade the lab and manage to take down Woman and the other High-Ends. Fearing the worst, The Doctor believes he's lost and claims the evil king's dream is dying.[9]

The second coming of All For One awakens at last.

Present Mic takes the Doctor back toward the outer part of the lab, demanding that he call of the remaining Nomu that are still rampaging. Mic asks X-Less to deal with Tomura and the Eye-Gun Hero notices a machine that wasn't harmed and believes he should destroy it just to be safe. While the Doctor is being dragged away, he reveals that he was the originator of the Quirk Singularity Theory and that his Quirk is simply a duplicate of his original Quirk, Life Force. In this same way, All For One gained a replica of his own Quirk and passed on the original to Tomura. Thanks to the influence of his master now dwelling within him, Tomura awakens from the dream realm connected to All For One and One For All.[10]

Tomura screams upon awakening, getting X-Less's attention, but the newly awakened supervillain simply says that he's cold. While the Pro Heroes begin to finally gain a handle on all the High-Ends, Mic and the Mad Doctor notice the entire tunnel they just walked out of start crumbling to dust. Before both of them are destroyed, Gran Torino swoops in and jets away from the destruction. The entire outer lab begins to crumble and the heroes make a mad scramble for the exit.

Upon awakening, Tomura begins destroying everything.

Ryukyu uses her flight and massive size granted by her Dragon Quirk to carry and fly a number of heroes away from the decaying area. She tries to pick up Eraser but a High-End Nomu grabs his leg. The Shield Hero sacrifices his life to save the Erasure Hero by using his shield to sever the Nomu's arm. Both Crust and the High-End are instantly decayed into dust. Endeavor carries Mirko and Ryukyu's sidekick out as quickly as possible using his flames to propel him forward at top speed. The decay continues to spread until not only all of the hospital is destroyed, but the entire area of the city begins to crumble and collapse. As the Doctor is carried away along with the others, he admits that the heroes had them beat. However, Tomura will destroy all that the heroes have built and the villain's victory is now assured.

Decay's power ends up reducing the hospital to dust, as the heroes escape the wave of destruction while trying to save civilians. Some of them use their Quirks to try to slow down the decay, but they can't, and the wave spreads to Jaku City.[11] Deku, and later Shoto, also try to stop the destruction, but their efforts prove futile. Burnin orders everyone to back off and the Heroes and students do so as they try to escape with the civilians.

Tomura gets a wake up call from the No. 1 Hero!!

In the wake of the destruction, Tomura stand on a small structure from where he unleashed his Quirk, the only place that did not crumble to dust in the massive decay wave. Behind him is the machine dedicated to processing the Quirk-Erasing bullets, which prevented it from being obliterated thanks to his improved control over his quirk However, after being damaged by X-Less, Tomura is sad that most of the Quirk erasing bullets inside it were rendered useless. Suddenly, he hears a voice in his head and is confused by the intrusion in his thoughts. Ignoring this, he realizes that the situation for the PLF is not ideal, so he picks up Kyudai's phone from the ground and summons Gigantomachia, ordering him to bring the others. Then, he sees Endeavor charging at him from the sky.[12]

Tomura hears the voice inside his head again, urging him to get the One For All, and unconsciously activating the Quirk Search. This distracts him from Endeavor's attack, who unleashes Flashfire Fist - Hell's Curtain, trapping Tomura in a scorching inferno. He escapes the flames and tries to touch Endeavor to disintegrate him but Endeavor dodges it and counterattacks, surprised to see that Tomura has Super Regeneration that allows him to withstand the burns. Endeavor grabs Tomura and tries to incinerate him, but Tomura blasts him away with his new Air Cannon Quirk.

Deku and Katsuki plan to lure Tomura away.

Tomura realizes he has inherited all the Quirks All For One collected with his Quirk. Before continuing to fight Endeavor, Tomura salvages a couple of Quirk-Erasing bullets from the wrecked machine and retrieve the amputated hand that he uses as a mask. As he faces the number one hero, Tomura feels that despite all his incredible new power, he doesn't feel whole, and he mentions out loud that he must get the One For All. Endeavor is confused by his words, which are captured by the communication system, reaching Izuku's ears.

Tomura locates Deku's position using Search, and urged by the desire to get the OFA, he stops fighting and jumps away in his direction. Endeavor pursues him, reporting that Tomura is heading to the evacuation zone for some reason, and gives the proper orders. Knowing that Tomura is after his Quirk, Izuku decides to get away from there as soon as possible, to lead Tomura away from the civilians, being followed by Katsuki, who also realized what's going on. Shoto and Ochaco calling them out, and Deku claims they have to go to other direction. Then he contacts Endeavor via the private channel and tells him that he believes Tomura is looking for him.[13]

More heroes arrive to face Tomura.

Endeavor is confused by what is happening but decides to tell Izuku where Tomura is heading, before the villain combines Air Cannon with Radio Waves to release a blast to get rid off Endeavor at the same time that jams all the communicators. Tomura finally catches up with Izuku, and tries to steal One For All from him, but he and Katsuki are saved by Gran Torino. Eraser Head appears, held by Rock Lock and Manual, and uses his Erasure Quirk to cancel Tomura's powers, allowing Ryukyu in her Dragon form to knock the villain into the air.[14] While in air, Tomura pulls out his communicator and orders an unknown recipient to kill anyone on sight.

Thanks to Manual is using his Quirk to prevent him from blinking, Shota can use his Erasure for longer on Tomura. Ryukyu points out that Tomura can't use his Quirks. Endeavor charges for his sidekick Kido, who uses his Traject Quirk to change Endeavor's trajectory straight up at Tomura. Upon reaching him, Endeavor unleashes a large blast of fire but Tomura dodges it, though his left arm gets burnt. The heroes realize that Tomura has not used any Quirk to push himself aside but sheer brute force, which is equivalent to that of a perfected Nomu. Ryukyu flies towards Tomura, only for the latter to slam Endeavor right down at her, causing both to plummet to the ground.

Tomura releases the Near High-End Nomu

Gran Torino drops Deku and Katsuki in a safe place as he orders them to get as far away from Tomura as possible. Both Izuku and Katsuki want to fight Tomura, but Gran Torino refuses to let them do so since now that Tomura is the owner of All For One, they cannot take the risk of him taking the chance to steal One For All from Izuku. While arguing, the three watch in shack as the situation worsens even more as a large number of Near High-End Nomu appear. They are the ones Tomura called before with his device, and they attack the heroes force who came to help in the fight against Tomura.

In the battlefield, Tomura stands triumphantly over the defeated Ryukyu and Endeavor, mocking them. Gran Torino moves to Eraser Head's location to help him against Tomura as he tells Izuku and Katsuki to hide. Endeavor tries to strike him again but Tomura dodges and moves away from him to take out Eraser Head, due to his Erasure does not allow him to use all his Quirks nor his regeneration heal his wounds. Before he can reach him, Tomura suddenly gets tackled back by Deku, intending to finish off the Symbol of Chaos once and for all.[15]

Endeavor fights alongside Deku and Katsuki.

Izuku and Katsuki begin to attack Tomura, but even with their efforts and with Shota canceling his Quirks, they barely manage to contain him, having to receive help from Endeavor. Izuku is shocked to know that Tomura's physical strength is almost on par with All Might's. Tomura moves forward hoping to grab Deku and One For All, but as he demands the student he gives him One For All, he ends up calling him his "little brother"; a statement that leaves both of them confused.

While dodging Endeavor's Hell Spider, Tomura finally realizes that the voice he had been hearing comes from a manifestation of All For One's will, who is inside him. Though grateful for his master's aid, Tomura declares he will become something greater than him, and destroys the image of his master in his mind. While doing this, Gran Torino strikes Tomura with a kick and tells the villain to stop trampling over Nana Shimura's memory, though Tomura doesn't know who he is talking about. Izuku and Katsuki join the assault and then Endeavor manages to strike Tomura with his Super Move Vanishing Fist.[16]

Tomura brutally injures Gran Torino.

The constant attacks on Tomura leave him seriously wounded, but his will remains strong. In this way, when Endeavor assures him that the heroes will not allow someone like him to triumph, no matter how much power he gains, Tomura replies that heroes hurt their families[17] and lectures everyone about the flaws of the hero society. Endeavor responds by shooting at him a blast of fire. To his shock though, Tomura dodges by jumping into the air, causing Endeavor to question how he can still move. Tomura runs in the direction of Eraser Head to neutralize him.

He is tackled by Gran Torino, but Tomura manages to get a fatal punch right into Gran Torino's chest. Deku screams in anguish upon witnessing his mentor be pummeled, but when he tries to strike him with Blackwhip, Tomura rushes past both him and Katsuki as he is aiming for Shota. While Rock Lock and Manual try to get Shota to a safe zone, Ryukyu halt Tomura with her dragon claw, but he punches a hole right through it anyway. An enraged Izuku shows up, completely binding him with Blackwhip to keep him steady. Deku declares that he'll never forgive Tomura, while the villain rebukes that he'll never forgive anyone and elbows Deku in the stomach. Izuku endures it, and keeps Tomura restrained, allowing Katsuki and Endeavor to charge forward.

Eraser Head slices off his leg.

Tomura pierces through Ryukyu's hands carrying a couple of Quirk-Destroying Drugs bullets, and aims for Eraser Head's position.[18] Ryukyu sees the bullets and warns the others, and Izuku immediately uses 100% Wyoming Smash to stop the villain. However, despite the punishment, Tomura is able to trows the bullets. One is destroyed by Katsuki, but the other hits Shota in his crippled leg. Acting fast, Shota uses his knife to slice his leg off to prevent the drug from spreading through his body. Even Tomura can't help but praise him.

Unfortunately, this makes Eraser head to blink briefly, giving Tomura the chance to blow all the heroes back with a shockwave. He grabs Eraser Head's face ready to crush it. Deku manages to catch his legs with Blackwhip and yanks him back at the same time Tomura is struck by a pillar of ice from Shoto Todoroki, who had decided to follow Izuku and Katsuki. Deku strikes Tomura in the gut and sends him flying back before going over to his teacher. To his horror, he sees that Tomura had managed to wound his face, damaging his eyes and deactivating his Quirk. As a result, Tomura heals himself with his Super Regeneration, and he looks to the Heroes saying that as much as they delayed it, the only fate that awaits them is total destruction.

Gigantomachia ready to destroy everything in his path.

Meanwhile, in Jaku City, Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Tenia are worried about their classmates. Just when Ochaco is about to suggest going find them, they see the civilians reacting to a news reporting that Gigantomachia is heading straight for Jaku, laying waste to the cities he passes through.[19] The heroes and students who are on mission at the Gunga Prefecture were unable to stop Gigantomachia, and now the behemoth goes to where Tomura is, destroying everything in his path. He on his back carries Dabi, Himiko, Spinner, Mr. Compress and Skeptic and is followed by several PLF soldiers. Back at Jaku, when Mic takes Kyudai to the nearest police force and is informed of the situation, Kyudai begins to rant about the impending defeat of the heroes.

Over at the battle site, Endeavor asks his son where he was and he explains he went to help Ryukyu and the others. He also surrounds Endeavor in ice to help him cool off. At Eraser Head's position, Manual and Rock Lock are trying to stabilize his severed leg. Seeing his teacher Shota injured, Izuku is enraged. Rock Lock tells him to run away, but Izuku refuses to do so. Tomura then announces it is time for everyone to die, but then his body rips apart. Although his super regeneration will heal the wound, Tomura is confused by this, as the operation is supposed to have improved his body. This makes him asks Deku today's date.

Deku ready to finish off Tomura.

Izuku understands that, because the heroes had raided the secret laboratory in advance and interrupted Tomura's stabilization, his body had not completed compatibility with the All For One, and now Tomura's body is reaching its limit and no longer can hold the Quirk's power without harming himself. Nevertheless, the super regeneration finally kicks in, and Tomura decides to end the fight with a massive wave of Decay. However, Izuku jumped into the air carrying everyone with Blackwhip. the semi-unconscious Gran Torino realizes that he is also using Nana Shimura's Quirk: Float. Deku gets in close to Tomura and declares that he will finish him with everything that he has.[20]

Izuku realizes that only he can prevent Tomura mass destruction by putting him in mid air so, after placing his allies on the ground and asking them to take care of the wounded, he relentlessly pummels Tomura with the OFA at 100%, with no intention of sparing the villain, and not caring that his own body can be ended messed up.[21] On the ground, everyone is surprised by Izuku's display of power but Katsuki states that he won't be able to continue like this for long, so he tells Endeavor and Shoto his plan. Endeavor has to hold off his flames until he gets him up in the air and Shoto to cool his father off as long as possible. They both accept the plan, and all three flies into the air. As the three reach the areal fight, Katsuki and Shoto launch Endeavor at the villain.

Katsuki gets stabbed.

Endeavour charges in and holds Tomura, yelling for Izuku to get down as he incinerates Tomura with the full power of Prominence Burn. While Tomura is burning alive and on the verge of death, the vision of All For One reappears in his mind and tells Tomura to lend his body. Tomura seemingly relents. Endeavor gets stabbed by wires of the Rivet Stab emitting from Tomura's back and he wonders why he won't die. Under All For One's control, 'Tomura' says something unintelligible before firing the wires at Izuku, calling him his 'little brother'. Katsuki pushes Deku out of the way and gets stabbed by the black wires.[22]

Izuku watches in shock as Katsuki falls to the ground badly injured, being grabbed by Shoto, who also grabs Endeavor. 'Tomura' mocks the sacrifice of the heroes and especially Katsuki's, which snaps Izuku, feeling a strange and painful sensation in his head. Blinded by rage, Izuku goes berserk on 'Tomura', destroying the tendrils on his way, but his anger leaves him open to being touched by his enemy. 'Tomura' takes the opportunity and puts his hand on Izuku's face and process to extract the One For All. But all does not go as planned, as the move brings Izuku and his foe into his mindscape.

All For One tries to get One For All.

Izuku finds himself back in the mist-covered wasteland of his dreams, and in front of him, he sees the vestige of All For One trying to merge with Tomura, who tries to reject him. As Deku struggles to move, Nana Shimura appears beside him and tells him "they" will help him.[23] All For One notices Nana and tells Tomura that his dead and useless grandmother has joined them. All For One begins to explain about the conscious embedded in quirks and his ability to interact with those consciousnesses.

Tomura remembers the image of his grandmother when he was younger, as well as when she appeared along with his family in his mind before. Nana recognizes him as Kotaro's son, but Tomura declares that he also hates her with all his heart, and launch a Decay wave against her and Izuku while his master applauds him for using his hate to empower him. Enraged by his master's interference, he attempts to destroy All For One as well, though he is unaffected, not minding that Tomura is starting to hate him since it is more fitting for the Symbol of Terror.

The first user praises Izuku and protects him from AFO.

The eroding stops as All For One realizes his rage is not enough, as his younger brother, the first user of One For All, appears as well and stop the decay, saying to be just as stubborn as himself. Then he asks All For One if Tomura is the next person he is manipulating. All For One says he wishes he had made his brother his, but the younger brother says they won't join him. All For One has Tomura combine their powers together to take One For All, stating that Deku is unworthy since he couldn't protect his friends or teacher. The younger brother says they deem Deku worthy and All For One will never understand why as he and Nana counter All For One and Tomura.

In a grand explosion, Izuku wakes up from the dream as he and Tomura fall away from one another in the sky. Deku realizes Tomura failed to steal One For All, as All For One tells Tomura it was due his body hasn't fully adapted to his new Quirk. As they fall, Izuku pleads the unconscious Tomura to stop moving.

While all this is happening, Gigantomachia continues rampaging to Tomura's location. On his back, Dabi asks Skeptic to have his video ready to tear the hero society apart, while Mr. Compress worries about Toga, who is affected by Twice's death in the mansion.[24] Several heroes try to evacuate the civilians as soon as possible from the cities before Gigantomachia passes through them, while others try to stop him. Using his laptop and his company satellites, he obtains images of the heroes that they will be found on Jaku. He starts forming a strategy to counter them, but Mr. Compress tells him to zoom in on Uravity and Froppy, which catches Himiko's attention, and then runs over to Mr. Compress to give her her gear, which he does.

Ochaco and Tsuyu rescue some civilians.

Mr. Compress understands what her intentions are and tries to dissuade her, but Himiko reminds him that she needs answers to her stifling feelings. Knowing that nothing they say will make Himiko change her mind, Spinner tells her that she is not the only one affected by Twice's death, and only asks her to be careful and to return safely to the League.

In Jaku City, Ochaco and Tsuyu are evacuating and rescuing civilians as Gigantomachia begins knocking down buildings. An old lady appears asking them to rescue her husband. Ochaco decides to accompany her, surprised by the speed of the old woman despite her age. Finally, when they reach a secluded area of the city, Himiko decides to shed her disguise. Ochaco is understandably shocked to realize that she has fallen into Himiko's trap. Himiko slips into a house with Ochaco following.

Himiko Toga faces Ochaco Uraraka.

Once inside, Toga ambushes Ochaco, while telling him that he wants to talk to her if Twice was a human who needed to be saved.[25] The two struggle and in the struggle, Ochaco drops Izuku's Christmas present. Himiko picks it up and run off and Ochaco chases her to get it back. As she dodges Ochaco's attacks, Himiko tells her that the Keychain is very precious to her, in a similar way Twice was very precious to herself.

Then she states that ince she was a child she was always being restrained her feelings of draining blood, only to find that by doing that the only made these to grow. Ochaco simply replies that if her way of life causes her to hurt people, then she has have to live with those consequences. Ochako's words emotionally hurt Himiko, who realizes that she is right. When he prepares to attack her, Tsuyu appears, so Himiko decides to run away. Tsuyu prepares in case she attacks again, but Ochaco tells her that she won't, and wonders why Himiko was suddenly crying.

Gigantomachia finally arrives to retrieve Tomura.

Meanwhile, at the battlefield, Shoto rescues Deku, and tries to apply first aid to him, his father, and Katsuki. To they horror, they see that Tomura is still active, using the tendrils of his Rivet Stab quirk to move around. In side him, All For One's will tells him to retreat but Tomura retorts he isn't the boss of him. Suddenly, he gets blasted by Nejire's Wave Motion as Tenya runs to Shoto reporting that Gigantomachia is making his way to their current location. Shoto tells Ingenium to get the injured out of the area, as he and Nejire fight Tomura. Izuku tells Tenya to focus on Katsuki and Endeavor, because Tomura is after his Quirk. In the distance, Gigantomachia is getting closer and closer to them.[26]

Knowing that Tomura is very weakened due to the punishment received, Shoto and Nejire try to take him down, using his Quirks at full power, but Gigantomachia eventually makes it there to assist his master, swatting them aside with his giant hand. Gigantomachia retrieves the now unconscious Tomura and places him on his back, where Spinner tries to tend to him, asking him to order Gigantomachia to do something.

Dabi reveals his true identity as Toya Todoroki.

Dabi emerges from the back of Gigantomachia and greets Endeavor and Shoto as Endeavor calls him by his name. Dabi, however, requests to be called by his true name as he washes off the black coloration on his white hair. Dabi then reveals that his true identity is that of Toya Todoroki. His proclamation shocked everyone but not as much as Endeavor and Shoto, who are horrified to their very core.[27]

Endeavor refuses to believe that Dabi is his deceased firstborn, but Dabi assures him that it is the truth and that right now, with the help of Skeptic, he is broadcasting his pre-recorded history, revealing his relationship with Endeavor as well his abusive past on his family.

Dabi confesses that he had always wanted revenge on him by making him suffer as much as possible. He originally thought about killing Shoto but a better opportunity presented itself when he became Japan's number 1 hero. He decided to hope he was at the top of his reputation, organized the attacks from Starservant and Ending to help him climb, and now that the hero society itself is reeling from that conflict, he has decided to wait until he is at the top of his reputation, organized the attacks by Starservant and Ending to help him climb, to crush him physically and morally when the opportunity presented itself, destroying his reputation in the face of society.

And now that the hero society itself is reeling from that conflict, the perfect opportunity has come, and now he's revealing many of Endeavor's darkest secrets to give the last push. And to rub salt into the wound, his video also shows some of the Hawks' secrets and crimes, revealing that he is the son of a thief and a murderer, showing him killing Twice when he was trying to run away, and stating that he killed Best Jeanist while he was recuperating.

Best Jeanist is alive and kicking.

Dabi mockingly thanks Endeavor for going strong up until now as he jumped off Gigantomachia's back, ready to attack him with a Prominence Burn. Shoto tries to get his shocked father to protect Deku and the others and worry about the rest later while he and Nejire fight him off. As Dabi prepares to finish Endeavor off, Best Jeanist himself jumps from a plane with several carbon fibers wires containers, which he uses to tie up all of the Lieutenants of the Paranormal Liberation Front with his Quirk, including Gigantomachia and the unconscious Tomura.[28]

Dabi is in disbelief seeing him alive since he was positive Hawks brought him a dead body, but Best Jeanist declares that Dabi overreached with his ambitions and now he will come apart like inferior denim. Dabi, however, says that even if Best Jeanist is alive, that won't sweep under the rug the Todoroki Family's hard truth. Spinner is ensnarled with Tomura and realizes that Gigantomachia needs to have an order to do anything, so he desperately pleads Tomura to wake up. Nejire tries to strike them, but unfortunately she gets blasted by Dabi's flames, as he's burning through the wires. Tomura briefly wakes up and orders Gigantomachia to destroy, to which the latter agrees and begins to tear his restrains.

Not far from there, three of the Nomu Near High-End who are fighting the heroes hear Gigantomachia's call and move towards Tomura's position. Burning tries to stop them, but one Near High-End tries to attack her only to be attacked by someone else.


Back in the main fight, while Jeanist's best tart from Gignatomachia, Shoto faces his brother. He reveals to Dabi that Ending way nearly killed Natsuo. Dabi, however, merely says it was a shame he didn't because that would have made their father suffer even more. An incredulous Shoto asks his brother if he is insane and Dabi confirms he doesn't feel anything anymore. He starts to push Shoto back, excited at the thought of finally being able to kill his little brother.

The three Nomus arrive and prepare to attack Best Jeanist. Izuku tries to move to help him, but he can't due his body is very badly hurt. All of a sudden, Mirio Togata arrives, using his Permeation Quirk to punch the Nomu away from Best Jeanist, leaving Izuku shocked,[29] who asks him how did he get here. He replies that they received a message about the current situation in Jaku City from the Villa team, so he rushed there at once using his Permeation's special mode of travel.

U.A. students help Best Jeanist.

The High-End quickly recover from the blows and return to attack Best Jeanist. Mirio realizes that he is unable to protect Best Jeanist alone and screams for help. Tenya, Nejire and Katsuki appear and engage them, saving the hero. At this moment, Katsuki yells at Best Jeanist that his hero name is "Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight". Everyone considers the name ridiculous, except Mirio, who thinks it's funny.

Meanwhile, Dabi overcomes his youngest brother and traps him in his arms, ready to unleashes his blue flames to kill him. Shoto warns him that in doing so, he would burn himself as well, but Dabi looks at Endeavor, who still has a look of horror on his face, and says that he is excited at the thought of Endeavor about to see his 'puppet masterpiece' gets incinerated. Suddenly, Izuku shoot a Blackwhip tendril from his mouth, separating them. Izuku shouts at Dabi that his father is atoning for his past sins to become a better person, then he finally adds that he is not Endeavor. Dabi laughs at Deku stating the obvious.

Endeavor knocks Gigantomachia out.

Izuku feels a strange sensation in his head again, and sees that Gigantomachia is about to break free from Best Jeanist's fibers. However, Izuku’s words help Endeavor break out of his trance, and uses every bit of strength he has to fly up and knock the giant back, knocking himself out as a result. Gigantomachia starts losing strength, and Mirio explains that he got a word from the U.A. students from the backup team: It seems that the sedative they managed to make the Behemoth swallow several minutes ago is finally working.[30]

After this, both Izuku and Endeavor lose consciousness. With Gigantomachy out and the student facing the Nomu, Best Jeanist redirects his efforts to retain the League of Villains, a uses his super move Blackout Bind to choke the members of the League in his grasp to knock them unconscious. To his surprise, Mr. Compress uses his Quirk to gouge out a section of his own flesh, which allow his escape and compress Tomura and Spinner.

Best Jeanist tries to take control of the fibers on his clothes to slow him down, saying that he has no hope of escaping with wounds that fatal, but Mr. Compress continues to use his Quirk to pop off parts of his body. He also compress Dabi and Skeptic. Mirio and Best Jeanist's cables charge toward Mr. Compress to stop him but he, after revealing he is descendant of Oji Harima, releases Spinner and Tomura.[31]

All For One takes over Tomura's body.

After spending a few minutes unconscious, Izuku wakes up after hearing a voice inside him. Suddenly, he starts feeling another sharp pain emerge within his head, and finally figures that it's the Quirk of the fourth One For All user, "Danger Sense".

Mr. Compress, after having hidden Dabi and Skeptic's marbles in Spinner's scarf, tries to buys some time to his lizard fellow to wake Tomura up, but Mirio easily defeats Mr. Compress, who regrets that he could not be of more useful. As Mirio is about to strike Spinner too, the villain remembers what his leader said before about the hands of his deceased family bringing him a sickening rage and puts one of those hands onto Tomura's face. This allows Tomura to reawaken, though All For One's consciousness is in control.

"Tomura" uses the Radio Waves blow Mirio, the cables, and all the other fighting heroes away, while also calls all the Near High-Ends for help. Soon, a large group of these creatures arrive to take All For One and Tomura's allies from there. Best Jeanist attempts to restrain them with the cables, while Nejire, Tenya and Mirio also trying to stop them, but they fail, and "Tomura" manages to escape along with Spinner and a large number of Near High-End Nomu.

Izuku looks helpless as All For One escapes.

Spinner reminds All For One of their allies still fighting, but the villain coldly states that since Tomura lost, it is only fair that he pays for that loss and subsequently abandons the remaining members. Just before they leave, Izuku attempts to stop All For One, but the villain easily blasts him away with an air cannon and tells the hero that they will meet again once Tomura's body is perfected.[32]

As "Tomura" and his allies escape the battlefield, the remaining Pro Heroes who survived in the front-line, along with the ones who finished with rescue and evacuation, promptly headed to the front to stop him, but All For One dispatches three Nomus to confront them. The Near High-End’s distraction tactics he, his allies, and seven other Nomu manage to escape while the other three confront the heroes until they are destroyed.

Their fight ends the Jaku Hospital Raid, and now the heroes must face the dire consequences of the war.[33]


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