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Jaku General Hospital ( (じゃ) (くう) (そう) (ごう) (びょう) (いん) Jakū Sōgō Byōin?)[2] was a hospital located in Jaku City founded and run by Kyudai Garaki. Underneath its facade, however, was the location of Kyudai's secret laboratory, where the High-End Nomu are produced.[3]

It was destroyed by Tomura Shigaraki using his enhanced Decay, disintegrating the entire building as well as many more victims within it and spreading to the nearby area.[4]


Located roughly eighty kilometers away from Gunga Mountain Villa,[2] Jaku General Hospital was a hospital that followed Kyudai's policy of using a community-based medicine rooted in Quirks. The hospital worked in conjunction with nursing homes and orphanages, that are all partnered.

Although like any other hospital they cared for their patients, the true goal of the hospital was to obtain raw materials for the creation of Nomus, although this was something the staff themselves were unaware of. In the hospital there was a locked-down area only accessible via the morgue, and nobody knew what it was being used for. Only Dr. Garaki himself went in and out.[3]

The reason for this is that, after walking down a long corridor of abandoned rooms, Kyudai Garaki's main laboratory is located within this hidden facility. The lab was equipped with the highest technology for Nomu production, with multiple test chambers, containers where the creatures were kept, machinery for the extraction, duplication and storage of Quirks, operating rooms, and more.

It is also the location where Kyudai operated on Tomura Shigaraki, spending over two months on his procedure that granted him enhanced physical strength, as well as transferred to him the All For One Quirk. The Heroes managed to discover the secret lab thanks to Oboro Shirakumo within Kurogiri providing them the "hospital" clue, which was confirmed by a mole sent in by the Police Force.

The Heroes raid resulted in nearly the entirety of the laboratory and Kyudai's "life's work" destroyed, which was followed by the entirety of the hospital decaying to nothing after Tomura's awakening.


  • The hospital's name, as well as the city, is a reference to the Star Wars planet Jakku.


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