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Izuku Midoriya vs. Sorahiko Torino is the test battle fought between U.A. Student Izuku Midoriya and Retired Hero Gran Torino during Izuku's Internship.


Gran Torino frightens Izuku.

Izuku receives an offer from Gran Torino for Workplace Training. Gran Torino was formerly All Might's teacher and taught at U.A. for one year. Izuku arrives at his office to what he believes to be a murder scene. Gran Torino surprises him and reveals he is alive.[1]

Izuku is turned away by Gran Torino's senile personality and tries to call All Might. Then he notices Gran Torino going through his costume case. With a more serious and intelligent personality, Gran Torino asks Izuku to try and land a One For All smash on him.

Gran Torino challenges Izuku.

Izuku tells Gran Torino that he cannot waste time because he needs to get better at using One For All quickly. He tries to leave, but the old man uses his Quirk to fly around the room and show the young man that he is serious.

Gran Torino says Izuku uses his power recklessly because All Might is a bad teacher, and that he will have to teach Izuku himself. He tells Izuku to get his costume and the student agrees to train. Izuku equips his new hero costume and Gran Torino tells him to use a smash. The young man worries about his new costume and he is afraid of destroying something with a smash.[2]


Gran Torino strikes first.

Gran Torino quickly grows tired of Izuku's muttering and uses his Quirk to jet around the room and kick his apprentice from behind. Gran Torino continues to swiftly fly around Izuku to keep him off balance. He smashes into his microwave and expresses his disappointment with Izuku's skill level.

Gran Torino flies around Izuku's back and rams him from behind again. Izuku panics and tries to understand how his Quirk works and then gets hit with another strike from behind. Gran Torino's constant movement stops him from standing back up. He charges up One For All in his hand and tries to hit Gran Torino after the old man passes behind him twice.

Despite Izuku's clever analysis, Izuku's smash attack is too slow and Gran Torino easily evades it. Gran Torino slows his movement by using his Quirk and takes Izuku down. Gran Torino explains Izuku's clouded mind and lack of fluidity in his attacks are the reasons he failed.[2]


Gran Torino gives Izuku his first lesson.

Gran Torino admits that Izuku understands One For All's fundamentals. However, he tells him that his loyalty to All Might is a shackle on him, and that his movements are far too stiff even though he understands the Quirk's fundamentals. Gran Torino leaves Izuku to think about his advice.

When Gran Torino returns, he overhears Izuku realizing that One For All is an extension of his body. He silently commends Izuku for being forward thinking and mentally adept and commends All Might for finding an excellent successor. [2]


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