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Izuku Midoriya vs. Kaina Tsutsumi is a battle fought between Deku against the villain Lady Nagant.


All For One requests Lady Nagant to capture Izuku.

After the successful assault on Tartarus, All For One meets Lady Nagant, who was trying to escape the place with a disabled Kai Chisaki. All For One told her about a U.A. student who will leave school to operate solo, and ask her to capture said student and bring him to him, although he advises her to wait until a rainy day since the student will likely be working with top heroes when he goes off on his own.

Lady Nagant asks All For One why she should help him. All For One replies she always wanted to see the downfall of Hero Society, but she will never be able see her dream as long as that boy is running around. Lady Nagant decides to accept All for One's request, and he, as a deposit, hands her the Air Walk Quirk. Having reached an agreement, Lady Nagant leaves taking Kai with her,[1] who knows what boy All For One was referring to. In exchange for helping her identify him, Kai asks her to allow him to see his boss.

Lady Nagant aims her rifle at Deku.

A month later, Deku leaves U.A. and tracks down All For One and Tomura Shigaraki in order to stop them before it's too late. He has the help of All Might, Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist, and all of them are dedicated to restoring order and interrogating the villains they defeat to find out the whereabouts of All For One or Tomura, although they have not been successful so far. The five agreed that Deku would act as a bait to lure out the League of Villains, being assisted by All Might, while the others keep their distance from them but always keep in touch.

In this way, on a rainy night, while following Deku in his car, All Might realizes that he has suddenly lost his protégé's GPS signal, and warns the others that Deku must be under attack before being ambushed by two villains. It turns out that Lady Nagant had managed to locate Deku and wait for it to rain to attack him. Once the right conditions are met, positioned on the rooftop of a building, she uses her Rifle Quirk to fire one of her special bullets at him. Deku gets his cell phone hit out of hand by the bullet, which has a speaker with which Lady Nagant orders Deku to come with her quietly, telling him that if he complies, he can keep his limbs.[2]


Lady Nagant fires a curved bullet at Izuku to prevent him from escaping.

Seeing that the ammo is made of blue and pink fibers, Deku realizes that Lady Nagant is the person who is trying to hunt him down, and recalls a conversation he had with Hawks in which he told him she was his senior at the Hero Public Safety Commission, and advised him that if he crosses paths with her, he must run. Deku decides to heed Hawks' advice and uses Blackwhip to jump from one rooftop to another in order to retreat, while also picks up his destroyed communication device, realizing that Lady Nagant has destroyed his secure line. He is worried that he has no means of communication to tell others that she is after him.

Due Deku decided to ignore her orders, Lady Nagant fires a bullet that curves at him. Thanks to the Danger Sense, Deku manages to grab the bullet before it hits him, but the force of the projectile is so great that he still is pushed back. He even comments that a Howitzer Impact is nothing compared to this. Lady Nagant is impressed by Deku's skill and comments that now understand why All For One is interested in him. Still, she fires another bullet, which Deku manages to block with the Mid-Gauntlet of his left arm, which is destroyed.

A second bullet grazes Izuku's stomach.

Feeling this impact, he remembers his teacher Snipe in an interview in which he says that Lady Nagant is the best marksman in Japan, who combines her Rifle Quirk with raw skill alone to be able to hit targets from even three kilometers away. Deku recognizes that if it weren't for fourth's quirk backing him up, he would already be goner, but thanks to those shots he has been able to determine that Lady Nagant's position on top of a building a kilometer away, and decides to take the fight to her instead fleeing.

On the rooftop, Lady Nagant deactivates her Quirk, remarking that Deku is the first to block two of her shots. Behind her, Kai Chisaki continuously asking to be brought to the boss. She tells him to stay hidden since their target is coming towards them. Then she uses Air Walk and comments that she has to fulfill her mission.[1]

Deku uses One For All to zigzag between buildings as fast as he can in order to avoid Lady Nagant's shots while also closing the gap between them. He thinks his enemy can't move like the way he does and believes he will catch up to her before she can reposition herself. Suddenly, Danger Sense Quirk alerts him of an attack from behind and deflects it, but another one from below grazes his stomach, taking him down.

Izuku uses En's Quirk to hide from the shots.

As he falls to the ground, Deku wonders if she has backup that can attack him from another direction, but soon realizes that All For One likely gave Lady Nagant another Quirk to use against him. While using Air Walk, Lady Nagant fires another shot to propel herself through the air, as Deku tries to think how he will outsmart her, knowing that she wants to capture him alive. Deku is worried that now Lady Nagant has closed the gap on him instead, Danger Sense can't help him to react in time to the gunshots, but an idea came to his mind.

As soon as as he lands on the ground, Deku unleashes Smokescreen at Full Blast, covering the city streets with a great smoke to give himself cover against Lady Nagant, Who is surprised to find that Deku has multiple Quirks too. En manifests in Deku's mind to scold him for releasing that much smoke because he cut off his escapes routes, and if he tries to emerge, he'll be an easy target for someone like Lady Nagant. Deku replies that he wasn't planning on escaping and begins squatting.

Lady Nagant falls for Deku's tricks.

The sixth user then realizes what Deku is really trying to do and advises against it. He is backed up by the third user, who reminds Deku that he hasn't properly trained in his Quirk to become proficient in it Deku replies that he doesn't have time for that and that he will learn it on the fly, determined to capture Lady Nagant to force her to tell him where All For One and Tomura are. He grabs Gran Torino's cape and mentally apologizes to him for how he is going to use it, before activating the third user's Quirk: Fa Jin.

In the sky, Lady Nagant stands several meters above the cloud of smoke, with her Rifle Quirk ready to take down Deku once he appears out of the smokescreen. Something coming out of the smoke and she shoots it, but iIt turns out to be Gran Torino's cape, which Deku used as a decoy with his Blackwhip. Three more things emerge from the smoke and Lady Nagant snipes them all with her gunshots, but they all turn out to be decoys. She says that he can't escape her by hiding in smoke, but to her surprises, Deku smashes his way straight up through the ceilings of a building underneath her and grabs her, yelling he wasn't in the smoke.[3]

Lady Nagant uses her Quirk in an unorthodox way to get rid of Deku.

Satisfied that his plan worked, Deku comments that the best way to handle the sniper is by getting closer and he assures her that he will make her to confess everything he knows about All For One, but Lady Nagant, however, tells him to not assume he has already won. Using the retraction and extension of her Rifle Quirk, she strikes Deku in the stomach point-blank to force him off her, refusing to tell him anything.

She gloats that she was trained by the Hero Public Safety Commission, before shooting again. Deku barely dodges the shot at the last second, giving her time to flee into the darkness of the surrounding area. Deku asks Lady Nagant why she is working for All For One, but she simply replies that he cannot understand because he believes in the values that the Commission has manufactured by hiding the truth from society. Confused, Deku finds his parallel processes screwed up after using Fa Jin for the first time. Lady Nagant then proceeds to snipe Deku relentlessly from different angles whilst the latter is still in mid-air, using bullets with speaker in them.

Deku has a hard time protecting himself from Lady Nagant's shots.

As Deku dodges the multiple consecutive shots, Lady Nagant begins to speak to him through the speakers about the hypocritical "peace" that heroes have defended all this time. She reveals that despite being a hero, the Commission used her to assassinate potential threats to the Hero Society they established: from villains to heroes whose actions would've tarnished the public's view on heroes, even before they actually commit crimes. She obeyed so the system continued running nice and smoothly as the commission wanted, until she reached a point that she could not bear it anymore, and when she began to question the orders given, the president of the Commission not-so-subtly threatened to have her killed if she attempts to walk away from her job. In response, she killed him.

Deku is shocked to learn that she assassinated the president because the news said that she was sentenced to Tartarus because she killed a fellow hero in an argument. Lady Nagant tells him that that was the official story used to cover up their darkest secrets and perpetuate the false illusion. Lady Nagant told Deku that history wouldn't change no matter what he does, and even admits that a society controlled by All For One at least would be much more transparent.

Deku locates Lady Nagant's position and strikes back.

Lady Nagant shoots him again but this time Deku knows where she is and shoots out Blackwhip with Pinpoint Focus at her. Lady Nagant dodges the attack by a few inches, though the tendril latches onto the building behind her, and allowing Deku to shoot himself straight at her. Lady Nagant is surprised that Deku was able to analyze the trajectory of her shots in order to figures out her location.

As he makes his way towards her at high speed, Deku recognizes that the world has different shades of gray, but he is still more than willing to help those in need, no matter who they are. Lady Nagant taunts him for his speech, while thinking that Deku is focusing on reading her patterns to avoid her bullets. She decides one more trick to disrupt his focus by pointing her rifle at someone on the rooftop of a nearby building. Deku looks up and realizes that this person is none other than Kai Chisaki, who yells that he wants to see the Boss. Deku is surprised to see him again as Lady Nagant is about to shoot him.[4]

Lady Nagant begins to empowering her weapon in order to increase the speed of the bullet, causing the rifle to swell grotesquely. She knows it is risky to do this as her rifle may jam after the shot, but he needs to do so much to cause an emotional impact on Deku by watching Kai die, providing her with the distraction she needs to be able to defeat him. Internally, Lady Nagant also hopes that she will show Deku how wrong his mentality is.

Faux 100%!

Lady Nagant fires the bullet, but to her surprise to Deku immediately uses Blackwhip to switch directions and charges at Kai. Deku combines One For All 45% and Fa Jin to imitate All Might's moves and travel at Faux 100 Percent. He moves faster than Lady Nagant's bullet and pushes Kai away, saving him. Deku tells Kai that he'll talk to him later before before stopping the momentum hooking up on the rooftop ledge with Blackwhip. He realizes that using five Quirks in rapid succession restricted his movement, so Deku uses only One For All, Fa Jin, and Blackwhip to catapult himself towards Lady Nagant.

Deku defeats Lady Nagant.

Lady Nagant is shocked by Deku's overwhelming speed and attempts to react, but Deku hurtles towards her at alarming speed. He uses Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash to shatter Lady Nagant's rifle, defeating her. Lady Nagant falls down, dazed by the fight, and is stunned that despite knowing him as an enemy, Deku saved Kai without hesitation. She wonders when she was disgruntled by the platitudes of the HSPC. Deku grabs Lady Nagant's arm and points out that he knows she had been holding back the whole time. If she was indeed loyal to All For One, she would've incapacitated him in the first shot itself rather than drag the battle. Deku also points out that she did not aim directly at Overhaul, meaning that she had no intention to shoot him.[5]


Hawks saves Lady Nagant.

Deku tells Lady Nagant that she can choose to be their ally. Lady Nagant sadly smiles at Deku and is about to tell him that he is a true hero, but she suddenly explodes mid-sentence. It is revealed that All For One anticipated Lady Nagant's failure and installed a failsafe that would trigger if she defaulted the contract. He mocks Lady Nagant for being a pitiful woman and remarks that ultimately, she was just a tool to achieve ends, and that she should curse her blessed Quirk for the tragedy.

Deku is horrified by the explosion, but as Lady Nagant's charred body begins to fall to the ground, Hawks swoops in and catches her, begging her not to die.[5]


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