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Izuku Midoriya vs. Goto Imasuji: Rematch is a battle fought between Deku against the villain Muscular.


A few weeks after his battle with Tomura Shigaraki, Izuku decides to leave U.A. High School to protect his loved ones from All For One and Tomura. He wanders through the ruins of hero society while making sure he can master his abilities for the future.

While standing on top of a building, some distance from there, Deku sees the destruction caused by Muscular.[1]


In front of Turtle Neck and the citizens, Muscular is ready to kill Grand until Deku arrives and smashes the villain into the roof of a nearby house. Once the dust clears, Deku is shown carrying a badly-injured Grand, telling Muscular that his Danger Sense wouldn't shut up because of him.[2]

Deku smashes Muscular to save Grand.

Despite wearing a mask, Deku is recognized by his voice. Muscular grabs a rock, and while he is molding it, he tells Izuku he was looking forward to fighting him again, not because he wanted revenge for being defeated in their previous battle, but because he is the only one capable of satisfying his bloodlust in a straight fight.

Muscular crushes the rock and puts the piece into his empty eye socket and jumps towards the bottom of the building where Deku is. Deku wonders why he doesn't attack him directly. Muscular slams his arms into the building, and with his monstrous strength throws it into the air, as he yells to settle their meeting with a rematch. Deku is forced to jump away, protecting Grand from the debris.

A huge stream of smoke starts to cover the battlefield to the civilians' confusion, while Turtle Neck heads outside, encountering Deku who hands Grand over her to treat his wounds. He apologizes to Turtle Neck for not arriving in time to prevent many buildings from being wrecked, but ensures that from now on there will be no more damage. Due to the large amount of smoke, she cannot see Deku well, but she feels his voice is familiar.

Muscular eager to fight Deku again.

Deku thinks he overdid using En's Smokescreen Quirk, to which vestige of said user agrees. En provides Deku some advice to keep control over it, as he need to visualize the One For All Quirks as tools in order to use them strategically to defeat his foe.

Knowing that Muscular can take a strike with the One For All at 100% thanks to his Quirk, Deku opts for a different strategy to deal with him. First, he uses Float to hover above the city, as well as Smokescreen to reduce Muscular's vision, covering the streets below. With the help of Danger Sense, Deku dodges the successive attacks of the villain, to later catch him with Blackwhip and throw him against a river channel.

Muscular is upset that Deku turns to cheap tricks to face him instead of straight fight. Deku ignores his complaints and asks about the whereabouts of Tomura and All For One. Muscular replies that he neither knows nor cares, as they just left him on his own to go wild. The villain berates Deku for asking about them when he is facing him and using gimmicks rather than having a proper fight.

Deku defeats Muscular one more time.

Deku asks Muscular why he rages like this. The villain replies he wants to live his life without regrets, such as not having all the fun he wants. Deku asks once more if he has no other path, to which Muscular answers there are none, and it's useless to try to sympathize with him, because in his soul there is only blood and violence.

Hearing Muscular's statement, Deku regrets that he can do nothing but fight. Muscular yells at Deku he turned out real boring, when suddenly the tendons and fibers in his Muscle Augmentation tear up. The villain doesn't understand what's going on, and Deku explains that Grand's vibrations have finally started to take effect on him, and that all his previous maneuvers were just to buy time for it to happen.

With his protection broken, Deku strikes a powerful blow to Muscular's stomach, saying that this is his full power.[3]


After Deku defeats Muscular with his final punch, he wraps the villain up with his Blackwhip and goes to the Daino Police Station, where he turns Muscular over to the police, putting an end to his bloody rampage.[4]


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