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Izuku Midoriya vs. Class A is a battle fought between Deku and Class A.


With Tomura Shigaraki and All For One's escape, and the Search Quirk allowing them to easily locate him, Izuku leaves U.A. High School in his attempt to keep his friends and everyone else out of danger. After agreeing to partner alongside Endeavor, Hawks, and Best Jeanist to track down the remnants of the League of Villains, Izuku has All Might secretly send personalized letters to his nineteen classmates at Heights Alliance, revealing the truth about One For All and why he decided to leave. The members of Class A don't take the news well, and quickly resolve to discover where Izuku has gone.[1]

Class A confronts Endeavor about Izuku's whereabouts.

They are able to deduce that both Izuku and All Might are most likely working alongside the Top Three Pro Heroes, despite it not being public knowledge. Katsuki, Shoto, and Fumikage each try to get in contact with their respective mentors to confirm, but their messages being ignored only fuels their fire. Some of the classmates question what they could do, and if they should worry if Izuku is with the adults, however Katsuki, knowing him and All Might better than anyone, believes leaving the two of them alone at this time would be the worst possible situation. Ochaco then figures out a plan to help them "force the issue".

Taking advantage of Endeavor being a U.A. alumni, they propose their predicament to Principal Nezu, who agrees and arranges a meeting with Endeavor. When the hero arrives, he's cornered by Class A, to his chagrin at being tricked. He refuses to answer when asked about Izuku and All Might, confirming everyone's suspicions. Katsuki proceeds to approach him, telling him that just like All Might did as the Symbol of Peace, Izuku never takes himself into account and will work himself to death without real help. Already aware of Izuku abandoning All Might and going rogue, not listening to anyone, Endeavor is unsure of what to do.

When Hanta notices Endeavor's phone, recognizing it as also having a GPS, he tosses it, which several of the students catch. The classmates proceed to state their desire to help Izuku, how learning about One For All and his leaving was a shock, but still declaring they want to follow wherever he goes and help bear the responsibility he must carry. Endeavor is wary about letting them go out due to the current state of the world, but Class A is supported by Nezu, saying that he is welcome back at any time and that every member of the school, past and present, are ones U.A. will protect. He encourages the class to help bring him back, as Class A join the Top Three Pro Heroes in order to find Izuku.[2]

Class A confronts Deku.

Meanwhile, Deku has been searching for days without success for any clue as to the whereabouts of Tomura Shigaraki or All For One, and during the search he has been protecting civilians, taking on villains, and solving whatever problems he encountered, with hardly any sleep or rest. When he reaches Kamino, in the memorial plaza where the confrontation between All Might and All For One took place, he encounters a villain called Dictator, sent by All For One to capture him. Using his Quirk, Dictator controls dozens of innocent civilians to attack Deku. Before they can harm him, Dynamight appears and quickly dispatches of the villain when it is giving Deku trouble, and telling the others that he has found Deku.[3]

Soon the other students from Class A arrive in the plaza, with Shoto and Creati capturing the unconscious Dictator. Freed from their control, the civilians escape the scene, leaving only the students. Deku questions why everyone is there, with Uravity saying they're all worried about him. Deku insists he's okay and that everyone should leave, but Dynamight mockingly laughs at him and asks if he's really smiling now. Deku retorts that in order for him and everyone to be able to smile, he needs to keep moving forward, demanding that everyone get out of his way. Dynamight, Ingenium, Uravity, and the rest of Class A state how they knew they wouldn't be able to change his mind normally, as everyone prepares to face off.[2]


Cellophane prevents Deku from fleeing with Blackwhip.

Not wanting to confront his classmates, Deku opts to run away, ignoring the taunts from Dynamight about how far he's fallen. He thanks everyone for coming, before fleeing from his friends using En's Smokescreen Quirk. However, Class A are knowledgeable about most of the Quirks that Deku had inherited and therefore know what steps to take to neutralize some of Deku's abilities. Dynamight shouts to the rest of the class not to let him get away, utilizing his new Super Move, Land Mine Blast, to dissipate the surrounding smoke, and teases Deku for underestimating them.

Anima uses his Anivoice Quirk to summon a large flock of birds to envelop Deku and make it difficult for him to escape. Anima loudly declares to Deku that Nezu has allowed him to return to U.A., so there is no need for him to run away. Deku apologizes and decides to flee using Blackwhip, launching two tendril from his back to a nearby building, but Cellophane manages to subdue Daigoro Banjo's Quirk and wrap one of Deku's hands with his own Tape. This makes Deku remember that it was thanks to his advices that he was able to use Blackwhip more effectively and creatively in the first place.

Tailman catches Deku.

Deku undoes the tendrils and cuts the tape that was holding his hand, but before he can move, he sees the Amplifier Jacks of his classmate, Earphone Jack, who uses them to erect a barrier of sound waves called Heartbeat Wall, forcing him to jump away. Earphone Jack then reminds Deku the time he helped her to organize her notes ahead of the School Festival.

Tailman then takes the offensive, and catches Deku with his tail using Tornado Tail Dance. He tells Deku that he can't overlook his situation, especially when he got angry at Hitoshi Shinso for insulting him during their match at the Sports Festival. Deku replies that his presence endangers everyone and fears of All for One hurting them, that's why he has to stay away from them. He starts to break out of Tailman's grip when Tsukuyomi appears and uses Dark Shadow to knock him into a building. Sugarman catches Earphone Jack and Tailman, talking to Deku about not turning his back on them, and if he doesn't think about what they feel he won't let him borrow any more food coloring for Eri.

Deku breaks out of Creati's machine.

Still restrained by Dark Shadow, Deku claims that Eri will be fine without him. Suddenly, he is restricted by a machine created by Creati, who comments that they've been authorized to use their Quirks to help the heroes for this mission to ensure Deku's safety. Noticing that the machine is designed to put him to sleep, Deku destroys it with his head and tries to free himself, yelling for Class A to stop wasting their time on him. Chargebolt shoulder hugs Deku, stating that he knows that One For All is important to him, and despite having little in common, he still considers him his friend.

Tentacole manages to trap Deku along with Chargebolt using his Dupli-Arms with the help of insulation tape made by Creati. He then reminds him of his words during the Training Camp how everyone together can even give All Might a scare. Tsukuyomi also helps to keep Deku pinned down, using Ragnarok: Womb to trap him. He reminds Deku that the idea of using Dark Shadow's offensive power for defensive purposes came during their team up during the Cavalry Battle at the Sports Festival.

Inside the Ragnarok and insulation tape, Chargebolt prepares to blast electricity into the contained Deku, as they try to get him to listen to reason. Begging them to stop, Deku manages to break free from their restraints, blasting away from the building as his mask falls off. On the verge of crying, Deku understands his friends are truly worried for him and that everything they are doing is for his own good, which is why his Danger Sense Quirk hasn't activated even once during the entire fight, but he continues to shout insisting he's fine.

Shoto stops Deku before he can run away.

He suddenly smacks right into a Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall, as Shoto looks down on him, seeing his broken face, encouraging him to share the burden with them. On a building close by, Froppy appears and tells him she's not going to weep and mope around anymore. Deku matters to her, and because of that, if he wants to remain strong like a comic book superhero, Class A won't let him go at it alone.[4]

Trapped in the ice wall, Shoto tells Deku that his current state of mind could all be apart of All For One's plan, and that he could take this opportunity to attack U.A., so if he really wants to protect the school, he should consider letting them all join his fight. However, All For One's words of "your turn" continue to ring in Deku's ears, insisting that it is a battle between One For All and All For One, and they all can't keep up.

Blasting out of the ice wall, Froppy swings her tongue toward Deku, which he manages to dodge, only to be caught off guard by Grape Juice, who was latched on to the end of the tongue, and sticks to Deku using a bunch of his Pop Off balls attached to a rope, dubbed Mineta Beads: Ten-Fold. He shouts to him that he never believed it was his power that made him awesome, but that he was someone who was scared yet still managed to find a path towards success together. Despite this, Deku apologizes to Grape Juice, shooting out three Blackwhip tendrils, one of which hitting him in the chest and tossed onto a nearby building.

Using Blackwhip, One For All at 45%, and Fa Jin, Deku prepares to execute Faux 100 Percent in order to escape, when Uravity appears from above, telling him that things are different now from when Dynamight was initially kidnapped, and readies to try and grab him. Trying to ignore her pleas, Deku blasts his way into the sky away from her.

Ingenium reaches out to Deku.

At that moment, Class A unveil their true plan. Uravity calls out to the remaining 15 members of Class A below, who all stand on a giant ice ramp created by Shoto, and a rail created by Creati. Pinky coats one of the classmates in her Acidman, who is held by Dynamight and Shoto. The heavy-hitters, including Tentacole, Sugarman, Anima, and Tsukuyomi, push the three forward, as Shoto blasts the two in front of him up the ice ramp with his Flashfreeze Heatwave. Uravity proceeds to tag Dynamight and the Acidman with her Zero Gravity, all the while thinking about how they don't want to be protected by Deku or reject what he's doing, just want to be with him. Dynamight then blasts the Acidman even further into the air at blinding speeds using his Blasting Speed Turbo Cluster, thinking about how he has so much he needs to say but that right now, he's passing the mic to the one built to handle the speed, as the Acidman melts away, revealing Ingenium.

Ingenium grabs ahold of Deku's hand, completely shocking him, still insisting for him to let go. Ingenium refuses, stating that he is a hero who will always take a lost child by the hand, and repeating Deku's words when he saved him from Stain that "giving help that's not asked for is what makes a true hero."[5] Deku thinks about how he needs to get himself free from his grasp, but has no more strength to do so. Uravity releases her Zero Gravity, causing Deku and Ingenium to fall toward the city. Ingenium wonders how he's going to stick the landing, when he sees Red Riot, who was in the middle of securing the area, and manages to catch the both of them.[6]


Katsuki apologizes to Izuku for all the damage he caused to him.

After saving Deku and Ingenium from the fall, Red Riot shouts to Deku about remembering a story from a while back about a kid who rushed in to save his friend, and that what he did back then is what they're doing now. Putting the two down, the rest of Class A arrive, with Pinky telling Deku she can't stand the thought of losing anyone else and begs him to return with them. Deku, however, gets back up and continues to resist, saying that he is scared for all the people at U.A. and doesn't want to make trouble for anyone anymore.

Dynamight then approaches him, reminding him of the words he said back during the fight against Tomura, "stop trying to win this on your own," and how he got stabbed because his body moved all on its own. He continues to explain how he always looked down on him because he was Quirkless, which he thought meant he was supposed to be beneath him, even though he kept feeling like he was above him. This resulted him constantly pushing him away and being mean to him, always acting superior even though he kept losing, and how over the past year since they got into U.A., it's forced him to understand Deku's strength and his weakness. He tells him that even though he doesn't expect it'll change things between them he has to speak his truth, and after calling him "Izuku", apologizes for everything.

Deku looks on in shock, as Dynamight says there's nothing wrong with the path he's walking down, but with how he is currently, he's not strong enough to stand on his own, but that he and his classmates are all there to help carry him and live up to his ideals, that saving everyone is how they win. Finally giving in to his exhaustion, Deku apologizes for saying that everyone couldn't keep up, passing out, as Dynamight quickly catches him. The class each look on, as Creati tells Uravity that their first challenge has cleared, but there is still more for them left to do.

Ochaco grabs Izuku and reassures him it's okay.

Class A proceed to take Izuku back to U.A., which has since implemented the U.A. Barrier, a giant emergency system that encompasses the entire school area. He wakes up at the entrance, having been carried by Mezo, and is greeted by Thirteen, who explains how the civilians have slowly been moving into the evacuation centers, with the only holdouts being the anti-hero vigilantes, and the violent pillagers. Despite hearing all about the scope of the security system, Izuku still has doubts about entering.

His worries are seemingly confirmed when they are all met with a group of civilians protesting Izuku's entry, believing that he is the one that Tomura is targeting, and that leaving the "ticking time bomb" inside with them goes against Nezu's claims of guaranteed safety. In response, Izuku starts to head out, when Uravity grabs his hand, telling him that everything will be okay, thinking about how it is now their turn to protect him.[6]


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