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Izuku Midoriya & Katsuki Bakugo vs. Dictator is a battle fought between Deku and Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight against the villain Dictator.


All For One enlists the Tartarus escapees.

After the assault on Tartarus, and All For One's request to Lady Nagant to capture Izuku, he proceeds to approach a number of other Tartarus inmates through which he gives the same mission.

After Lady Nagant's defeat, and subsequent betrayal from All For One resulting in her exploding, she reveals this information to Deku, as well as his supposed hiding spot at the former Creature Rejection Clan base. Once recovered from the battle, Deku, Endeavor, Hawks, Best Jeanist, and The Lurkers confront the mansion, only to discover it to be a trap from All For One, who taunts Deku and tells him it's "his turn" to have fun with, before exploding the mansion.[1]

The heroes manage to escape and regroup, but Deku finds himself increasingly more enraged due to All For One's actions. He faces off against another one of the hired assassins, who he swiftly defeats with ease. He leaves the body behind, warning All Might, who had accompanied him, if his body was also rigged to explode, but All Might instead tries to get Deku to stop running and get him to relax and eat. Deku reasons that since he can practically use One For All at 100% now, thanks to his Faux 100 Percent technique, he doesn't need to worry about him. Despite his attempts to convince him, Deku leaps away all alone.[2]

He proceeds to spend the next several days working nearly non-stop, with barely any food or rest, ignoring calls from Endeavor and advice from the previous One For All users. He continues to rescue civilians from villains and thugs, as well as taking on more of the hired hitmen from Tartarus. As Deku becomes more tired and ragged, his appearance becomes much darker and intense, to the point that many of the public believe he could be a Nomu or another one of All For One's subordinates, due to possessing multiple Quirks, not looking like a hero at all.

Through all of this, Deku continues to push himself forward, believing he is the only one who can find and defeat Tomura Shigaraki and All For One, and he must do this so he can protect everyone, so that he can once again smile with them all.[3]


Dictator uses his Quirk to manipulate the civilians.

In the city of Kamino, starting to reach exhaustion, Deku falls to his knees near the All Might statue where he is confronted by another villain, who taunts to him that his recklessness, solitude, and exhaustion was everything All For One had predicted. Deku realizes that he is another one of the assassins, and recognizes him as Dictator, hoping that he will be the one who will finally give him information on All For One's whereabouts.

Dictator then hides in a group of civilians, who he has managed to control through his Quirk, Despot, and proceeds to send the army to fight Deku in his stead. The civilians are thrown all around, as they all shout that they can't control themselves. Deku thinks back to how Dictator was previously defeated by Crust during the Bloodless Surrender Case, and that in order to deactivate his Quirk, either the victims need to receive a large shock, or Dictator be taken out. He tries to think of the best way to neutralize the civilians, however, due to not being able to use Air Force properly without his gloves, and Blackwhip being too dangerous to attack them, he is forced to give in as the civilians pile up and claw away at him.

As the civilians cry and apologize that they don't want to hurt him, Deku silently understands, wanting to help them, but is unable to do anything as his body gives in to all the stress he has been putting on himself.

Suddenly, Dynamight arrives on the scene, shooting an AP Shot directly at Dictator from above, knocking the civilians out of his control. He is backed up by the rest of his former classmates of Class 1-A, as Shoto and Creati bind up Dictator, knocking him out and apprehending him.[3][4]


With their bodies back under control, and seeing the arrival of all the heroes, the civilians all flee the area as quickly as possible. Endeavor soon arrives to personally deal with Dictator, while Hawks and Best Jeanist standby to procure the safety of the civilians and watch out for any other villains nearby.[5]

Meanwhile, the rest of Class A turn their attention to Deku, who they are intending to return to U.A., despite his insistence.[4]


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