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Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu Asui & Minoru Mineta vs. Villains is a battle fought by heroes-in-training Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu Asui, & Minoru Mineta against several unnamed criminals associated with the League of Villains


Kurogiri warps Class 1-A.

Having been suddenly ambushed by dozens of villains, Thirteen and Eraser Head try to evacuate Class 1-A from the U.S.J. facility. After Eraser Head descends to the central plaza to fight back against the invading villains, Kurogiri slips past him by using his warping Quirk to appear before the students and Thirteen. 

Kurogiri introduces himself and the League of Villains before inquiring about the whereabouts of All Might. Thirteen tries to use her Quirk, but Katsuki and Eijiro jump out and attack Kurogiri.

Their attacks prove fruitless and Kurogiri uses his Warp Gate to separate the class and send them to the various simulation zones. Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu Asui, and Minoru Mineta are transported to the Shipwreck Zone.[1]


Izuku decides to fight back.

Izuku is warped directly into the middle of the water. As he dives to the surface, his mind can't stop wondering what is going on. His thoughts are interrupted when hr immediately comes face to face with the villain Sharkyonara, swimming towards him with the intention of bite him to death. Before harm comes to Izuku, Tsuyu swoops in and kicks the villain away. With Minoru already in tow, Tsuyu uses her quick swimming skills and her tongue to swiftly to takes herself and her classmates safely aboard a replica ship. 

Izuku and Tsuyu discuss the villain's plans to kill All Might and the current situation, but Minoru doesn't believe that the villains have the slightest chance of murdering All Might, but Tsuyu corrects him saying that they would not try so hard if they did not have the means to achieve it. She also adds that, until All Might arrives, the villains have the intention of killing them all. Minoru is too distraught by her words that he cries for his life.

The villains surround the ship.

Several villains arise from the water and surround the ship. Despite their perilous situation, Izuku decides that he and his peers must fight back and win. They must be like real heroes in order to save All Might from these criminals.[1] Izuku's declaration makes Minoru panic even further.

Despite outnumbering them and being in an area that gives their Quirks an advantage, the villains are cautious and do not attempt to board the ship. This makes Izuku deduce that the villains' plan has a major flaw, and that is that they are unaware of Class 1-A's Quirks, since if they did they would not have sent someone like Tsuyu to the Shipwreck Zone. This small advantage is enough for Izuku to form a strategy after Tsuyu and Minoru explain their Quirks to him.

The villain Hanzo Suiden decides to wreck the ship

Tired of waiting for the students to act, one of the villains, Hanzo Suiden, uses his Water Control Quirk to break the ship apart. Minoru desperately uses his Pop Off Quirk, throwing several purple spheres at the enemy. Izuku notices that the villains are afraid to touch them.

Sharkyonara declares that the ship will not take long to sink, and once it does, they will finish them off. His words make Mineta even more nervous, but Izuku tries to reassure him by saying that when the enemy become certain of their victory, that will their chance to turn the table.

Izuku generates a whirlpool with the Delaware Smash.

Izuku decides to put his plan into action and leaps out of the ship above the villains. Because the villains are scattered throughout the water, in addition to not wanting to break his arm in the process, Izuku is aware that he cannot just punch with the One For All, so he opts to use a Delaware Smash on the surface of the water to make it spread out and disperse the enemies. On his signal, Tsuyu takes Minoru with her and jumps from the ship, grabing Izuku with her tongue.

The water begins to collect rapidly back together. Inspired by the bravery displayed by Izuku, Minoru overcomes his fear enough to use his quirk, throwing his sticky spheres at the converging water. The converged water traps the villains in a vortex mixed with Minoru's spheres, and they ended up being launched into the air from the water sprout. With the villains defeated, trapped and stuck together in the water, Tsuyu uses her Quirk to escape the Shipwreck Zone along with Izuku and Mineta while mentioning how amazing they are.[2]


Izuku, Tsuyu, and Minoru escape the Shipwreck Zone.

After trapping all the villains in the water and unable to free themselves, Tsuyu leads her comrades out of the Shipwreck Zone. Once safe, Izuku begins to mutter about how his plan was too risky, until Tsuyu tells him that, rather than reflecting back, they should think what to do next.

She congratulates Izuku on a job well done and inquires about his injury. Izuku tells her not to worry and moves on to discuss their next move. At first, they want to try and make for the exit, but eventually decide to support their teacher, Eraser Head, at the central plaza.[3]


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