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Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka & Hanta Sero vs. Hero Academy Students is a battle fought between U.A. students Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, and Hanta Sero against unnamed hero course students during the first phase of the Provisional Hero License Exam.


Ochaco and Hanta put their faith in Izuku.

Izuku meets up with Ochaco and Hanta and they hide behind some broken debris to discuss their unfavorable situation. There are groups passing by their area and the last slots to pass the exam are filling up. Izuku surmises that the group closest to them is panicking because of their behavior in an earlier fight.

Izuku suggests that they try and hit their opponents targets after restraining them first. This was his plan earlier for the entire class, but despite being separated, Izuku believes the three of them can pull it off.

They hear the Ketsubutsu students moving nearby. Izuku suggests that he go out and act as a decoy to lure the others students in. Then Ochaco and Hanta could restrain them using their Quirks because their powers are a better fit than Izuku's for immobilizing people. Hanta has his doubts but Ochaco immediately agrees. She trusts Izuku because he has always pulled through in these situations. [1]


Ochaco unleashes her trap using Hanta's tape.

Izuku goes out and draws the attention of random students. They try desperately to hit his targets with their balls and Izuku skillfully dodges. Izuku leads the students into chasing him so Ochaco and Hanta can flank them. Hanta wraps some of them up and tape and Ochaco floats the rest of them into the air. A stone attack comes from underground and Izuku kicks it apart with his Shoot Style.[1]

The three of them flee from another ambush and Ochaco sets a trap with Hanta's tape. She floats some debris attached to long strands of tape above the battlefield. Izuku and Hanta lead their pursuers underneath the trap and Ochaco releases it on top of them.

76 students are announced to have passed the phase at this point. Izuku suggests they eliminate the students and join the others. The second-year students plead for mercy by saying that they need to get their licenses, but Izuku replies that he does too.[2]


On their way to the anteroom, the trio happens upon Katsuki Bakugo, Eijiro Kirishima, and Denki Kaminari. Denki, Hanta, Eijiro, and Ochaco celebrate passing the first phase. Katsuki walks toward Izuku and acknowledges that he passed. Izuku remembers that Katsuki has been picking on him even less since the Kamino Incident. Katsuki says its expected that Izuku passes with the power of his Quirk. Katsuki's acknowledgment shocks Izuku. Katsuki even goes on to say that Izuku has made his "borrowed" power his own.[3]


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