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Izuku Midoriya, Fumikage Tokoyami & Shihai Kuroiro vs. Odd Eye battle fought between the U.A. students Deku, Tsukuyomi and Vantablack against the Pro Hero Odd Eye when he tired to test them.


The students arrive at Odd Eye's place.

On the occasion of the TUM program, the hero Odd Eye requests Izuku Midoriya, Fumikage Tokoyami, and Shihai Kuroiro. After revealing and following the instructions he sent them in a letter written in invisible ink, the three students arrive at his agency, a dark place filled with arcane paraphernalia, where they meet the hero and his sidekicks

Odd Eye is introduced himself to them, a begins with a monologue about how people have a secrets to hide, and to become a real hero one must overcome the darkness within. Then the hero suddenly pounces on the students in order to prove themselves to him they are worthy to become proper heroes.[1]


Odd Eye reveals Shihai's crush

Seeing the hero running at them, both Fumikage and Shihai get out of his way, but Izuku, not understanding what is going on, is caught off guard, and Odd Eye places his hand on Izuku’s face and activates his Quirk. Then Izuku begins to unconsciously talk about many delusional things he wrote in his notebooks long ago about his admiration for All Might.

As surprised as he is embarrassed to talk about such personal secrets in front of everyone, Izuku wonders why he did voice them out unconsciously as Odd Eye dramatically boast that his Involuntary Revelation Quirk awakens the "darkness" that lies dormant inside the people he touches. With a more rational explanation, one of his sidekicks clarifies to Fumikage and Shihai that the Quirk forces people to expose shameful things from their past. Both students think that it’s quite a terrifying power as Izuku yells full of shame and falls to the ground, unable to bear the embarrassment of having told his secrets.

Dark Shadow emerges from Fumikage

With Izuku down, Odd Eye chooses Shihai to make him reveal his shameful secrets and grabs his arm before he can dodge him. Shihai confidently assures him that he will not find such darkness within. He is proven wrong when Odd Eye begins to reveal that despite his dark attitude and demeanor, he is actually someone overly self-conscious when it comes to one particular girl, someone named Komori. Shihai tries to pretend that he doesn't know what he's talking about, but after a few seconds he can't help but blush excessively due to his crush on Kinoko Komori.

With two students down, Odd Eye decide it's Fumikage's turn to reveals his secrets, grabbing him by the head, but surprisingly Fumikage doesn't say a word. Stunned, Odd Eye can't believe anyone can resist his Quirk, and Fumikage assures him it's because he doesn't have a dark past to be ashamed of. Thrilled for meeting someone like him, Odd Eye proclaims he is going to “show his true power” and removes his eye patch, even so it has nothing to do with his Quirk. Then Dark Shadow emerges and punches him in the face.

Due to the lack of light in the room, Fumikage is unable to control Dark Shadow, despite doing his best to calm him down. Facing this unforeseen threat, Odd Eye begins to laugh uncontrollably. Shihai asks if he has any plans in mind, but the sidekicks explain that Odd Eye has a tendency to laugh that way when he is aware that he can't do anything, much to Shihai's disappointment.

Odd Eye's sidekicks manage to calm Dark Shadow

The class 1-B student must dodge an attack from Dark Shadow, who goes on a rampage, attacking everyone despite Fumikage's attempts to stop him. Shihai laments that his Black Quirk is of no use when Dark Shadow is in such a berserk state, and the frightened sidekicks ask if there is anything that can stop the shadow beast. Izuku mentions that Dark Shadow is weaker and more controllable when he's exposed to light, so he and Shihai try to find something that might work but find nothing. Then Odd Eye's sidekicks bring out a studio light and thereby expose Dark Shadow to an intense flash of light to clam it down, allowing Fumikage to get it back under control. Izuku asks them why they have something like that, and a sidekick explains that Odd Eye uses it for some dramatic lighting of his excentre and edgy show.[1]


"Shut up!."

With the situation calm, Odd Eye delivers an edgy speech about the relationship between light and darkness, and how thanks to that all together they have been able to stop Dark Shadow. One of his cronies points out that he has done nothing but laugh uncontrollably.

Once the "mission" is over, Izuku, Fumikage and Shihai return to the U.A. Both Izuku and Shihai are surprised to known that Fumikage have nothing embarrassing to hide. Dark Shadow emerges and tries to tell them that Fumikage actually has something to regret, and it's about an incident that happened to him during elementary school. Fumikage is quick to order him to shut up, staring at him menacingly. Scared, Dark Shadow obeys and they continue walking. Izuku guesses that even Fumikage has his secrets.[1]


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