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Knuckleduster vs. Number 6: Rematch is a battle taken place during the Naruhata Lockdown/Operation Anonymous between the Vigilante Knuckleduster and the Villain Number 6.


Having been missing for a long time after his first confrontation with Number 6, Knuckleduster returns to take down the villain once and for all. After the recent events and deducing how Number 6's next attack would unfold, Knuckleduster devised a new plan for him, placing bombs in various buildings. He then retrieves his signature brass knuckles from Koichi's Penthouse, and waits until Number 6 makes his move.

Number 6 is unaware that Knuckleduster is about to screw up his plan.

As he deduced, Number 6 attacks the hospital where Kazuho is admitted, being repelled by Koichi and his allies, and leading to a confrontation between him and his disciple on the streets of Naruhata, where the villain uses various tactics to kill the young vigilante, until he finally chooses to set a trap to snipe him down. This is the chance that Knuckleduster is waiting for.

After going up to the rooftop of an adjacent building, Knuckleduster sees Number 6 ready to shoot Koichi. The villain is so focused on his target that he is unaware of his presence, allowing Knuckleduster to jump in and catch him off guard when he strikes, frustrating the villain's ambush and saving the life of his disciple.[1][2]


Knuckleduster mercilessly smashes Number 6's face.

Just as Number 6 was about to pull the trigger, Knuckleduster punches him on the head, pummelling him to the ground. Number 6 is confused by this unexpected attack, but before he can react, Knuckleduster unleashes a flurry of consecutive punches right into his face, while taunting him that whatever he is planning it won't happen because he is there.[3] Knuckleduster had planned various strategies to take down the villain, opting that smashing his face with punches would be the most reliable option, as if any other attack failed, he would simply flee.

Despite his blows being powerful enough that they don't even give Number 6 a chance to think properly, Knuckleduster realizes that the villain's head is protected by an exoskeleton, so he taunts him to speak. The stunned Number 6 turns back into his “Rock” face and tries to say something, but Knuckleduster just continues his onslaught because now it’s easier for him to smash his face.

Knuckleduster avoids Number 6 shot.

Number 6 tries to defend himself against Knuckleduster without much success, suffering a mental breakdown from his lack of self-identity while he continues to be beaten to a bloody pulp. He manages to ask Knuckleduster why he chose Koichi over him, because all that he wanted was to become O’Clock.

Enraged, Number 6 puts up his hand right in front of Knuckleduster's face, who quickly realizes that it's a gun when he sees the hole in the palm of his hand. Number 6 shoots, but the veteran vigilante manages to avoid the bullet by grabbing onto Number 6’s arm, telling him he picked the wrong guy to idolize, and continues with the beating. Not far from there, Koichi also hears the shot, before Soga manages to meet him.

Knuckleduster continues punching as the countdown is about to end.

Back on the rooftop, while continuing to pound his face, Knuckleduster lectures Number 6, saying that, despite having a good Quirk and some brains, that has nothing to do with a man’s true value, and every good part of him has been passed on to other people, so the only thing he has to give to Number 6 is his own worthless life. To Number 6's shock, the vigilante pulls out a detonator, ready to activate the explosives that he had placed in the area where they are.[4]

Knuckleduster says he's more than willing to sacrifice himself in order to kill Number 6. Instead of using regular explosives like the last time, he placed deflagration ones to that'll suck the oxygen out of the air to prevent him from using Overclock. And to make sure he doesn't have any chance to escape, Knuckleduster proclaims that he will continue to beat him as the building burns down around them.

Knuckleduster is shocked the explosives don't work.

Number 6 shoots Knuckleduster multiple times with his hand gun, mocking him for wasting time monologuing. Grinning and bleeding from the mouth, the vigilante replies to his taunts by smashing him in the face, assuring him that he came prepared for the fight, wearing a bulletproof vest that prevented his shots from being lethal, as well as taken some drugs to keep him on his feet. He then claims thet all he needs to do is wait another 5 seconds for the bombs to go off.

Knuckleduster starts the countdown, punching Number 6 with each second, and when he ends, he pulses the detonator, but the explosives don't explode, much to his confusion.


Koichi tackles Number 6 off the rooftop.

Soga suddenly appears on the rooftop carrying a weapon, telling Knuckleduster that he already scoped out his suicidal plan when he first noticed the bombs, so he disarmed them earlier. He complains that everyone is putting their life on the line to ensure that no one dies, which means he can't die either.

Taking advantage of this unexpected turn of events, Number 6 kicks Knuckleduster out of his clutches, laughing at him that his elaborate plan to end him has failed miserably in such a way. Then he begins to taunt Soga, saying that he does not have the guts to kill him despite the state he is in, while he can rip them apart in less that a second once he takes a breath. Knowing he is unable to take a life, Number 6 gives Soga the chance to pull the trigger as he stands there with his hands extended, ready to kill them all.

What Number 6 didn't count on is that Soga was using himself as bait to give Koichi a chance to tackle him off the building. Koichi grabs Number 6 and uses his Quirk at full power to fly off to take him into the sky and out of the neighborhood, knowing that the one thing the villain can't do is fly. Infuriated that The Crawler is getting in his way once more, the scar on Number 6's face begins to glow, before the villain explodes in midair.[5]


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