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Iwao Oguro vs. Junkie Villain is a battle fought between Vigilante Knuckleduster against the Instant Villain Chuma Yakumaru.


Junkie Instant Villain.

Kuin Hachisuka is speaking with her employer, the one who has been giving her Trigger. Kuin's employer doesn’t like that Kuin uses the drug so indiscriminately last day, but she does not seem to care because her employer was able to get good data from the incident. The employer desires capable individuals with a strong will in order for an exceptional Quirk to manifest, and commands Kuin to search for these kinds of people.

Doing her job, Kuin finds an unstable Junkie in an alley and gives him a batch of Trigger. The Junkie injects the Trigger into himself, turned into an Instant Villain. He uses his Trigger-enhanced might to attack Hachisuka but she dodges with ease and encouraging him to fight and leaps away. Then, the Instant Villain attacks innocent civilians.[1]


Near there are Koichi and Pop☆Step, doing their usually patrol through the streets as Vigilantes. The villain attacks Koichi, but he dodge the attacks with his Quirk. Koichi tells Pop☆Step to keep the townspeople away from the villain, which Pop☆Step does.

The villain is about to attack an innocent civilian, but Koichi manages to save him in time. Suddenly, Knuckleduster arrives and kicks the villain in the face. Pissed off, the villain gathers all of his strength and concentrates it within his fist the moment he attacks, throwing a powerful blow.

Knuckleduster defeats Junkie Villain.

Impressed by the powerful attack, Koichi suggests trying to keep the distance with the villain, while looking for ways to restrain him. However, using this knowledge, Knuckleduster says that Koichi‘s idea won’t be necessary and decides to fight him directly. Knuckleduster and the villain engage in a brutal fist fight, with Knuckleduster barely dodging the villain's blows.

The villain prepares to attack with his amplified fist, but Knuckleduster lands a powerful punch to the villain's face before he can unleash the enhanced punch. With the villain defeated, Knuckleduster states that he used the villain's charge up time, which left him defenseless, to his advantage to perform a counter attack.[1]


Knuckleduster, despite being injured, concludes that actual villains must have huge bodies like the Instant Villain he faced, which makes him happy because he can go all out against huge villains until they're nearly dead since no one will complain.

Meanwhile, Kuin is talking to her employer about the Instant Villain and the Vigilantes intervention. Kuin wonders if they should do something about them. However, Kuin's employer tells her that the Vigilantes are beneficial to them because thanks to them, they can gather practical data without having to worry about the Heroes or the Police Force and wants to preserve the current situation.[1]


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