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Iwao Oguro, Kendo Rappa and Rumi Usagiyama vs. Hood is a battle fought between the Pro Hero O’Clock, the underground fighter The Rapper, and the teen hooligan Tiger Bunny against the Hooded Man.


O'clock devises a plan to escape.

Eager for more Quirks, All For One releases a gas that causes all those who breathe it to lose control of their Quirks and go wild. To prevent anyone from fleeing, he locked all the doors to the passages and emergency stairwell, and he deployed his subordinates protected with gas masks to ensure that no one can flee. Then, with the help of Kurogiri and his Warp Gate, he steals those Quirks that interest him.

In the chaotic underground fighting ring, O'Clock manages to more or less deduce what is happening when he sees AFO's hand emerging from a dark mist to snatch Quirks. He steals three gas masks from some staff for himself and his impromptu allies The Rapper and Tiger Bunny, as well a prop gun. Then he briefs them about how they are going to escape.

A mysterious foe appears to stop them for leaving.

Since the only way to get out of there is through the driveway, which will only be protected by some guards, he's going to bulldoze his way across everyone straight to the exit. O’Clock asks the other two to go on ahead and act as bait to grab the attention of those responsible for the dark mist. He only request them to not use their full powers on people transformed by the gas, since most of them are innocents civilians dosed against their will.[1] O'Clock also comes up with a plan B, in the case of having to face a threat that they can't handle on they own: He asks Tiger Bunny to escape the place as quickly as possible and contact detective Eizo Tanuma on the outside, to ask him to call All Might.[2]

They put the plan into action. The Rapper and Tiger Bunny open the way by beating everyone who gets in front of them, while O'Clock follows them behind. The black fog appears again, but O'clock shoots at the security cameras after correctly deducing that whoever is controlling it isn't currently there. In the control room, All For One is surprised to find that he is losing more and more cameras, as it may interfere with his plans to collect Quirks. With false concern, he asks Kurogiri what he should do, who replies that, in order to prevent any setback, he has already dispatched their asset to the scene.[1]


The Rapper attack the Hooded Man.

When they arrive at the exit protected by the few guards, The Rapper notices the presence of a mysterious hooded figure with hands wrapped in bandages, who gets ready to fight. Excited at the idea of facing a professional combatant, Rapper challenges him to a personal fight. With his Strongarm Quirk, he throws a barrage of heavy punches towards the Hooded Man. However, he easily dodges all of his strikes and, to Rapper's surprise, the Hooded Man suddenly stretches out his arm, landing a massive punch on Rappa, throwing him against several people.

As the Hooded Man's arm quickly returns to normal after the punch, Tiger Bunny jumps into the fray, ready to attack him with a rolling kick, But the Hooded Man reacts in time, this time stretching out his leg to deal a pointed kick on Tiger Bunny, knocking her right into Rapper.

O'Clock slices the Hooded Man's arm.

With Rapper and Tiger Bunny knocked out, the hooded man stretches his arm again to grab them, but before he can reach them out, O'clock appears in front of him and slashes his arm several times with a knife. O'clock orders The Rapper and Tiger Bunny to back off, but he soon notices that the hooded figure's arm is quickly beginning to heal itself. With his arm almost completely healed, the hooded figure points at Iwao, recognizing him as the Hero O'Clock despite his current attire and the gas mask.[1]

The Hooded Man attacks the hero again whit his other arm, using his Quirk to not only extend its length but also to increase its size. Using Overclock, Iwao dodges the fierce punch, which continues its trajectory, going into the arena and destroying everything in its path. The frightened attendees try to flee in all directions. Tiger Bunny and The Rapper return to provide some back-up but O’Clock, acknowledging that his adversary is a tough guy, tells them to back off and proceed to plan B.

Iwao analyzes his enemy while eluding his attacks.

The Hooded Man attacks extends his leg to kick O'Clock, but the hero ducks, and all he does is sweep away the debris that was behind him. While dodging his attacks, Iwao analyzes the Hooded Man’s Quirk and his way of fighting. He notices that the villain has some kind of cell propagation quirk that work extremely fast, allowing him to stretch, bulk and shape his limbs, which gives him a lot more force and striking power, but also heals his wounds.

However, despite being in possession of such a dangerous Quirk, O’Clock also realizes that Hooded Man’s martial arts vibe appears to be drilled into his muscle memory. The hero comes to the conclusion that his fighting style and his Quirk don’t match up, forcing Hooded Man’s wind-up attacks to have a lag. This situation is beneficial for O'Clock, since with his Overclock he can uses this delay to predict his attacks and create opening.

The Hooded Man tries to capture Tiger Bunny.

The hooded man tries to punch O'Clock again, who easily dodges the blow and uses his knife to slice up the tendons and muscles. Although the Hooded Man begins to regenerate his wounds, O'Clock continues to slash and sever his body. None of these attacks are lethal, but they do enough damage to keep Hooded Man held in place, and thus he cannot interfere in the flight of Tiger Bunny to the outside.

Tiger Bunny speeds up through the underground facility, jumping over the security guards and making her way to the exit. The Hooded Man notices this and quickly stretches his arm to capture her, busting through the guards. He extends all the fibers of his arm, turning his hand into a giant claw, just to be able to grasp her before she manages to escape.

Kendo Rappa manages to punch his opponent.

He's about to reach Tiger Bunny, but then O'Clock asks the Hooded Man if he has forgotten about him, and another voice asks him the same question. Suddenly Rappa comes in and uses his Quirk to strike multiple punches on him. While being punched, the Hooded Man makes one last attempt to catch Tiger Bunny but fails.

Tiger Bunny jumps out the building, asking for Eizo Tanuma in the crowd of police officers, and gives him the message from O’Clock, to call All Might.[2] Eizo agrees, and the All Might Emergency Paging System is activated. When the emergency call reaches the Might Tower, All Might immediately blasts off to fix the situation. With Tiger Bunny successfully escaping, O’Clock tells The Rapper All Might should be on his way and they should find somewhere to hide, but The Rapper declines, reiterating that if the Hooded Man is here for a fight, he is happy to indulge, forcing O’Clock to have to stick back and try to help and fend off the creature before he arrives.

But the situation is far from ending so easily as All For One uses his powers to transform several of the masquerade attendants into violent villains, who leave the building to rampage the city. With this action, All for One hopes they would keep All Might busy long enough for him to have a chance to steal Iwao's Overclock Quirk.[3]

Hood being assaulted by O'Clock and The Rapper at the same time.

O'Clock and The Rapper continue their assault on the Hooded Man, with the pro hero realizing that the villain reworked his body’ structure to pump himself up significantly, in order to deliver much more powerful blows, but unaware that as his muscle mass increases, his attacks become more sloppy and predictable, making them more easily deal with.

O'Clock smoothly dodges the enemy's strike, attacking him at the same time as The Rapper, and start beating the Hooded Man. While Rapper deals heavy damage to him with a barrage of heavy punches, O'Clock uses his Overclock Quirk to provides back-up with several subtle tricks, like shooting out the Hooded Man’s eyes with a pistol, slicing his tendons with a knife, or tackling him, to knock him off-balance. And when he is outta steam, O’Clock plans to fall back so he can catch his breath while The Rapper keeps the Hooded Man busy with his head-on assault.

O'Clock's plan is to repeat this over and over again until All Might arrives, but just as soon as O’Clock steps out to have The Rapper steps in, the Hooded Man grabs a piece of the ring cage, and basically uses it as a giant fly swatter, whipping Rapper in the face with it, knocking him down. O'Clock finally realizes that The Hooded Man is a lot smarter than he appears, and his unexpected attack hasn't allowed him enough cool-down to use Overclock again. The villain swings his improvised weapon before striking O'Clock from above with it, as he is unable to use his Quirk to dodge the blow.

Tiger Bunny kicks Hooded Man by surprise.

As The Hooded Man is about to smash the Pro Hero, Tigger Bunny returns and strikes the Nomu with a mighty kick, knocking him to the ground. Both O'Clock and Kendo ask her why she has came back. She replies that she had already delivered the message and that she did not intend to stay in the sidelines doing anything, so she returned to give the Hooded Man a taste of her kicks.

Enraged, the Hooded stands up and begins to grow more in power, becoming more monstrous. He tells the three that he’s going to kill them in order to become the strongest. Both O’Clock and the Rapper recommends Tiger Bunny to retreat, but she refuses, stating that she is a hero in training and not gonna turn tail when there's a villain around. O'Clock resigns himself to the girl's stubbornness, but internally praises her for the good job she did.

The three fighters prepare for the last round.[4]


Kurogiri retrieves Hooded Man.

All For One is frustrated and displeased when he realizes that his chances to seize O'Clock's Quirk are gone. The diversion he had created to distract All Might had bought him a few precious seconds, but Tigger Bunny's unexpected intervention had spoiled his plans. All Might had already defeated all the people that he had transformed into villains, and in those moments he is coming in to the parking deck fighting arena, while yelling his famous catchphrase "I am here!".

Seeing the arch enemy of his master getting closer and closer, Kurogiri immediately opens up his warp gate and draws back the unrelenting Hooded Man back through the portal. O'Clock, Tigger Bunny and The Rapper are shocked to see the dark fog envelop and make the Hooded Man disappear. The Nomu complain, assuring that he can still fight, but his complaints are ignored and he ends up warping out.

All Might arrives, but misses the Hooded Man by seconds, leaving him confused. As Tiger Bunny informs him he got away, O'Clock thinks to himself about what's going on.[4]


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