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Isamu Academy High School ( (いさむ) (がく) (えん) (こう) (こう) Isamu Gakuen Kōkō?) is an anime-only academy where students learn and train to become heroes. It was introduced in the My Hero Academia - Training of the Dead OVA.


Isamu Academy High School took part in a visitation program with U.A. High School, sometime after the U.A. Sports Festival. During the visitation program, Isamu Academy students took part in a routine training exercise with U.A.'s Class 1-A. After concluding the training exercise, the visitation program officially ends and the Isamu Academy students return to their own school.


There are currently no known Isamu Academy teachers.

Classes and Students



There is currently no information on where Isamu Academy is located geographically.


  • Isamu Academy High School is the first anime-only hero school in the series.
  • Isamu means "Bravery".
  • Habuko Mongoose is currently the only canon character from this school, as she was introduced in Bonus Chapter 1.



  1. My Hero Academia: Training of the Dead

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