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Indiscriminate Shock 1.3 Million Volts ( () () (べつ) (ほう) (でん) 130 (まん) V (ボルト) Musabetsu Hōden 130-man Boruto?) is a Super Move performed by Denki Kaminari using the Electrification Quirk.


Denki charges his body with over a million volts of electricity before releasing it indiscriminately around him. The attack has enough power to take down several opponents at once but can be blocked by any non-conductive object.

Denki normally refrains from using this move when close to his allies. Momo Yaoyorozu and Kyoka Jiro had to hide underneath an electrically-insulated blanket created by the former to allow Denki to let loose his full power without harming them.[1]

Denki usually suffers from short-circuiting his brain after using this attack, described as him "becoming an idiot for a while" afterward, rendering him defenseless and unable to do anything beyond walking around aimlessly while giving two thumbs up.

During the Cavalry Battle, Denki was able to use the move more than a few times before jamming himself, showing some signs of improvement.[2] Ibara Shiozaki was able to block this attack using an extremely large and thick shield of her vine hair.[2][3]


Indiscriminate Shock (Two Heroes).gif Indiscriminate Shock 2 Million Volts: Denki is capable of increasing the output of his Indiscriminate Shock to 2 Million volts, though this causes his brain to short circuit faster.[4]


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