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Inasa Yoarashi vs. Hero Academy Students is a battle between Shiketsu High School first-year student Inasa Yoarashi and at least 120 unnamed students during the Provisional Hero License Exam's first phase.


Somewhere in the city district of the stadium, students from an unknown school notice the destruction from the battle between U.A. and Ketsubutsu. Their classmates remind them to stay focused as Inasa looks over them from the roof of a tall building.

Inasa joins the passionate fighting.

Inasa creates strong gusts of wind that steal the balls from all the students below him. He proclaims that all heroes need passion and commends his rival students for their passionate battles. The students notice Inasa is from Shiketsu and are confused by his speech about passion. Inasa politely asks if he can join in on the fighting and then commands the wind to send all the balls raining down on the students below.

Despite firing off the barrage blindly, Inasa manages to hit dozens of targets and eliminates 120 rival students. Inasa is happy he won and he is announced to be the first person to pass the first phase of the exam. [1]


Having been the first one to pass, Inasa goes to the waiting room. He eventually starts talking to another student about Stamp Man until he notices Shoto walk in. [2]


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