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Ikkaku is a character from My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions.


Ikkaku is a boy with long spiky hair combed down, covering his right eye almost constantly. Due to his Quirk, a long horn grows on his head. His style of clothing consists of a short-sleeved shirt on top of a long-sleeved, dark one, two small fanny packs, dark shorts, and a spotted neckerchief.


Ikkaku is a jovial and energetic boy, with a prankster personality who loves to do all kinds of mischief to get attention, which causes him to be frequently scolded by his teacher. He also tries to constantly show others how awesome he is, which often gets him into trouble. Ikkaku a great admiration for heroes and wants to become one. His image of heroes is too idealized and fanciful, seeing them as incredible people with awesome powers, which makes him look down on those with plain Quirks, like Mashirao's.

However, this attitude is due to Ikkau having an inferiority complex due to his own Quirk. Deep down, he is envious of the flashy Quirks of his classmates, considered his own as lame and not very useful to become a hero. His way of thinking and the opinion of his own Quirk changes after seeing Mashirao defeat a villain, showing him that having a modest Quirk is not an impediment to becoming a proper hero.




Unnamed Horn Quirk: Ikkaku's Quirk grows a long horn on his head, with which he can detect some stuff.


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