Ichimoku Samazu ( () () () (いち) (もく) Samadzu Ichimoku?) is a character of the spin-off My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Ichimoku is a tall middle schooler with short black hair that is swept back in a pompadour, and a small mustache.

He dresses himself as a typical Yankii (Japanese delinquent), and wears a pair of goggles, with mufflers on either side, slit through the centre as a vizor, that he uses with his Quirk. He wears a plain black gakuran with black shoes and an armlet.


Even though he looks intimidating, he is very kind and polite to his friends, and, being a fan and follower of Pop☆Step, he is willing to assist the Vigilantes in capturing distributors of Trigger.



Beams From His Eyes ( () からビーム Me kara Bīmu?): Ichimoku's Quirk gives him the ability to shoot lasers from his eyes at his opponents. His eyes are blocked by a set of visor-like goggles, so it is not known if his Quirk is permanently activated.

Super Move

  • Meganetic Blaster (メガネティック ブラステャア Meganetikku Burasuteyaa?): Ichimoku shoots a beam from his eyes.


  • Ichimoku is based on the Marvel mutant superhero Cyclops.[1]
    • His appearance and visor-like goggles are references to Cyclops.
    • His Quirk is like Cyclops's Optic Blast.
    • His given name Ichimoku contains the kanji for ichi "一" (lit. one) and moku "目" (lit. eye), literally meaning "one eye" or "Cyclops". His surname Samazu contains the kanji for sa "佐" (lit. assistance, help), ma "間" (lit. time, interval, space, etc.), and tsu "津" (lit. overflowing, flooded, port, etc.), and is meant to read like "Summers".
  • Ichimoku shares his birthday with Melissa Shield.


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