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Ice Manipulation (氷操 Kōri Misao?)[1] is the Meta Ability used by Geten.


Ice Manipulation allows the user to freely manipulate any and all nearby ice. They can freely gather, move, attack with, and defend with the ice they manipulate. The known range of Geten's power extends to the size of an entire town.[2]

After undergoing an Awakening, Geten learned that he could also manipulate the temperature of ice, thus allowing him to freeze water into ice and giving him more ice to manipulate.


Geten's Meta Ability only lets him manipulate ice and not create it. Because of this, Geten is limited by how much water and/or ice is in the vicinity, leaving him at a disadvantage in areas wherein these elements are absent.


Geten's cold ice can even match Dabi's blue flames.

Having spent years honing his Meta Ability and strengthening his power, Geten learned to form and manipulate complex structures with ice, such as giant ice fists and an ice dragon. Geten tends to fly swiftly around on an ice platform which he creates. With the ability to control its temperature, Geten makes more ice by freezing water around him, which lets him attack on a large scale, such as when he froze the water supply and annihilated Twice's army. He also uses this ability to fend off against high-temperature attacks, such as when he temporarily withstood Dabi's flames by lowering the temperature of his ice constructs.[3]


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