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IQ (IQ (アイキュー) Ai Kyū?) is the Quirk used by Saiko Intelli.


IQ allows the user to enhance their intellect by multiplying their IQ, and become a super-genius temporarily after consuming tea and closing their eyes to think.

With this intellect, and the knowledge she already knows, Saiko is able to develop complex plans and outsmart her opponents. It is told, but not shown, that different types of tea will have different effects on her. While closing her eyes and using this Quirk, bright yellow visualizations of the equations she runs in her head appear and circle around her, accompanied by orange, electronic circuit diagrams.


Saiko was able to use her Quirk to correctly locate and contain Momo, Tsuyu, Mezo and Kyoka during the Provisional Hero License Exam. However, Momo's extremely versatile Quirk added too much uncertainty to Saiko's calculations, and meant that Saiko was unable to correctly predict how Momo would use her Quirk to fight back.[1]


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  • Tea - the substance that Saiko must consume for her Quirk to activate.
  • Applied mathematics - an area of mathematics that Saiko puts to use with her Quirk.
  • Operational amplifier - the prominent triangular component in Saiko's circuit diagrams.

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