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For Humanity's salvation!
Humarise motto in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission

Humarise (ヒューマライズ Hyūmaraizu?) was a global cult led by Flect Turn, and acted as the main antagonists of My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.



Humarise was started by Flect Turn, who believed that Quirks are a curse on humanity and planned to create a world where only Quirkless people exist.

Flect heavily subscribes to the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory and uses its theoretical worst-case scenario as justification for committing genocide on Quirk users.

Humarise kidnapped a group of scientists from Otheon and forced them to invent a weapon that utilized Trigger gas to target Quirk users on a massive scale, while leaving Quirkless people unharmed. These would become known as Trigger Bombs.

World Heroes' Mission

Flect starts to put his plan into motion by detonating a Trigger Bomb, killing several dozen people by enhancing their Quirks so much that they self-destructed. Humarise members then searched for Quirkless survivors to recruit them into the cult.

One of the kidnapped scientists, Alan Kay, hid a computer chip containing incriminating evidence against Humarise, and a device that could shut down the Trigger Bombs in a briefcase and escapes the Humarise headquarters. Beros is sent to stop him from delivering the files to the police.

Known Members