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"For Humanity's salvation!"
―Humarise's motto

Humarise (ヒューマライズ Hyūmaraizu?) was a global cult led by Flect Turn, and acted as the main antagonists of My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


Humarise truly believes in the Quirk Doomsday Theory.

Humarise is a cult-like religious organization originating from Otheon, whose creed is based on the blind belief in the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory, which conjectures that as generations pass, Quirks will become increasingly powerful to the point that they will become uncontrollable, triggering the end of mankind. Although this theory has not been proven, the members of Humarise believe in its certainty.

This causes its members to despise and hate Quirks. Humarise considers Quirks as diseases, and they refer to those with Quirks as "diseased" or "infected" and the Quirkless as "pure humans". They believe that their sacred mission is to save humanity from Quirks, by wiping them out from the population, although they consider that killing all the people in the world with a Quirk is the only way to prevent the extinction of humanity, saving "pure humans".

Humarise despises the emergence of Quirks.

Humarise's members are mostly non-Quirk people, though they also have numerous Quirk users, including their founder. These Quirk users truly believe in Humarise's creed and want to atone for being born with powers by giving their lives for the cause, but others just submit and work for Humarise so they don't get wiped out with the rest of Quirk users worldwide, rather than out of genuine ideological dedication.

Despite its extremist ideology and having led several anti-Quirk acts, Humarise has managed to expand beyond the borders of Otheon and open branches in twenty-five cities around the world such as Tokyo, Paris, New York, Singapore, Cairo, etc.[1]


Members of Humarise.

Due to the religious nature of the organization, members of Humarise adopted as clothing a brownish frock, and a white monastic scapular with cowl, on which the emblem of Humarise is embroidered. Humarise members also cover their faces with masks.

Humarise's emblem is a Canterbury-like cross, but with three crossed lines instead of two. The cross is split into two halves, the left side being reddish and the right side dark brown. The right side is also fragmented.[1]


Flect Turn proclaims the eradication of Quirks.

Humarise was founded in Otheon by Flect Turn, a person who, not knowing how to control his Reflect Quirk, was unable to enjoy a normal life. When he learned of the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory, he became obsessed with the idea that Quirks would cause humanity's extinction when they became uncontrollable, and swore that he would eradicate this threat to protect the world.

Their anti-Quirk ideology made many people consider them to be dangerous fanatics, however, Humarise's cult grew and attracted both Quirkless people and Quirk users who also feared the danger that their powers could represent. Over the years, Humarise managed to spread throughout the world, founding branches in 25 different cities.

Humarise causes the destruction of a city with their Trigger Bomb.

Having obtained enough resources and influence, Flect Turn began to forge his plans for the salvation of humanity. For this, Humarise kidnapped numerous scientists and engineers, forcing them to create a weapon capable of "cleansing" the population of their Quirks, leaving only the Quirkless alive: the Trigger Bombs.

After a few years, they created several of these deadly devices and hid them in the cities where the cult has its branches. Then, Flect detonated a Trigger Bomb in a large city, killing thousands of people. Humarise publicly claimed responsibility for this terrorist attack, and in response, the World Heroes Association organized a worldwide operation in which several task forces, made up of heroes from around the world, had the mission to storm each and every one of the branches that Humarise had.

Heroes raid all Humarise branches.

The heroes succeeded in the raids, and arrested hundreds of Humarise members, but couldn't find any trace of the Trigger Bombs, nor did they arrest any high-ranking cult officials, who were hidden in Humarise's main headquarters, whose location was unknown to the World Heroes Association. Due to these unsatisfactory results, the heroes were ordered to remain in their assigned cities.

Everything was going according to Flect Turn's plan, since he wanted the world's top heroes to concentrate on said cities to eliminate them all when he set off the hidden Trigger Bombs. In this way, Hero society would fall, and Humarise could take advantage of the resulting chaos to wipe out all Quirk holders.

Flect Turn orders Beros to retrieve the briefcase at all costs.

However, a flaw in the plan occurred, two of the kidnapped scientists, Eddie Soul and Alan Kay, secretly created a key to disable all the Trigger Bombs. When this was discovered, Eddie Soul was executed, but Alan managed to escape with the key, hiding it in a briefcase along with valuable information about Humarise's true goals and how to stop it.

Flect Turn sent Beros to kill Alan and retrieve the briefcase, and after several days of searching, she tracked him down and attacked him while he was driving to warn the authorities of Humarise's plans, causing an accident. However, during the confusion, the briefcase accidentally ends up in the hands of Izuku Midoriya and Rody Soul.

Humarise's warriors try to prevent the heroes from foiling their plans.

When he was notified, Flect Turn ordered his subordinates and his allies in the Otheon police to hunt them down and recover the briefcase, but after few days of persecution, and surviving several attacks and ambushes from Humarise's agents, Izuku and Rody, along with the former's teammates, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki, managed to escape to the neighboring country of Klayd, discovering the deactivation key and the files that Alan had hidden in his case.

Despite this setback, Flect Turn began the final phase of his plan to save humanity, activating all of the hidden Trigger Bombs. Then, he hijacked all the communications and globally broadcasted that the weapons would detonate in two hours. To ensure that the heroes went to the trap, he also said in which cities the bombs were located, although of course, he was sure that they would not be able to foil his plans. Flect Turn had carefully planned everything to ensure that no hero would think of leaving the city, even if they were aware of the trap, as they would be too busy rescuing civilians. Furthermore, there were several bombs in each target city.

Humarise soldiers try to defend the base from Izuku and his teammates.

Not only that, he had also posted members of Humarise to protect the Trigger Bombs. Many of these fanatical soldiers were Quirk users willing to sacrifice their lives. The streets of the threatened cities become battlefields between the heroes and members of Humarise for control of the Trigger Bombs.

Thanks to the information contained in Alan's files, Izuku and his companions found the location of Humarise's secret base, and after flying there with the help of Rody, the four stormed the base to reach the control room and insert the key. Seeing them arrive, Flect Turn activated the defenses and ordered his acolytes to protect the base.

Humarise is defeated.

Not without great difficulties, Izuku and his teammates managed to clear a path into the base, defeating the Humarise cultists who tried to stop them, including the high-ranking members. Katsuki beat the Serpenters Twins, Shoto was victorious against Leviathan, and Izuku faced Flect Turn himself and defeated him, while Rody reached the control room and inserted the deactivation key, deactivating the Trigger Bombs and saving the life of millions of people.

With the terrorist plot foiled and catastrophe averted, the heroes had earned a decisive victory. All of the defeated members of Humarise were arrested, the Trigger Bombs were safely removed, and the cult was disbanded.[1]

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