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Your armor and clothes are mine to control. Fight amongst yourselves!
Hoyo Makihara to the U.A. Students in "Heroes: Rising"

Hoyo Makihara ( (まき) (はら) (ほう) (よう) Makihara Hōyō?)[1], also known as Mummy (マミー Mamī?) is a villain working with Nine in My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising.


Hoyo is a tall, lanky man with pale orange eyes that are baggy and slant forward and straight gray hair.

Hoyo's most distinguishing feature is his numerous burgundy-colored bandages, which wrap around every part of his body except for his hands and eyes. Over his bandages, he wears a dark gray combat vest, light gray skin-tight pants with beige knee guards, and a set of black fingerless gloves. He also wears grey dress shoes with dark detailing, along with a brown garter belt holding numerous pouches held up by a belt. He also carries a small sword on his left shoulder.


Hoyo appears to be apathetic and merciless, showing no signs of remorse when using Katsuki against his friends as well as when he was fighting a group of teenagers with little experience. Hoyo is also very cautious; this is seen when he mummifies an array of objects around him and surrounds himself with them to intercept any attacks that can come from any direction.


Hoyo's uses his Quirk proficiency to take control of inanimate objects and outnumber his opponents.

Overall Abilities: Hoyo is a very talented fighter, and like everyone else Nine's group, he is powerful enough to take on multiple opponents by himself. He has great control over his Quirk, Mummification, for which he uses his bandages to ensnare inanimate objects and turn them into humanoid red mummies that Hoyo can freely control, primarily using them as foot soldiers, and as a means for creating diversions for his comrades. His Quirk proficiency enables Hoyo to control more than a dozen targets at once, making him effective when it comes to contending with multiple enemies, as he can easily turn the tables or even the odds. While he can't control living things, Hoyo can use his bandages to indirectly control them by manipulating the clothing and objects people possess, providing Hoyo with human shields and makeshift puppets. Hoyo's overall abilities render him formidable, long-range combatant that can hold his own in battles in which he is outnumbered, and easily restrain his opponents.

When Nine's team arrived on Nabu Island, Hoyo attacked an urban area, where he faced off against Yuga Aoyama, Minoru Mineta, and Toru Hagakure of U.A. High School. Despite their best efforts, the trio failed to slow Hoyo down, due to the bandaged-wrapped villain overwhelming them with the sheer number of puppets he created, along with Yuga and Minoru reaching their limits from overusing their Quirks. But this onslaught was interrupted by the sudden arrival of Katsuki Bakugo, Eijiro Kirishima, and Denki Kaminari, another trinity of U.A. students, but more formidable. As he fought the newly-arrived adversaries, Hoyo was successful at completely restraining Katsuki, and used him to fend off Eijiro and Denki, putting the unbound duo on the defensive until they too were about to become Hoyo's puppets. To Hoyo's surprise however, Katsuki was able free himself from his bindings, pin the villain to a wall, and unleash a full-power explosion that ultimately defeated Hoyo.

  • Enhanced Agility: Hoyo displayed a great amount of agility during his retreat, being able to make multiple backwards long leaps in rapid succession without loosing balance. Even while withdrawing, Hoyo was able to swiftly unsheathe his blade and attempted to slash Katsuki before being defeated.
  • Enhanced Durability: Hoyo took a point-blank blast from Katsuki's Grenadier Bracers, which carry a massive amount of firepower, and emerged with only a moderate amount of damage. This feat shows that Hoyo possesses a high degree of durability to withstand such an attack.

Tactical Intellect: Hoyo has shown to be quite intelligent when it comes to battle. His main tactic is an attrition-based offense, which involves him reducing his opponents' strength by taking control of nearby resources and launching sustained, ranged attacks. When Hoyo attacked an urban area on Nabu Island he forced U.A student’s to destroy mummified resources, before resorting to hostage-taking attempts as he began to lose ground to his adversaries.


Mummification (木乃伊化 (マミー) Mamī?): Hoyo's Quirk allows him to manipulate his bandages and ensnare anything that gets caught in them. The bandages can be broken with enough force.

If he captures inanimate objects, he is able to control them and use them as weaponry. He can't control living things, but he can manipulate any objects they may possess, as well as control people's clothing.


Bandages: Hoyo keeps his body wrapped in bandages that he can control using his Quirk.

Sword: Hoyo carries a short sword on his back that he occasionally uses in combat.

Battles and Events

Battles & Events


  • Hoyo's name contains the kanji for mercenary (包傭 hōyō?), roll ( maki?) and original, primitive ( hara?).
  • Hoyo also shares his birthday with Koichi Haimawari and Edgeshot.


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