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Hospital Raid Team vs. Nomu is a battle between the many of the Pro Heroes on the Hospital Raid Team and several Nomu attempting to fend them off during the Jaku Hospital Raid.


At Jaku General Hospital, the Heroes begin their operation to capture Doctor Kyudai Garaki and Tomura Shigaraki. They enter the hospital and appear to take the Doctor off guard. Eraser Head erases the Doctor's Quirk, causing him to rapidly age. This leads Detective Tsukauchi to surmise this is the same Quirk that has kept All For One alive for so long.

Present Mic and Eraser begin to interrogate the Doctor for his evil deeds, but several of his co-workers misunderstand and try to protect him. Naomasa and Kido remove them from the situation.

Mirko radios into Endeavor to warn him that Nomu are beginning to appear. The team expected this, and have already begun moving citizens out of the way.[1]


The swarm of Nomu ambush the heroes.

Suddenly, a giant whale-like Nomu bursts through the walls of the hospital, carrying another Nomu armed with drill-tipped tentacles. The Nomu stabs the Doctor in the back with the drill, revealing he was actually a double created by Twice's duplicated Quirk.[2]

While Mirko reaches the inner sanctum of the hospital where the Doctor's secret laboratory is, Endeavor tells her that they won't be able to back her up while dealing with an ever-growing swarm of Nomu.

Endeavor manages to take out the large whale-like Nomu with his flames. He works together with his sidekick, Kido, who redirects the Flame Hero's attacks using his Quirk that manipulates bandages on his body. Rock Lock, Present Mic, Eraser Head, and Native among other heroes all fight against other Nomu as well. At the same time, Mandalay and her team are able to evacuate the hospital in time.[3]

The details from the end of this battle are unknown.


At some point after clearing a path beyond the ambush of Nomu, Endeavor reaches Crust's position. The No. 6 Hero is having trouble with one very large High-End who's blocking the corridor to Garaki's laboratory. Close behind Endeavor, Eraser Head erases the Nomu's regeneration Quirk, allowing Endeavor to blast it out of the way. Immediately, the Hospital Raid Team jumps into battle with all five High-Ends.[4]


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